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It seemed like they were travelling for hours blindly through the jungle.

They finally heard something. Their eyes peered through the bushes into a small

area that had no trees. In it, were the four people Craig envisioned - It seems

that Tartarus was resurrected somehow, as was Abhishek the elite. They were

accompanied by a Skirmisher Major and an elite general. They could be faintly

heard by the heroes.

"Warriors come from the north" said the Skirmisher. This was heard by

everybody. It is at this moment that Mark took aim from the bushes and shot the

Skirmisher in the foot. Everybody jumped out.

William jumped out and shot the Skirmisher in the hand. The general took

aim and shot at Nex with the fuel rod cannon. He was then attacked by Great

Gregory Ex and nearly beaten to death, when Vikrant stopped him. Tartarus managed

to land a shot on Mark with his gravity hammer. Mark fell to the ground, unconsious.

Vikrant roared and kicked Tartarus down.

"Retreat! We'll have to get them later!" The four villains ran into the

trees, while the heroes went to check on Mark.

"Oh man... I could really use a neck rest, somebody to carry me, maybe

some warm milk and a bed time story too. Hehe... bed time stories" Mark got up and

patted Vikrant on the shoulder.

"Brothers help brothers right? Too bad we're not brothers..."

William was trying to find radio signals with his helmet.

"****Monster attacking***** village i*** east, calling all ************"

"Come on, we need to kill this monster. Follow me" exclaimed William.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Sigurd's lifeless body was hauled in. Craig

watched as they laid his old friend on the operating table next to him.

"Is he gonna-" The curtain closed, Craig could only hear the whispering

of the doctors and the movement of tools.He was worried about his dear friend.

Suddenly red lights flashed, and an alarm sounded.

"Attention, a hostile creature has entered the building, affiliation not

UNSC nor Covenant. Evacuate immediately"

The doctors left. Craig did not know if he was capable of walking. He

struggled to get out of his bed. He heard a strange noise and mustered up all his

energy to get to his feet. Running to the operating table, he picked Sigurd's

naked, bloody body and began to walk out again.

A strange clicking noise emerged from the hallway. Craig swore the light

shut off for a moment. He thought it was a trick of the light. Little did he know

how wrong he would be. He got to the door when suddenly - He bumped into something.

The menace uncloaked. he had peach skin, a hair, a four pronged mouth, a

strap with skulls hung on it, what appeared to be a gun on his shoulder, and

something on his wrist.

A wrist blade.

It was pointed right at his neck.

Craig quickly bid the world farewell and awaited his death.