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My take on the Green Arrow Mythology

Chapter six: The Boss

It’s crazy how many thoughts go through your head when you think you’re going to go splat on the incoming ground.

My life starts to flash through my eyes. Growing up in Star City, the daily visits to Dad’s office with Mom, all of the fights at school over my name, Mom’s cancer, drinking, drinking, drinking…and then finally, here.

After falling for what seems like forever we finally hit the water. Surprised by the sudden splash, I stay under long enough to collect myself and then burst to the surface, gasping for breath while I deal with the water inside my nose.

“What the hell!?”

I look around for Arthur and find him wading his way to a cement dock connected to the walls. I travel after him and climb onto the dock. “What was that!?” I ask, angry over the sudden fall.

“A test, for the most part at least.”

“A test? A TEST!?”

Arthur helps me up and walks the short distance to an iron door. “Most of the participates that undergo the drug don’t possess a lot of the normal skills that they have in the outside world, such as swimming. The good news at least is that you survived Oliver, congratulations.”

I feel like clocking the guy but don’t feel like getting knocked out once again.

“Are we really going to go see your boss Arthur?”

“We are now.”

With that, Arthur opens the door and we walk into a hallway, the sides lined with different kinds of pipes and gauges and several other doors just like the one that we just walked through.

“All of these doors…Am I the only one getting the drug treatment around here?”

Arthur replies, “No, no, you’re the only one right now. Besides, these rooms haven’t been used in years except for that one over there.”

Arthur points to a door as we walk past it, this one a lot more rusted than the others with several dark spots painted over it. That’s a lot of blood.

We keep on walking until we get to an iron ladder. We climb it for about ten seconds until we finally reach the top, a grey painted hallway, one that looks like it belongs to a factory based on the grey floor.

Arthur reaches the top before me and helps me up. We walk out of the hallway and find ourselves in a huge room, cell doors lining the sides of the room going all the way up to the ceiling. Men and women walk around the room, most barely paying attention to us. What I notice about most of them is that they all carry weapons, guns, knives, swords, you name it, they got it.

We move are way around the room until we get to set of steps leading through the wall and too another door. We climb the steps, go through the door, and find ourselves in a large office. The carpet, plush beneath my feet, is a welcome feeling. The windows, shadings pulled over them, allow the only light to flow through the dark room. Among all of the things inside the office, there’s a pool table, a number of newspaper clippings that line the walls and a large wooden desk.

The boss, or at least the person that I believe to be the boss, sits at the desk, his eyes looking at both me and Arthur, never resting on us for more than three seconds. Finally after a few minutes of silence, he waves for Arthur to leave, and we’re alone.

“Good evening Oliver, please, sit.”

I finally notice the chairs opposite the desk and pick the closest one.

The boss gets up from his chair and steps over to a cabinet, taking a bottle of scotch and pouring himself a drink. He then turns back to me with a smile and then pouts his lips when he notices the foot prints Arthur and I left when we walked in. “Uh, sorry,” I say.

The boss laughs and sits back down. He exhales, and says, “You are Oliver Queen. Tell me Oliver, how do you like The Sanctuary?”

So that’s what this place is called.

“How do you like being drugged in your sleep?”

This time the boss full out laughs and points at me like I just said the best joke in the world. When the laughter’s finally over, the smile disappears from his face and he says with all seriousness, “I enjoyed it immensely.”

…Who the hell am I dealing with?

“Oliver,” he says, “The Sanctuary is not a normal training facility, as I’m sure you can tell. What you are going through right now is a cleansing. No contact with the outside world, no alcohol and no entertainment. You, from what I’ve heard, have had a very special experience with our drugs. Do you know what that is?”

“I see other people.”

The boss almost looks fazed by the fact that I knew that. Nevertheless, he continues to talk.

“Our drugs, as I’m sure Tatsu has already told you, are designed to allow you to see what you can really become, what you are at your core. Never, in the history of The Sanctuary, have any of our agents seen other people in their dreams. You are a very special case Oliver…”


“But, at this time, I’m afraid that while you were only supposed to undergo the treatment for another week, we cannot allow you to stop. As of this moment Oliver, you are not allowed to see the light of day again until we can finally understand just exactly what you will become."


End of Chapter six

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I like your writing for the boss. Villains that don't seem outright evil have more of an appeal.

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@dngn4774 said:

@knightofthechronicle I like your writing for the boss. Villains that don't seem outright evil have more of an appeal.

Agreed, and in this case, make him seem a bit more creepy than if he'd been all gritty and menacing. The fact that the boss has been drugged in his sleep before raises a few interesting questions. It might have been nice to learn his name, but that may yet come. I'm starting to wonder though if Ollie is imagining the island...or the cell. :)

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Darn I need to finish this story. Thanks @cbishop for the complement and reminding me of my readers.