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There is a man who roams the multiverse. He goes by "The

traveller". Recently he took a trip to one of the Halo universes. He has many

abilities. His most memorable are his ability to shapeshift, and his ability to

manipulate minds. He came and released a monster among the land. 4 of the best

warriors in the now breaking Covenant tried to kill it. They ended up going back

to the Covenant, talking of a "new master" that told them to once again try to

kill the humans.

A war had begun. A new team had assembled. The first Spartan out on the

field went by the name "Sigurd". He had yellow armor, corny jokes, and bravery.

With what appeared to be a battle cry, he ran to the front lines. A spaceship

came out of the sky. With it, came the monsters. Monsters jumped out in many

different areas. An elite came down with a smash, and ran towards Sigurd.

Another Spartan by the name of William ran down to the battle. A Skirmisher

saw him hiding and pushed Sigurd out of the way. He ran up to William and

tried to kick him, only to recieve a gunshot to the leg. It made a bird like

noise and tried to stand. William picked up the screaming alien creature and

shot it in the face. Out of the ship came an elite with a gun, and a much

smaller being known as a "Spec Ops Grunt". The elite roared and ran to the

Spartans, while the grunt activated his camo and waited for prey. A young Spartan

named Craig came out of the base to assist his fellow Spartans.

"Hey Craig! I could use some hel--" Sigurd's words cut short by a fist to

the face. He fell to the ground and tried to fight off the massive 8 foot tall

elite. Blows were dealt to his wrist pads at an alarming rate. Craig ran to help

Sigurd while William shot at the little grunt that tried to stab him.

"Heh, I see you're getting to know my wrist guards pretty well bro! There

is somebody I want you to meet. FIST, MEET CREEPY ALIEN FACE!" He slammed his

fist into the jaw of the elite. With a roar, He pinned one of Sigurd's arms

and began to pound at his helmet. Craig shot at the elite. The elite threw his gun

at Craig. The glass of Craig's helmet shattered and he fell.

A white Hayabusa came running out of the base. This was no ordinary

Hayabusa however. He had been through many fights. One of his legs were cybernetic.

William managed to shoot the grunt in the head. Craig stumbled, and eventually got up.

Unfortunately he was still disorientated. Sigurd was laughing and spitting blood

into the face of the tall monster trying to kill him.

Once again, enemies came down from the ship. This time it carried an elite spec

ops who was already in camo, and a Skirmisher major. The major took William by

surprise and kicked him to the ground. William, with all his years of training,

kicked the bird off of him and broke it's legs. He proceeded to shoot it in the


Suddenly, everything seemed to slow down. With one last blow to the face,

Sigurd lost his consiousness. He would never awaken again, unless a great power

willed him to. Mark ran to Craig and helped him up.

"Watch out for banana peels, man. I'm telling you, they're the worst thing

you'll ever find on the field" Mark ran and yelled "Hey big brown and ugly! I'd

like you to meet my robo-foot!" The elite turned. He recieved a blow to the face

with more force than a human foot could deal. His skull fractured, he died.

"Meh, never liked him anyways. He always stole my jokes" Mark said as he

examined Sigurd's lifeless body. Craig and William rushed towards him. "Man, he

is hella dead" said Mark. He recieved a backhand from Craig. William, in an angry

tone, said "Both of you cut it out. This is serious. Look, the ship is leaving,

we must have scared them off. Let's carry Sigurd's body back to base"

Suddenly, a dark figure uncloaked behind Craig and stabbed him. The elite

that hid in the shadows was then shot in the eye by William, followed by an

uppercut, effectively killing the elite. Craig was dying. They rushed him into

the base.

"I should be able to fix him, but it will be very time consuming. Do not

fear for him, just do your duties" grunted the medic. The two Spartans walked to

the mess hall.