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Wizards Schools which is right for your child.

In this day and age now with an easy future to look forward too away from former dark lords, being more than 14 years since the Voldemorts death. People have been celebrating and more people are having children and life is good. but at the same time its not easy to know where to send you child for learning the integral arts of magic. As a parent of a 10 year old child more and more time I need to put down to where I want to send my kid. Each school has its own unique ways to offer education to any aspiring witch or wizard. Some even intergrate normle technology to stay ahead and try to bring the future of magic to us right now. So lets go through each school that exists in North America.

New Hogs:

Originally established back during the original colonies of north america, New Hogs was named in short of being a successor to Hogwarts School back in England. This is located near West Grand Lake in Maine. Built in the castle style in terms of its frame it later adopted more colonial housing architecture for the internal house cups to separate each house. being traditionalists Quidditch is still practiced here and many of top players from this school often go overseas to play in Quidditch world championship teams.


  • Traditional teachings / classes
  • Top Quidditch Facilities
  • Deep rich history


  • Old building
  • Expensive (125 Galleons per child for each year. $906.25 US/Can for those normie parents out there)
  • Old Belief Systems (its archaic in terms of old world teachings and does not really put effort into progress)


Based in the mountains of Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park, this school is the most advanced school of magic there is. Many of the top wizards and witches who go there not only learn about magic but mainly the integration of magic and normie technology. its because of this that kids who go to school here are not only going to have a small job in magic but also have the capabilities to run normie jobs at the same time. This is often recommended for normie parents who want to intergrate their lives with a more magical aspect of our world. Though they have a Quidditch field. its is not as funded of a sport as Seeker Wars a good old fashioned North american past time.


  • Cost of 36 Galleons per child for each year. ($261 for you normie parents)
  • Great Integration classes to prepare for a life in Normie or Magical sectors.


  • Poor sports funding


Located on the Queen Charlotte Island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The school is located near Masset Inlet. The school focuses on traditional teachings but also offers more of natural magic and teaches more of the shamanism that focuses more on the aspect of nature and the creatures of the world. This is one of the leading academies that focuses so much on the study of creatures but magical and non and their role in magic itself. Though little integration of technology it does not shun the idea of trying to bring it in towards its teaching and ciriculum. Sports is also important in this school as it focuses on both Quidditch, Seeker Wars, and Dueling. it is a very well rounded school. but can only do so much when it is still built around an old castle.


  • Tradtional teachings from old and new world.
  • some normie technology integration
  • great sports programs


  • EXPENSIVE! breaking the bank at 150 galleons per child for each year. ($1087.25 for you normie parents out there)

Part 1 is done, more to come as we have more schools to visit across north america. check out our interactive blogs at or sign up now for our newest deal and get Media Wizard Bugle Updates and News on your doorstep or on your Tablets for only 25 knuts a month, that is less than 11 sickles a year!. sign up now.