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They were serving noodles at the mess hall - the best food the heroes

have had in a long time. The two Spartans sat next to a table with two elites.

One of the elites was very large and muscular. Half of his armor was

painted black and red, while the other half was blue and copper. His name was

Vikrant. Once one of the greatest EU's (Elite Ultra) to live, when the war started

back up again he joined the UNSC. Under his helmet were many scars, scars that

carried memories of things no man should see.

On the edge of the table sat a very skinny elite with purple armor that

went by the name of "Great Gregory Ex". Rumors had it that he was a great leader,

but became very depressed and angry after members of his team died, claiming he

was a "Shell of his former self" He tended to talk to himself quite a bit.

"I have heard news that Sigurd is missing in action, is it true, Spartan?"

Vikrant's voice was calm. Gregory jumped at the mention of Sigurd "HE CAN'T BE!

He's one of the last members of my original team! I can't let him die! He was

one of my best friends..." He sat in the corner and began to cry.

"Maybe the med' can pump him up with something to make him alive again,

you never know man. Those doctors are pretty suspicious with their stuff" Mark

said with a chuckle. They ate their food and talked of things they should do and

things they have done, all the usual conversation stuff.

Suddenly, a scream emerged from one of the rooms. All four of the heroes

ran to the room. Vikrant, being the fastest, arrived much faster than the others.

In one of the beds was the red and blue Spartan, Craig. He was twisting and

squirming, shrieking at the top of his lungs.

"What is it, boy?" Vikrant said, calmly.

"I... I had a vision. Monsters, no, A monster. I-it was similar to you,

only different. It had this thing and it was big and creepy and, and, and..."

Mark stuttered, frozen in fear. The rest of the group arrived, and Gregory

jumped on Craig and shook him.

"DON'T DIE BOY! You saved my life, I'm not going to let you die!" yelled

a teary eyed Gregory. Vikrant began muttering in the language of the Sanghelli.

"The monster.. It said something. It sounded like English to me. I-it

said... "I'm coming". Then I saw th-these four people... One looked like

Tartarus' son, a Skirmisher Major, a general elite, and an OR trooper" He was

teary eyed at this odd nightmare that he had.

"OR!? As in Orange Ring?? Was the trooper carrying spikers!? COME ON BOY

I NEED THE DETAILS!!" Thoughts of his friend he was forced to kill came flooding


"Y-yeah he was, like that guy who was trying to kill you" Tears streamed

down Gregory's face as he ran out of the room.

"The people in my dream were planning something. Vikrant, don't

you have precognition or something like that? Is what I saw going to happen?"

Mark left the room to go get Gregory. Vikrant took a seat and began to meditate.

"I fear it will come true. I see Gregory, Mark, Nex, William and I

fighting a strange creature. It has some sort of gun, and a four pronged mouth

like us Sanghelli. Perhaps a long lost brother? I can not be certain. I will

take the people I foresee on this journey. You must stay here, you need to

recover. You're no good to me dead. Now rest, child." Vikrant said in his calm tone

of voice to Craig.

The four heroes went to the sleeping chambers and found Nex - An elite

with the same slim body shape as Gregory. He sported yellow and blue armor, with

a full face helmet. He was the best Sanghelli pilot the base had to offer.

"Brother, come. We have a quest. The fate of the world could depend on


"Alright, where to, Vick?" Nex was always prepared for an adventure.

The group of five left the base and began walking south, towards the

jungle. Vikrant saw a very frightening scene in his meditation. He saw something

else that he did not mention to the injured Spartan - He witnessed Nex' death at

the hands of the monster.