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Continued from here

Southern Gaul

A monster that looks like a man sits alone in a room in an abandoned fortress built before mankind had crawled from their caves. He calls himself Enoch, tho his true name had been forgotten ages ago. As he sat reading from a scroll a warrior stepped in behind him. He made no motion to look back, "My brother worries too much. By the way I'd take that hand off the sword if you wish to keep it."

The warrior called Vulca released his grip, "Just considering my options."

Enoch turned, "If he wanted me dead he would have sent more than one."

The warrior nodded, "He's just a bit curious about why you're keeping the dog in the dungeon."

He shrugged, "He annoyed me."

Vulca dropped down in a chair across from him, "Those sons of his are becoming a bit troublesome."

" I was under the impression the twins were posing as sons of a war god or something to impress the Latin tribes."

Vulca nodded, "True, but Lycaon and the young one are a touch unpredictable. On to the other reason for my visit. Your brother's seer has found that Northman you were looking for, says he's living in a village a few leagues north of here."

Vulca then rose, "Its about time I move on, I suppose I'll just have to kill you another day."

He then tossed Enoch a map and gave a nod before leaving.


It had been near a decade since Grimmr had escaped from bondage. After seeing Aisling home he'd been invited to live in the village and in time eventually married her and they bore a son. For the only time in his life he knew real peace. He had proven to be quite the adept hunter and earned a living trading meat and pelts. On this day he had lingered in the forest a bit longer than he should have and was pulling a cart with the day's kill after the sun had gone down.

As he went he heard a caw and looked up to see a pair of ravens looking on. Then he noticed a large cloud of smoke passing over. He looked toward the village and saw the light of a large fire. He dropped the cart handles and grabbed his sword and bow to hurry home and see what was going on. As he neared he heard screams of panic and saw that the village was burning. As he approached his cottage his heart sank at the sight of a woman laying lifeless in the garden. As he got to her he fell to his knees when he saw it was Aisling. He then began to shake as he turned to see his son laying by the door.

Two creatures that Grimmr could just feel weren't human approached from behind. One spoke, "Should we allow him a good cry before we finish him?"

The other chuckled, "Do what you like, I've had my fill."

He glared over to them and the first exposed his fangs. The other grinned as his comrade ran forward but it faded as Grimmr's blade sliced through his neck. Grimmr was a bit put off as the creature burst into ash when his head came off. The other roared like an animal and ran forward, Grimmr dodged and jammed his sword in his back. This only seemed to infuriate him. As he charged Grimmr readied himself but a shout came from behind, "Halt."

His enemy stopped at once and Grimmr turned to see Enoch walking over looking him over, "Too tall to be a man of Gaul, Northman I'd say."

Grimmr nodded as Enoch continued, "Usually its a bit more difficult for a human to dispatch one of mine."

He began to say something more but Grimmr's blade bit into his face. Enoch moved back in time to avoid any serious damage and swatted Grimmr away. He felt his jaw shatter from the impact of Enoch's strike but paid it no head as he jumped to his feet to take another swing. His enemy caught his blade in his bare hand and snapped it off. He then drove a fist into his gut and grabbed him by the neck, "You're going to be fun to break."

Everything went black for Grimmr as Enoch drove a fist into his face.


He awoke as he heard his captors speaking. He looked up and saw one of Enoch's minions tossing a man down beside him, "Sorry we missed you, we were distracted by some traders from Eire."

Enoch looked down on the man they brought, "Bringing home lunch are we?"

"He caught Alaric in the eye with an arrow, he figured some time in your dungeon would be fitting for him."

The man called Cale sat up beside Grimmr and asked, "Any chance one of you has some ale, I've been sober a touch longer than I'm comfortable with."

Alaric kicked him back down. Cale spat out a bit of blood, "You kick like my mother."

He then slammed a foot into Cale's gut, "Easy lad, it was no insult. Me mum kicks like a mule. Is that a no about the ale tho."

Grimmr chuckled a bit despite himself. Alaric attempted to give him a kick as well but Grimmr moved catching his foot between his arm and gut and twisting to snap the ankle. Alaric roared in pain as his comrades laughed. They all stopped at once at the sight of the first signs of dawn. Enoch looked frustrated, "Gebhard chain them as tightly to the that tree as you can, the rest of you get to digging. I have no interest in burning."

Grimmr and Cale watched curiously as they buried themselves. Cale shouted out, "Have a nice rest lads."

Once they were buried he looked to Grimmr, "Do you understand my language?"

Grimmr nodded as he continued,"Good, help me see about getting us a lock pick."

As they looked Cale gave a look back to the makeshift graves,"What do you suppose those are?"

Grimmr shrugged, "They act like Draugr."

"And that is?"

"Blood drinking demons said to live in corpses."

Cale looked up, "Like a Dearg-due."

Grimmr nodded, "Regardless of what they prefer to be called, I'd prefer to keep my blood in my own body if I can help it."

Cale nodded, "Fair point, any luck on that pick?"

He pointed his foot toward a bit of animal bone to Cale's right, "Any chance you can reach that?"

Cale stretched his foot as far as he could but came up just a bit short,"If we can work these a bit loose I think I can get it. That is a bit of an ill omen though."

Grimmr looked over to see the two ravens again and shouted, "If you aren't going to help, go squawk elsewhere."

As if on cue one of the ravens reached over with its beak and moved the bones a bit further away. Cale sighed, "I could think of a better time to find a bird with a sense of humor."


As the sun set Enoch and his minions rose from the ground. Cale looked over, "How was the nap, lads?"

Alaric and Gebhard loosened the chains and pulled them to their feet. Alaric glared, "If you try to run I'll hobble you."

Enoch dusted himself off, "Hurry it up, we have a lot of ground to cover and I'd prefer not to spend another day in the dirt."

They shoved Grimmr and Cale forward roughly. Cale looked back, "Is this the way to the ale then?"



Just before sun rise they arrived at Enoch's fortress, it was like nothing they'd seen. As they were ushered toward the dungeon they looked curiously at the strange writing on the wall. Neither could read but they knew it was like no writing they had seen. When they arrived they saw a man chained to the rear wall with a thick iron muzzle over his mouth with a small slit just big enough to allow very small portions of food and water through.

The two men were forced to their knees as Enoch walked toward his prisoner, "Allow me to Kalil, he's going to ensure you two stay alive until I'm bored with you. Not exactly sure how this works but I hear its somewhat similar to how we make our kind."

He pulled out a knife and a cup and sliced open Kalil's wrist allowing blood to flow into the cup. The wound quickly sealed itself and he brought the cup back while Grimmr and Cale's mouths were forced open. He then forced them to drink and had their mouths clasped shut to keep them from spitting it out. They had no choice but to swallow to avoid drowning in it. They were then tossed into cages. One of Enoch's minions stared hard at the cup with a bit of left over blood in it and couldn't resist taking a drink. Enoch looked back shaking his head, "Now's as good a time as any to see why we don't feed off them."

His minion grabbed his throat and began coughing violently until blood came spewing out. He then fell to the floor dead. The cages were then bolted and they left . Kalil then spoke in a muffled voice, "Tonight is going to be very bad for you."

Cale nodded, "I expect as many nights as we have left are going to be."

(To be continued)

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This will get better I'm just not great with Origins but we're almost done with that part

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@joshmightbe said:

"You kick like my mother."

He then slammed a foot into Cale's gut, "Easy lad, it was no insult. Me mum kicks like a mule."