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Ok, so, Barguest gave me this idea....About me and my nemesis in this really big battle, but I added a twist.

Scott Wolfman sat in room playing a video game. He was just about to get the high score, something he was working on for about a week, when mist appeared in front of him, causing him to miss the jump in the video game and falling to his death. An image of Scott's father, Poseidon, formed in the mist.

"Dad? What's wrong?" Scott said, turning off his system and putting down the controller. "Too much, Scott. There's something I need to tell you about your family."

Scott had guessed what was coming for a while. "Okay, Dad, I get it. So my technical Uncle's the devil, so what?"

"No, you have a cousin." Scott thought about it for a second, recalling all the mythology he knew. "Heracles is still alive?" Scott asked, remembering how Zeus was his technical uncle and had some children. "What does he have to do with this?"

"Wrong God." His father said. Scott soon realized this was serious. And the irony of what he was about to say was almost too sickening for him to bear. "Dad, please don't tell me I have a demon for a cousin."

Hades sat in his dark throne, his minions running about frantically, hoping not to upset the God of the Dead. He was in his palace in the Underworld that overlooked the Elysium Fields, The Asphodel Fields, and the Fields of Punishment. Hades could see the Underworld from a balcony in his throne room, but a drk figure rose blocking out the sight, its huge wings flapping powerfully. It landed and walked towards Hades, its wings disappearing into its body. An eighteen-year-old face revealed itself from the shadows, red highlights in its black hair, and smiling a smile that showed razor-sharp shimmering teeth. He wore black and red shorts, black combat boots, fingerless gloves with spiked bands on his wrists, and a black muscle shirt with a skull on it. "Hey, Pops."

Hades looked over at the boy. "Your training?" Hades said in a deep voice. He had pale skin, like the boy, and black hair like the boy's, but pitch black like the night. He wore blood red flowing robes, and kept his Helmet of Invisibility beside him at all times.

"Aww, C'mon man! Is that the way you greet your dear so-" The boy began to say, but was interrupted by Hades' gaze. "Your training?" Hades said again, gritting his teeth.

The boy bowed his head. "Completed, Sir." Hades calmed down, letting out some steam and looking away from the boy. "Good. The time has finally come when it can be useful. Yes, you are going to the surface world soon."

The boy's face lit up in excitement. "Thanks Da-" The gaze again. "I mean...Thank you, Father." Hades looked away from the boy,"Let us hope your power is as great as your incompetence."

"Who am I going after, Father? Scumbag who didn't keep his en of a deal? Someone cheating death?"

"You cousin."

ok, the difference in this fan-fic is, you, the reader, votes on what will happen. On certain things, I will allow people to vote on what happens. Most voe wins. Ok, first vote: Where will they fight? Wilderness or City?

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I vote Wild. Advantage you.

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lol well, I wanted people to think of what the story would be, what things they would utilize, what corny comments they would make about each other, what not. I guess the wilderness is good. I'm goiing to keep the voting open for this until probably late tomorrow, so people cane see it and not miss a chance to vote.

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So, anyone else?

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I think they should battle in a city with a pak. EVen though you would have an advantage in the park he could draw you out so that he isn't totally pwned on. Also I think it should be like bratty siblings arguing when they talk.

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Zaraki Ichigo says:

"I think they should battle in a city with a pak. EVen though you would have an advantage in the park he could draw you out so that he isn't totally pwned on. Also I think it should be like bratty siblings arguing when they talk."

You read my mind. Now, one more vote on either side will tip the scale.

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I vote City. yup, yup.

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I also vote for it to be late fall and earier winter. Give you a little more of a fair fight against him in the city part, but takes away part of advantage since the trees wil be mostly bare.

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Hmm...that sounds good too. Plus it makes for great scenery.

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I vote City. Then you'll have to hold back a little and not own him cause there's people around. But you'll have acrobatic junk and buildings to go through and such.

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An elevator rang in a record studio in L.A. The door opened to reveal the same boy who was talking to Hades, except he had tan skin, no fangs, and no wings. He walked out of the elevator and turned, saying,"Thanks, dude!" to a ghastly elevator operator. The boy had his hands up in two gun-like gestures.

He pushed open the door of the recor studio and walked across the street. The record studio wasn't really a record studio, it was the entrance to the Underworld, hidden in today's modern world. The boy entered the shadows of an alley an looked both ways, to make sure no one was watching. He closed his eyes and looked up. When he opened his eyes, they were blood red, and his canines enlarged into fangs. His skin began turning snow white, red tatoos coursing over it. His wings emerged from his back and in one powerful gust he was up soaring above the city. The boy flew at high speeds through the night toward the east coast, and toward his next enemy.

Snow fell through the night in the New York City. Piles of it accumulated on the sidewalks, and lakes froze over, allowing children to skate over them. Scott Wolfman has his hands in the pocket of his hoodie, his breath showing in front of him and snow crunching under his sneakers. Most people looked at him strangely, but Scott really only needed a hoodie in this cold, and he barely even needed that. Scott had traveled here after finding out about his family from his father. Poseidon told him that his cousin, Damien Nigromante, would be coming after him. He didn't know when, or where, but he did know why. When the world was divied up by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, Hades got the Unerworld. He didn't like his position at first an always wanted revenge. He knew he could not seek revenge on Zeus, so tried Poseidon instead. But, Poseidon was still a God, and would not go down easily, and Hades always tried to think of a way to get revenge. After he found out that Poseidon had fathered a son, he brought his own son from the shadows of the Underworld.

Poseidon told Scott that a pact was made between the Big Three(Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) after World War II to never have children again, because World War II was basically Zeus's and Poseidon's children against Hades's. But, both Poseidon and Hades had broken the oath. Hades' had thought bringing his child out of the darkness was justified, and he finally found a way to get revenge on Poseidon: by killing his son.

Scott turned a corner into a crowded ciuty square and a fireball hit him square in the chest, sending him flying backwards. Some people screamed as they saw the sight hovering above them. Scott rubbed his head and looked up at the being high above the square. He wore a black skull t-shirt, red and black shorts, fingerless gloves with spiked bands on his wrists, and his hair was mixe with red accents. His skin was pale white, with red tattoos similar to Scott's running along it. He had huge, bat-like wings flapping on his back and his blood red eyes shne above his fanged teeth, which were curled into an evil smile. He was tossing a fireball up and down in his hand. "Hey, Cuz."

"Damien..." Scott said in Ancient greek, so no one would know what they were talking about.

"That's my name, don't wear it out. So, furball, why don't you get out of that human skin, it's making me hungry. Oh yeah, as if Damien being older and more experienced wasn't enough, he was a vampire too. Scott threw off his burnt hoodie and stood up. Fur grew from his skin and his claws extended. Blue tattoos almost seeming to rival Damien's appeared and glowed bright blue.

"It's the same as the other one!" A woman screamed, pointing at Scott. She fainted and was carried away by the screaming and fleeing people. "Look at 'em, Scott. Like tasty little our d'erves running around, just waiting to be fed upon. You should know what I'm talking about, Wolf boy." amien was right. Scott did have urges to feed on humans, but he tried to resist it as much as he could. Scott had to get Damien away from these people, he couln't risk getting any of them injured.

"Let's see how those wings work!" Scott said, running on all fours around the corner and down the street. Damien flew after Scott, turning on a ime around the corner and hot on Scott's trail. "Dad told me you were fast, but he didn't tell me you'd run! Where's the fun in that! I don't want a pussy for a cousin!" Damien yelled, gaining on Scott. Scott odged in and out of people, eventually crossing into the street. He jumped onto an oncoming car and used it to propel himself further up, turning in mid-air and firing ice spikes at Damien. While Damien dodged the spikes, Scott turned around, grabed hold of a street light, spun around and jumped off it and into the air.

Damien saw this as his chance and flew towards Scott, hoping to grab him in mid-air. But Scott had planned for this to happen, and shifted his weight so he flipped backwards. Damien just missed him, but Scott thrust his arms out and grabbed hold of Damien's shoulders, clinging to him as he flew. "Like I want a bloodsucker for a relative anyway!" Scott yelled on Damien's back, pulling on his wings. Scott had hunted many vampires over his life, and the irony of one as a relative made him cringe. Damien was angered at the insult and being flying erraticly, hoping to knock Scott off. Scott' grip wasn't perfect, and he slipped, falling to Damien's leg, and dangling about 50 feet above the pavement. Damien looked down and laughed,"Man, and I thought you were gonna be fun. See ya back home, mutt." Damien fired a fireball at Scott, knocking him off and letting him freefall to the pavement.

Scott panicked, he didn't now what to do. Air was rushing past his ears, an he was unable to hear anything. In a spliy second, he turned around, blasted ice in front of him to form and ice-slide that curved in a U shape, and slid onto the slide. The U acted almost like a sling shot, using Scott's momentum to fling him back at Damien, his fist emanating extreme cold. Scott got close to Damien and performed an ice uppercut straight to Damien's chin. This caused Damien to flip back and fell a few feet. He shook himself off and rubbed his chin. "You pack quite a punch, baby cuz." Baby!? Scott began to fall towards Damien, angry at his comment, and claws bared. "YOUR NOT MY FAMILY!" He began Slashing at Damien, scratching him across his right cheek, slashing his t-shirt, and slicing his forearm. Damien kicked Scott and sent him flying onto a rooftop.

Damien rubbed his forarm as his wounds began to heal. "Face it, wuss. You and I are blood. You don't think I like having you for a cousin!? Please...talk about embarassment! Our dads are related, no matter how much they hate it, too. Poseidon and Zeus cheated my father out of land, and now I'll set things right." Fists flaming, Damien flew toward Scott, who had now gotten up and imbursed his hands in ice again. He ran for Damien, both rearing their fists back for a punch, and the energy of the elements causing the very air around the two to almost explode.

And, so ends Chapter 2. Now, for the second vote. Which father will intervene? Poseidon, God of the Sea an Earth-Shaker, or Hades God of the Dead and Ruler of the Underworld? Or, should both? or Neither? You people decide. But think of how it will affect the story first, You want to have the best experience reading it, right?

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I vote Both parents. Hades and Poseidon.


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No, Shaman, I write it the way so I like it, I just want to know what you people want to see. For Example, People vote for no one to intervene. I'll still write it my own way, so that I like it.

So....what's your vote, Shaman?

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I think you should have the Fathers in court with Zeus. They both want to go, but they are restrained by Zeus. I think that it would show how much they each mean to others.

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ok...so....none of them go?

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ok, we have one vote for both, one for neither. we need either one vote to either of them or two votes in something else. Then we can continue

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I vote Both

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Hmm, I vote that neither come.... yet. Maybe later when you fight each other to a stand-still.

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ok...we need a vote on either side to tip the scale. or, three votes for either one of the gods to go.

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i think that hades woould intervine, but not hades him self he would sen minions from the under world to assist his son. while i ay posidion comes last minute and saves you from gettin your sorry ass kicked.
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Ha Ha Ha. I'll write it tonight.

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Then, when I'm done with it, I mean the whole thing...including the ending, I might post it has a saga in my CVW thread.

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Ok, I'm just posting here because I'm gonna need to double post after this next post. The next vote will be PM'd to me, not written hee, so it'll be a surprise.

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Cryo-Wolf's and Damien's fist collided, causing a massive explosion that sent them both flying. Cryo flew through the air and landed hard on the pavement of the street a few buildings over, leaving a the tar cracked and upheaved. Damien was rocketed in the opposite direction and slammed into the side of a building, knocking a few bricks out of the wall. Damien winced and pulled himself the impact mark on the wall, shaped like him. His scratches healed and he flew groggily toward Cryo. Meanwhile, Cryo got up and shook himself, freeing his fur from dirt and bits of tar. He stumbled a bit, and narrowly avoided an oncoming car. He fell to the sidewalk and looked up into the window. He was by a Sports' Store. Cryo slightly smiled as he got an idea.

Damien flew over a rooftop and descended slightly to see Cryo standing and tossing a soccerball. Damien seemed a little confused. "What? You wanna play Soccer now!? Did someone forget to tell about your short attention span or something?"

"No, I just wanted to show off some cool moves to my extra cool older cousin." Cryo tried to sound as stupid and innocent as possible.

Damien laughed, folding his left arm across his chest an resting his right elbow on it, so he could hold his chin with his right hand. "Yes, I am pretty cool aren't I?" Cryo smiled dumbly and began performing soccer tricks. He dropped the ball to the ground, then tosse it into the air with his foot, then balanced it on his head. He headbutted it up and then bounced it off his stomach. Cryo lifted his right leg up sideways and hit the ball wih the inside of his right foot, then bounced the ball on his left knee, followed by his right, sending it high in the air. Cryo had to aim this just right. As it was in mid-air, he spun around counter-clockwise and performed a roundhouse kick on the ball, sending it rocketing towards Damien.

Damien was caught by surprise and was dazed for a bit as the ball hit him in the face. Cryo utilized this time to jump off the side of a building and propel himself toward Damien. Cryo came at him with a punch in the gut, followed by a punch to his left cheek. Cryo let himseld fall slightly an grabbed onto his black army boots, dragging the dazed Damien with him to the street below. Cryo touched down first, and used gravity to pull Damien down and slam him onto his back in the street. Damien's body bounced up a bit from the impact. Cryo jumped up about 10 feet in the air, then came down fit first onto Damien's chest, knocking the wind out of him and causing his eyes to bulge out.

Cryo backflipped off him and crouched down, waiting for Damien to get up. Damien slowly picked hi body up from the street and stroked his chest his chest. "Ok, so you're kinda smart." He said.

"And I won MVP of my soccer league." Cryo said sarcasticly, but some part of it had truth. Cryo did play soccer, and his coach said he was one of the best in the league. Damien seemed angry and fired off more fireballs and Cryo, all the while saying,"Dad never let me play sports besides ancient greek ones! Oh, I am sooo jealous right now!" Cryo jumped out of the way to dodge the first one, then somersaulted the rest.

Meanwhile, In a place closer than anyone would think, The Olympians gathered and watched the fight through a pool of water that lay in front of them. Olympus nowadays was at the secret 600th floor of the Empire State building, relatively close to Cryo and Damien. Inside a celestial palace in the middle of the many buildings built around the palace, was the Council of the Gods. Their chairs sat in a U shape around the circular pool. The Gods were on the left, and the Godesses on the right. In order from left to right in a curved U, was: Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, Hephaestus, God of the forge, Apollo, God of Prophecy, medicine, and the sun, Ares, God of War, Poseidon, God of the Sea, Zeus, God of the sky and the heavens, Hera, Goddess of Women and Marriage, Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, of Maidens, and of the Moon, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, and Dionysus, God of Wine. Hades rarely ever attended these meetings, but this time he had to. He sat next to Poseidon.

Zeus, a muscular god with black hair and beard with blue robes, managed to say through gritted teeth as they watched the battle,"I cannot believe the two of you have broken the Oath. You know very well that our children are the most powerful of Half-Bloods!"

Hades answered,"Actually, Dear Brother, I have not broken the Oath." He had a weasely look on his face as he said this. Many of the Gods were confused. Zeus raised his eyebrow and asked,"And how is that?" Hades leaned forward in his chair as he spoke. "I have caused time to slow for my son in the Underworld. While everyone else ages normally, he ages at a lessene pace. I had sire him before World War II an kept him in the Unerworld ever since. An thus, technically he is exempt from this Oath."

Poseidon's clenched his fist as he sat in his chair, looking at Poseidon. He always found a way out of things. "You loathsome snake!" He yelled. "First you send your son after my own and now this!? What else are you keeping from us!?"

Hades almost jumped out of his chair. "I did no such thing! You have no proof!" The two brothers began to argue, but the discussion was quickly quelled by Zeus's booming voice. "That is enough! You both have children, even if you didn't break the Oath!"

Hades saw Cryo slam Bruce into the ground an said,"My son is getting killed out there by that Animal! I am not standing by an doing nothing!" Hades began to get up when Zeus said,"NO. Neither of you are interfering in this. You two started it, and they shall finish it."

Hades darted his eyes around and muttered something, making a gesture with his hand.

Back at the fight, Damien threw a flaming punch at Cryo and knocked him down. Damien came running at him, but Cryo threw up his arms and legs, and as Damien jumped for him, he used Damien's speed to propel him past Cryo an into the Sports' Store behind them. Damien smashed the glass and knocked down a sales rack of Yankee's T-Shirts. Suddenly, a voice in Damien's head spoke,Look to your right, Son. There will be your ticket to Victory. Use it wisely. Damien trurned his gaze to the wall at his left. There he saw his key to victory. It was a helmet, like in any Sport's Store, but this was no other helmet. Damien smiled and knew what it was.

Cryo was waiting outside when Damien flew out of the store. Cryo immediately knew what he was holding, and his eyes widened in shock. It was a helmet, but made from pure darkness. Damien laguhed as he set it over his head, vanishing from sight. The helmet Damien now wielded was Hades' Helmet of Invisibility. Cryo looked around frantically, but couldn'tt see him anywhere.

The voice again spoke in Damien's mind. And now, something else for your advantage. The ground around Cryo began to shake, and opened up, flames shooting out from them. A skeletal hand raised rose from the pit, and pulled itself and the body attached to it up from below. Five skeletons in total surrounded Cryo, and the threat of an invisible Damien still lingered. These Skeletons were skull Warriors from the Underworld, and could not be killed easily.

"You cheating dog!" Poseidon yelled as he stood up and pointed at Hades. "How dare you intervene!" The anger and rage of te Sea was in his voice. Hades merely looked up at him, his red eyes taunting Poseidon. "Well, two can play at that game, brother!"

A voice spoke in Cryo's head,*These shall even the odds. A Trident materialized in Cryo's hands, and Cryo could feel power coursing through it. All of my powers are imbued in this Trident, Son. Use them well." Then, the sky cleared, showing the sky darkened, an the snow fell at a quicker pace than before.

Cryo ran to the first two Skeletons and with one swipe of the trident, a wave of water washed over them and sent them falling back through the hole to the Underworld. The other three skeletons tackled Scot, knocking him to the ground. Cryo kicked one of the skeletons and sent it flying, then foring a wave of water to guide it into the pit. Cryo stabbed the Trident through the final two and picked them up, stuck to the Trident. Cryo moved to the hole and let the skeletons slide onto it. Cryo turned aroun but was punched in the face by an invisible fist.

Cryo recovered and swiped the Trident in the direction of the punch, but there was nothing there. Cryo stepped cautiously, looking around with each step. Cryo felt a kick from behind and fell to his knees. Cryo gripped the trident an tried to think of how he could beat someone he couldn't see. Then it hit him like a freight train: Listen! Cryo strained his ears against the wind, and the cars, an the police sirens in the distance, the usual sounds of New York, and just listened. There! He heard amien's army boots against the pavement, he heard his breathing. Cryo spun around to 7 O'Clock and fired a massive blast of snow in the direction. When the snow hit its target, Damien was covered in snow, and visible. Cryo aimed the Trident at Damein and a huge pressurized jet of water shot from its tip. Damien shook off the snow and fired a blast of fire at the ater, causing steam to billow out from the connecting point. It completely surrounded Cryo and Damien, and a fair radius around them. Now, Cryo need to find Damien when he's invisible and in this.

And so ends Chapter 3. Hope you're all liking it so far. Now, It's time for the third an fnal vote. Thisvote will be PM'd to me, ok? DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. Instead, PM your vote to me, that ay it will be a surprise. Now, the vote is: Who will win? The Canine Crusader of the Full Moon, or the Flaming Fury of the Undeworld?

Choose well, and PM it to me. on't be afraid to say Damien if that's what you really want. It doesn't matter to me, I'll write it so I like it, no matter what. But I want you people to like it. So, PM me your vote and we shall see who comes out, the top Half-Blood.

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Or to really mess stuff up, why not have Zeus come down and intervene?

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Post Deleted.

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Post Deleted.

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Post Deleted.

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Aaaaaand the vote is in. After a very long hiatus, Battle Royale is back in business with its final chapter. The vote is in, but who's out?

Let's watch.....

The steam was everywhere. Everywhere Cryo looked, there was more of it. It billowed from every corner of the street. Yet, snow still fell. The steam parted and let the flakes fall. They were falling faster now. His father was sending his own kind of reinforcements. He felt the snow crunch under his feet, and hoped that wouldn't give him away to Damien. Not only was he invisible, but Cryo couldn't see a thing.

He grasped the trident in his hand firmly, feeling the forever cold metal in his claws. He felt the rage and calm of the sea all in one, and still he knew, this was only a fraction of his Father's Power. He waved the thought oout of his mind and began thinking of a way to finish Damien off, and a way to find him. Cryo tried sniffing, but it was no use. The Helmet of Invisibility must've masked the wearer's appearance and scent. What's worse, what with the way the steam moved, it was impossible to tell if someone was moving through it or not.

Then he saw it. He didn't know whether it was a hallucination or whether it really happened. A snowflake fell, but then stopped in mid-air and began moving in another direction. Success! There was a way after all! The snowflakes, though they were small, still gave him the advantage he need. Cryo waited for the sight of another one. There! To his right! He breathed in quickly and howled in that direction. The steam parted until a car was visible. The car was dented by an invisible force, and soon, Damien began to appear. As he hit the car, the helmet had flown off and now lay on the ground a few yards away. Cryo smiled and banished the steam away. He braced himself for a counter attack, but Damien idn't move. He lay embedded in the car's side, motionless.

Cautiously, Cryo moved toward Damien's body. He stopped near the body, the wind whipping snow past him. Damien's eyes were closed, and it didn't look like he was breathing. Cryo let out an earth-shattering sigh and gave a half-hearted smile. He'd done it. His father was safe, he was safe, and this monstrosity would never harm man again. Cryo looked up to the clouds, snow spiraling down from above. The drifted around Cryo, like bits of confetti celebrating his victory.

But his victory was short-lived. A pale hand reached forward and gripped Cryo's neck. He immediately dropped the trident and began scratching at the hand, hoping to get free. Damien's seemingly dead eyes burst open, and moved to Cryo. His canines revealed and his eyes a blazing red, he stood from the crater of the car and lifted Cryo from his feet. Cryo didn't know what it felt like to be hung, but he guessed this was it. "You think you can kill me, you pathetic little punk?" Damien was breathless, but he was smiling nevertheless. "You think, that you can kill, one of the most powerful people in the Underworld? You're sorely mistaken."

His grip tightened. Cryo couldn't breathe. "You can't even begin to fathom what's beneath our very feet. There are things down there that not even your daddy can save you from. Once I kill you here, I'm gonna meet you down there, and make sure you rot in the flames forever. Any last words?" Cryo tried to speak, but all that came out was a gasp for air.

"Didn't think so." Damien flung Cryo across the street, slamming him to a wall. He fell to the floor, and Damien kicked him over onto his back. In his hands was the Trident. Damien spun the great weapon around and stuck its middle edge to Cryo's neck, inches from death. "I'm going to enjoy this." Damine said as he pulled back the trident, getting ready to lunge. Cryo closed his eyes, and suddenly there was a flash and a booming voice.

"ENOUGH!" Cryo opened his eyes to see the ground near the two of them scorched and sizzling, while the clouds above lit and rumbled with thunder. Damien was awestruck. Now was his chance.

"Congratulations, Warrior of the Shadows. You have defeated your opponent. But you will go no further!" Damien flt a little cocky. Who was old thunderhead to tell him what he should do.

"I don't think so Thunderhead. This is for my Father. Long Live Hades!" Damien thrust the spear downwards with great power. But there was no spray of blood. No sound of flesh ripping. Not even a scream. Damien's smile soon faded as he glanced down at the cracked pavement before him. The furball was gone. Damien quickly looked everywhere, but couldn't find him. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He screamed in his fury, and he vanished in a cloud of darkness, vowing to kill his cousin."

The Gods sat back in their seats, breathless. That battle was mor then they had hoped for. Each glanced at another, wondering who would be the first to break the deafeneing silence in the Council Room.

"The fact stand, Brothers and Sisters, that Poseidon has broken an Oath of The Gods." Of course, it was Hades. He sat with his legs crossed and his hands folded together over his face. "He should receive his Punishment." A sly smile creeped across his face.

Poseidon jumped from his seat, pointing a finger to Hades. "How dare you accuse me of such an action, when you yourself stand guilty!"

"Uh-uh-uh. Watch thine temper, Brother. We wouldn't want you to squirt us with some water, now would we?" He snickered and rose to his feet. He looked Poseidon square in the eyes. "I have told thee once, and I shall say it again. I did not break that Oath. My son was sired before The World War. He has been kept in the deepest recesses of my domain," He shot a glance to Zeus, "Tartarus." A shocked gasp wove through the Council.

"How could you commit such an evil!? And on your own son no less!" Screamed Athena.

Hades turned to Athena and glared. "What I do with my own Son is none of your business, Gray-Eye!" His eyes burned with hellfire as Athena settled down in her seat. Hades gathered himself and turned back to Poseidon. He grinned and walked past him to the center of the Room. "My Brothers and my Sisters. I have not broken this oath. My Son was born in July of 1935, and immediately after his conception he was placed in Tartarus. While in Tartarus, he aged at a decreased pace. He is now 18. I am free of all charges," His snake-like eyes slither their way to Poseidon. "But Poseidon, on the other hand, still remains accused." Hades looked up to Zeus in his throne. "As you know, that is against Olympian Law. He is subject to punishment immediately," His eyes narrowed as he met Zeus's gaze, "lest the King of The Gods be overruled."

Hades looked back around to each one of the Gods. "I propose He be banished from Olympus, and a new God of The Sea is appointed. Since I am the one free of charges, I will take his domain. Any objections?" He glared around the room.

"Yes," Said Poseidon, "My own. I cannot be banished from Olympus! I am one of The First Gods!"

"Actually, dear Brother, you can." Hades protested, "According to Olympian law, if a problem arises and no other courses of action can be found, a God may be banished from his position and from Olympus, and his poweres divied up among existing Gods." Both Hades and Poseidon looked to Zeus for the verdict.

Zeus breathed in, and sighed heavily, causing thunder to rumble below. "I'm afraid he is right, Brother. Your crime has left me with no choice. Poseidon is hereby banished from the grounds of Olympus." Chaos broke out around the council. Gods argued with Gods, and Hades stepped back and watched as the Gods fought.

"ENOUGH!" Zeus boomed. "There will be order among the Council! Now, since Hades was accused and proved himself innocent, he shall gain all of Poseidon's powers and domain." The Gods stopped and stared to Zeus. "That is my final judgement." The Gods knew Zeus meant it. They all stopped and sat back in their seats.

A slight laugh filled the Council. All eyes were drawn to Apollo, laughing in his corner. Flames consumed his head as well as his forearms and shins. His eyes were closed laughing.

"And what, praytell, is so funny, Brother?"

Apollo barely moved. "It's all coming together."

"What? What is coming together."

"Do you remember the prophecy I foretold a few months ago?" The Gods reeled, Zeus the most among them. They were hoping that the prophecy would never come true. But they knew it would. It was told by the God of Prophecy himself. Apollo's eyes opened and looked up to the Gods, Poseidon in particular.

"The Centurion cometh."

And so ends this fan-fic. But don't worry! More to come!

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