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Southern Gaul, outside Enoch's stronghold

Lycaon stopped his horse next to his brother Rainard, "How many of the parasites are in there?"

Rainard glanced up, "You got here a bit faster than expected."

He then turned and pointed to the wall, "He has around twenty of his kind and a few dozen ghouls for daylight protection."

Lycaon hopped off his horse noticing his brother's attention diverted to a pair of ravens flying around the rear wall, "What is it?"

Rainard glanced over, "Odin sent his birds."

Lycaon gave them a closer look, "It is said even gods despise the blood suckers, maybe they would enjoy seeing the first one die."

Rainard shrugged, "Well I would hate to disappoint a divine audience."

Lycaon looked back on the men Rainard had brought with him, "Is that all you could muster?"

Rainard looked annoyed, "And where is your army?"

Lycaon glared, "They are guarding my kingdom. Where are the twins?"

"Probably still fighting over who gets the faster horse."

Inside the stronghold

Enoch peers out the window as one of his minions steps in, "Be ready, the force is small but they're all dogs. They'll probably come at dawn so we'll need to keep to the lower chambers. Hopefully the ghouls can keep them from breaching the walls for a few hours."

The minion nodded and went to instruct his comrades.

In the dungeon

Grimmr stared out the small window at a few black clad men standing about. He noticed that Enoch's men were actively ignoring them and Grimmr found it odd when one passed that they had no scent. He turned to Kalil, "Who are the scentless men out there."

Kalil shifted his gaze to him, "A battle is coming, those men are called reapers. They collect the dead, you've been near them before but like the imps they are hidden from human eyes."

Cale came to the front of his cage," Banshees?"

Kalil shook his head, "No. Banshees kill, reapers merely collect the souls."

On the wall

A reaper looks down in disgust as a ghoul snatches up a rat and eats it whole as it watches the field surrounding the place. He then looks out on the two men riding up.

Outside the wall

Romulus and Remus ride up to Lycaon and Rainard. Rainard glared back, "What's the use of commanding armies if you won't use them?"

The two men hopped off their horses as Romulus speaks, "Do you doubt the ability of your northmen?"

Rainard laughs, "One of them is worth any dozen of your Greeks and Latins."

"Well then stop complaining since my men would just hold them back."

The two brothers gave each other hard glares when Remus spoke up, "We have no time for squabbles, dawn is approaching."


As the sun rose the brothers and Rainard's men approached the wall weapons drawn. Rainard turned to his men, "They daylight guards may look scrawny but they are vicious and will defend their master to their last breath."

They looked upon the reapers standing on the wall and two young soldiers called Aenor and Otmar looked to eachother. Aenor sighed, "That seems an ill omen."

Otmar nodded, "Aye, let's hope they're here for the enemy and keep our thoughts to the task at hand."

They then joined their fellow soldiers in lifting the makeshift battering ram they'd made from a felled tree and got in position. They then began to slam into the massive wooden gate as the ghouls let out raspy screams that the men found unnerving.

Otmar looked to Aenor, "I could have gone my whole life not hearing that."

Aenor grunted as they pulled back the ram, "You think the scream is bad wait til they start biting."

As the door cracked the ghouls leapt down from the wall attacking the men. The brothers immediately ordered the rest of the men on to fight the creatures and protect the ram. Lycaon roared as one bit into his calf and another went for his face. He caught it by the throat and held it at bay as he yanked his leg free of the other. He stomped down smashing the head of the one on the ground and snapped the neck of the one in his hands.

Suddenly the ram broke through the gate and the men rushed in while the ghouls outside gave chase while those inside attacked. The first through the door were dragged away and torn apart before those holding the ram could draw their weapons.

Rainard burst through with his ax and slashed through the ghouls like wheat inspiring his men to fight harder. The other three brothers made their way inside the stronghold to find the dungeon. When they reached the darkened halls of the lower levels Enoch's minions attacked. Romulus and Remus faced the attackers head on as they allowed Lycaon to go down into the dungeon.

Moments later the door to the dungeon slammed into the floor as Lycaon kicked through it. He quickly sliced through the lone guard and ran to his father to unshackle him. Cale shouted over, "Don't forget us."

Lycaon shrugged, "I'm just here for him."

Kalil grabbed his son by the shoulder with his free hand, "They are of my blood now. We do not leave pack behind."

Lycaon nodded as he finished releasing his father and went to Grimmr's cage. As he opened the door Grimmr grabbed the sword dropped by the guard and then removed the lock from Cale's cage.

As they exited the dungeon Romulus flew past slamming into the wall. The rest looked in the direction he'd come from and saw Remus being tossed to the side by Enoch himself. Grimmr charged toward him. Enoch side stepped and slammed an elbow in the back of his neck bringing him down Cale then went for him and was swatted away. Enoch moved with blinding speed and locked his hand on Lycaon's throat and slamming him hard into the floor. Kalil roared and smashed a fist into his face sending him crashing into the ceiling. As Enoch hit the floor they all attacked at once. He hurled all but Kalil away.

The two enemies, each the eldest of their kind slammed into each other. Kalil swung Enoch into a wall shattering it. He then leaned over to pick his enemy but was kicked in the face and sent crashing into the wall across the way. As Enoch stood Grimmr rammed his sword through the monster's gut. He then attempted to slash upward hoping to cut him in half but Enoch caught his hand and snapped off the blade. He began to savagely beat Grimmr and looked to be killing him when a raven flew by and slashed his face open with its talon.

Lycaon gave a curious look recognizing it as one of Odin's birds. He then turned his attention to the minions entering the hall. Cale immediately slammed his fist into the nearest one and stole his sword before using it to behead him. Romulus gave him a respectful nod for the move and continued on.

Kalil looked over to Enoch standing over Grimmr and then to the cracked wall where a ray of sunlight began to poke through. He stood and swung with all his might breaking a hole that sunlight flooded through. Enoch roared in pain as the light hit him then leapt into the shadows. Kalil then grabbed the sides of the hole filling the halls with light and burning away the minions that remained as Enoch ripped into the ground and tunneled away.

They then climbed out onto the field where Rainard and his men still fought. The ghouls suddenly stopped and looked lost now that their master had gone. The distraction allowed for Rainard and his men to slaughter the creatures.

As they left the stronghold Rainard had one of his men bring Kalil a horse. Grimmr looked to Remus, "You were the one who freed me from the pit."

Remus looked over confused, "What?"

Grimmr walked over, "I was a slave who fought in the pit in a village you and your brother raided, you cut my chains."

Remus nodded, "Well then we'll need to break you of your habit of getting captured."

Kalil looked down from his horse to Grimmr and Cale, "You are free to go as you please but you are of my pack now, that means you're family."

He then looked to the ravens pointing their beaks south and spoke to Grimmr, "You are marked by a god, unfortunately I believe that means we must part ways for now but you are always welcome to rejoin us."

Grimmr looked toward the birds and then gave a nod, "So be it, but you have my oath I will be back to kill that animal."

He pointed toward the stronghold as he spoke. Cale then clapped him on the shoulder, "I'll keep you company, but those damned birds better find us an inn, haven't had a bloody drink in near a fortnight."

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