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Our heroes were walking through the jungle, when Mark decided to assume

command. "As the only Spartan on this mission, I say I'm the new leader, okay?"

"Fine, you may be leader, but I am second in command" Grunted Vikrant.

"I shall be the best warrior among us then" Said Brutiah proudly.

"I wanted to be all those positions... I'll be the second warrior then."

Gregory seemed glum.

"Hey guys, I'm getting a signal... Looky here, seems to be a Covy signal.

Time to go kick some--" The author cut his sentance short to keep this story

more or less clean. The team ran to where the signal came from. They found the

very same Covenant group they spied on earlier, heading to the east as well.

They looked worried.

"Run!" The Skirmisher Major ran past them, followed by Abhishek, the

Orange Ring elite. They came to a cliff.

"Jump!" He and the elite jumped over the gap.

"Hurry! It's coming!!"

The elite general got to the gap and stopped.

"I can't make it, my armor is too heavy!" Soon Tartarus came running down.

"I'll never make it. You two, wait for us on the other side. We'll fight

the beast off!" He smacked his hammer on the ground.

"Come and get me! This little piece of technology will destroy you!"

"You do know that it hasn't worked for over 25 years, right?" Whispered

the elite general.

"Shh! Don't tell him that!"

"Tartarus... Is it really you? Abhishek is here too... You were

resurrected too?" Gregory stepped out of the shadows.

"Yes. I died because of you, I'm siding with Abhishek now. What was that!?

It's coming! Either help or die!"

Clicks could be heard from all directions. Bushes rustling, a flicker of

light. Everything went quiet. The clicks seemed to be coming from the other side

of the gap now.

"... Did it just pass us? General, get over here... We have a worthy

opponent" Tartarus smirked.

"IT'S ON NOW!" a voice emerged from the bushes. Brutiah jumped out, along

with Nex and Vikrant. Tartarus turned and slammed the hammer into Great Gregory

Ex's head, rendering him unconsious. Nex began to shoot at Tartarus. One shot, two,

dodge the hammer, hit him with the gun, shoot again - Nex had skill.

"I threw my gun so I could run faster from the beast, Tartarus. I fear this

may not end well" yelled the general. Vikrant began shooting at him. The general

was much more skilled, dodging every bullet fired. He ran and slammed his fist into

Vikrant's helmet.

"I taught you" he spat on Vikrant.

Nex tried to hit Tartarus again, however this time he was struck in the

shoulder. His shoulder broken, he tried to flee.

"Where the hell is Mark?" he said as he crawled. Meanwhile, the general

removed Vikrant's helmet.

"I see you have a scar from when you were serving me..." He punched Vikrant.

Vikrant had no idea where he was. The general began beating on him wildly, talking

of how he should be ashamed. He picked up Vikrant and threw him to the ground.

"I always knew you were useless in a fight" Tartarus went to strike

Brutiah with the hammer. Brutiah blocked it with his hands and shoved Tartarus.

"This isn't going to be fun for you" He got ready to give the death

bringing blow to Tartarus.

"Author, make me look good." Mark began to run. His armor shining, his

ego blocking your view, he ran full speed at the general.


general off the cliff. Tartarus, with a single punch, was blown straight off the

cliff as well.

"Come and get us!" yelled the Skirmisher. Mark awoke his team mates and

they began to run.

"Ah! It's here!" The Skirmisher and Abhishek jumped back across the gap to

join Mark and the others. An explosion hit, causing the Skirmisher to fall, and

Abhishek to be pushed into the crowd. The Skirmisher got up, when his blood began

to spray everywhere - An invisible blade, only visible because of the blood, was

sticking through his chest. His body rolled off the cliff. Gregory approached the

invisible beast.

"I've seen so many of my friends die... Please take me instead of them!

KILL ME!" He fell to his knees and sobbed. He was pushed into a tree. The beast

uncloaked, revealing it's true form to the team. Abhishek ran away in horror while

the others stayed to fight. Nex and Brutiah ran at the alien to fight it.

"No! We must reason with it if you wish to live!" Mark agreed to Vikrant's

statement. The two fought with the alien for what seemed like hours, when something

terrible happened. Bleeding, Nex fell to the ground. His throat was slit by the


"WHO ARE YOU!?" Brutiah yelled. The beast looked at him and tried to sound

out the words.


"Woah woah wait, I get it.. It's Predator from those movies!" Mark laughed.

Suddenly, there came a blue light. A portal opened, sucking them all in when

suddenly - Everything froze. Every single dust particle in the sky, all the beings,

all the leaves... Everything froze. The traveller had hit pause in hopes to plunge

another world into some sort of chaos so different heroes could be forced to fight

with what was left of our heroes Mark, Vikrant, Brutiah, and Great Gregory Ex.

Stay tuned for the next series "The peril of Marvel"!