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15 years later, in Miami Florida

A white male in his mid 40's peers outside of a window in a grey and white suit, contemplating the worst.

"Barton Industries. The global leader in nanoelectronics, microalgorithms, and quantm processing. Every part of a computer, both hardware and software, is being blown thousands of years into the future by the invetor of everything that allows this $40 billion empire to exist, the CEO and Chairman of this company, Clint Barton." He turns his head around to a very older version of Marcus(who sits in a a black arm chair, wearing a all black suit). "Who.....isn't here."

"If Mr. Barton was expected to be as early as he is hard working, then you need to learn that not even geniuses are perfect, Mr. Klaus." Marcus says with a raspy voice, being

55 and aging has taken a toll on his health, but not so much that he quits all daily routines.

"Being the Chief Financial Officer of Barton Industries is as physically demanding as it is mentally." Marcus says.

Mr. Klaus gives Marcus a pertinent stare. "Look, today Mr. Barton promised that he would reveal another product that would revolutionize the hardware industry. Says here on the paper he e-mailed to the everyone on the board that it's a.....10 yottabyte hard drive?"

"That's right." A mysterious voice from the speaker on the table says.

Mr. Klaus sighs heavily, and presses the button on the speaker. "Late again, Mr. Barton?"

Ignoring that statement, Clint says "The hard drive will propel the United States from the 21st century to the 35th."

"What are you doing this time, sir?"Mr. Klaus says impatiently "Having another donation? Building another bridge? Meeting another politician?"

Despite Mr. Klaus's lack of kind words, Clint had been through much worse in his life, to the point where a sarcastic and condescending tone from one of his inferiors didn't make a dent on his happy personality.

"No." Clint says. He straightens the tie on his black and white suit(having a earplug in his right ear).

"I have already uploaded the specifications of the prototype to the Barton Industries Applied Sciences main server. Soon, the real geeks will get to work." Clint walks up to the circle and removes the arrow. He packs up his bow, and walks into a black limousin, and drives off.

" You can all relax, the real reason I called a meeting is because I wanted you all to know I reviewed the company's yearly financial statement. Barton Industries has been the largest supplier of microprocessors and electronics to the United States. Making an extra $800 million last year due to expansion overseas. What I want you all to do is simply make a growth plan that shall be financially managed and executed over the next 3 month period."

As he finishes this sentence, Clint arrives at his company's headquarters and walks in.

"Who will be the senior executive manager in charge of this operation, Mr. Barton?" Mr. Klaus still having a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Marcus will. Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Klaus?"

"What's that?" Mr. Klaus says.

Clint walks into the room, now talking directly at Mr. Klaus. "I'm not always late." Mr. Klaus cringes at the fact that his conversation had been heard without knowing Clint was listening.

After several moments of stunned silence, Mr. Klaus says "Si-si-since, since the um...Applied Sciences Division is working on the new product and the company's finances have been accurately reviewed, you can all take the day off." The board of governors leave. Mr. Klaus leaves last, looking at the ground as he passes by Clint Barton.

With the room full of only Clint and Marcus, the two shake hands. "Good job handling the board, Bartie."

"I thought you said you wouldn't call me that anymore?"

"I thought you said you wouldn't be late today?"

Clint stares at Marcus. "Good point."

The two continue to speak as they head to Clint's limousin.

"I want today to be special, Marcus. I want...to meet my sister, Laura. She said she would visit me today, on my birthday."

Marcus stares at Clint with a look of confusion on his face. "Your birthday is in 3 days." The two get in the car, and Clint starts driving.

"Early birthday." Clint emphasizing early as a sign that he just about forgot when his birthday was.

Finally, the car slows down and comes to a stop. The two leave the car and stare at the place they have arrived....Clint's mansion.

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These keep on getting better and better.

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@thespideyguy said:

These keep on getting better and better.


I work hard on these.

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Good stuff, as for the "more detail" request, I am not sure, it just seems like I want to know more about where they are, this is the future so has anything changed? Are they drinking tap water or imported stuff from Bolivia? Such small facts make things a bit more immersive.

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This one wasn't bad, though I personally found it odd that you jumped 15 years in the future. Are you planning on explaining on what happened in the past in flashbacks or just moving forward? :]

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Do you explaining what has happened in the past 15 years?

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@xxxddd: Just that there is a gap so some stuff must be different? It was good though, keep at it :)

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So you mean have an intro which explains things that have changed?

Like this:

15 years later in Miami, Florida

Background: Clint and Laura became close "relatives." Laura becoming the "older sister." Both went to college and got a master's degree: Clint, in computer engineering, and Laura, in teaching. Clint went on to inventing dozens of computer related products that eventually made him billions, so he created a company called Barton Industries. Laura went on to becoming a teacher in Philadelphia. Marcus, Clint's "father," made Clint become the world's best archer(although to clint archery was only a hobby) and soon became the Chief Financial Officer of his son's company.

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@xxxddd: Sure, but that feels kind of like a list, it might be easier to just describe the stuff in the text ;)

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@RazzaTazz: I'll do that later. Thanks for the input:)