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I decided to give in and do a fanfic! Takes place between the events of Gotham City Sirens and these characters' current titles, but I will attempt to integrate the New 52 history. Harley Quinn and Catwoman will be the main players, with some Riddler throughout in later installments.

Find the entire story here, it's done!


She had lost everything.

She had wanted it all, wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She left Ivy – her last, and maybe only, true friend – once again, for the Joker. But could she really blame herself? She loved him… she knew him like nobody else did, and only he could truly understand what dwelt in the heart of Harley Quinn.

If only he was willing to take responsibility for that.

After Catwoman and Ivy had gone their separate ways, she had gone back to Arkham and they’d broken out. It wasn’t exactly a challenge anymore, not with her and Mr. J working side-by-side, just the way it should have always been. They had slipped out without a sound – nobody even noticed, not until they found their presents… and opened them! – and then they’d been loose in Gotham.

Just the way it should have always been.

But, Mr. J was Mr. J. He was a kook, and she could never hold that against him. So maybe he forgot her? Left her inside the top vault of Gotham National Bank when he’d heard the cops coming? So what if he’d left fifteen pounds of lit dynamite in there with her? She couldn’t blame her puddin’ for that. He had a lot on his mind when they were out on the town. She knew she could never have ALL of his attention.

Fortunately the consequences were never so bad. The burns healed after a couple weeks and Arkham wasn’t that bad a place to do it, nice and warm in her cell. The sounds of the committed psychos crooning and gibbering all night helped her sleep, too. What could she say? It was home.

Though… was it ever really home without Mr. J there to make her smile? Or… or Ivy?

Harley Quinn frowned a little, turning onto her side and trying to get comfortable. All of a sudden her little cot didn’t feel so comfy anymore. She hated to admit that she missed Ivy, but… she’d always been there. Ivy was there when her puddin’ was gone, Ivy took care of her when she was sick. Ivy kept her warm when she was cold. She wasn’t as funny as the Joker but she was a friend. Maybe Harley’s only friend.

Why had she said those things? Why had Ivy forced her to choose? She could never leave Mr. J by himself, Ivy knew that. He couldn’t even cook a decent meal without Harley to do it for him, and then what would happen? Her puddin’ out in Gotham, hungry on the job?

Her stomach rumbled faintly. She hated Arkham. It was so cold and creepy and everyone was always so serious, shouting and smashing each other’s heads against walls and stuff. She didn’t belong here. She wasn’t even crazy.

Okay, so maybe she was a little crazy. But aren’t people allowed to be crazy if they do it for the right reasons?


Harley Quinn broke out of Arkham that night, her burns almost fully healed but her heart still in… not the best repair.

Breaking out had been a tough decision, actually. Where should she go? Joker was gone – last she’d heard he was somewhere in Scotland, reenacting Braveheart in a nursing home, with old people in the place of the English (bless his heart) – and Ivy was... well… she wasn’t sure where Ivy was.

So where should she go? Who would take her in now? She thought about making her own gang, but she didn’t have the heart for it. She wanted a friend, and there was only one person she could think of who might not want her dead.


Selina Kyle yawned and stretched out, popping several vertebrae and pressing her lithe form out against each bedpost. What was that sound, so damn late at night? Maybe it was just the rain (it WAS really coming down), but nonetheless, she slowly rolled to the side of the bed, setting her slim feet carefully onto the carpet.

Isis looked up at her lazily, the slinky black cat’s expression clearly expressing its distaste at her being up at this hour.

“I know, Isis, I know. Did you hear what it was?” Catwoman’s feline friend looked back at her with a half-lidded glare.

Selina sighed quietly, reaching over to gently trail her hand from Isis’s neck, along her skinny back and the length of her tail. “Of course you didn’t.”


“What in the world? Alright, Isis, scooch. I need to get dressed.” She swiftly tugged her light white shift from under her furry friend, the silk dotted with little black hairs. She slipped it cleanly over her uncovered form and stood up, making her way down each stair soundlessly.


One thing was for sure, it wasn’t Bruce. Bruce didn’t play games like this. If it had been him, she would have aready known. Odds were it wasn’t Dick either, but it was definitely coming from the door.


Selina’s hand seamlessly swiped up her cat-o’-nine-tails as she drew closer to the door, her head lowered slightly, eyes widened slightly, not missing a thing. No sound, but for the rain, and….


She took a deep breath and reached out, twisting the doorknob and flinging open the entrance to her home. She began to raise one hand to strike, just in case it was—

“Hi, Kitty.”

So this is what it looks like when a drowned rat mates with both black and red licorice. None other than her – former – teammate stood on her doorstep, her bi-colored hair wet and stringy from the rain, her makeup worn off. She wasn’t even wearing her festive, if not exactly conservative, “jester” costume, but a faded orange jumpsuit – barely concealed by a heavy brown overcoat that looked like it was taken off of a dead hobo. Just a pale, wet young woman.

“Harley, you’re soaking wet! What…? What are you doing here?”

She looked up and offered a weak smile. Selina supposed they hadn’t exactly left on the WORST of terms – she’d left Harley to do what she had wanted, and it seemed that decision had played itself out. Selina Kyle – or Catwoman – was certainly not to blame for that.

“Would you mind if I come in?”

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excellent, I like it.

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@Joygirl: Good work

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@DickGrayson: @batkevin74: Thanks guys. ^_^

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@Joygirl: cool

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Chapter Two


“Harley, what are you doing here?” Selina questioned awkwardly – but, against her better judgment, she did move out of the way, letting the soaked, troubled young woman to step through the threshold into her home.

“I, uh… I missed you!” Harley half-turned on her way inside, flashing a bright smile that nearly managed to conceal the torment that she was going through. “Didn’t… didn’t ya miss me?”

Selina arched one thin brow as she closed the door behind her visitor, turning to face Harley as the freshly-rinsed clown shuffled awkwardly up the stairs. “Is that so?”

“Naturally. You were always my favorite.”

“Now I KNOW you’re lying. Why are you really here, Harley?”

Harley spun on her heel, throwing herself at Selina. Catwoman flinched, her hand raising the whip she still held to defend herself, until she realized that Harley was only hugging her.

Hugging her and sobbing.

“I… I didn’t have… I didn’t have nowhere else to go-ho-ho-hooo…” the Joker’s former henchgirl bawled into Selina’s shoulder, her sopping wet hair now soaking both women. Catwoman swallowed and then closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around her old teammate and hugging back. Whatever had happened must have been bad. She’d seen Harley run the gamut of emotions between joy and fury, but seeing this much sorrow in her was… admittedly, a bit stunning.

“It’s alright, Harley… shhh….” This was nothing if not awkward. Selina wasn’t above taking in strays, and she had a compassionate side when one suited her. But with her arms around a sobbing clowngirl who’d taken countless lives, this was a whole different animal. She tried to rub Harley’s back reassuringly, which seemed to make the impressionable ex-sidekick open up further… and cry harder.

“I just didn’t know what to—and Mr. J was—and dyanamite—and Red’s gone and neither of them are ever comin’ back and I’m all alo-ho-hoooone… I just… I didn’t know where to go….”

“Hush, Harley… come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” Catwoman took a deep breath, her chest swelling against the jester girl as she took Harley by her shoulders, pulling the two apart. “Go on upstairs and take a shower. I think I may still have a couple of your old t-shirts that got mixed in with mine.”

“…Y-yeah?” Harley Quinn’s lips trembled slightly, and then curled into a hesitant smile. It was disturbing how much care this girl truly needed. She was symbiotic at best, parasitic at worst, but now Selina was seeing what happened to Harley when she was truly alone.

“Yeah.” Selina returned the smile awkwardly and gave the other girl another reassuring pat on the shoulder. “I’ll have some clothes waiting on the bed when you get out.”

“…Thanks, Kitty.” Harley leaned in for another hug, giving Selina a quick kiss on the cheek before turning and heading up the stairs. She seemed genuinely grateful – and Catwoman was sure that she’d have known if this was just another con. Then again, you could never really be sure with those clowny types. They were uncontrollable, unpredictable, and Harley Quinn was just as bad as any of them.


Would the water rinse her away?

Would it wash away the Joker? The history that they had? Would it wash the bleach from her skin, these colors from her hair?

Would it wash away Ivy?

Harley hung her head in the shower, letting the water beat at her. Letting it clean away her cold and the blood and whatever had been on that filthy coat. It wouldn’t wash away her twisted mind or her need to be cared for. It wouldn’t turn her back into Dr. Harleen Quinzel, wouldn’t get her out of Gotham or the world she’d made for herself.

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@Joygirl: Awesome work here! I love the concept, and I think you got the characters down perfect (the bit about Joker and Braveheart had me dying laughing). I'm also a big Harley fan, so seeing you delve into her psyche is really interesting.

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@Ravager4: Thanks! It's just a short little thingy but I've had some fun writing it!

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@Joygirl: Hope you write more, it's really entertaining :)

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@Joygirl: The story is really great so far. It's a nice change of pace to see the inner workings of these characters, and the way you write from Harley's perspective feels very real. I can't wait to see what you have in store for chapter three.
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OMG, first post/reply. But here goes. I really like it so far. Coming from the perspective of being introduced to both of these characters from GCS, I feel like I'm reading an Epilogue which is a good sign. I think you are nailing Selina so far in terms of psyche and look forward to more! <3

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@Ferro Vida: @Mythstine: Thanks so much guys! I am really starting to enjoy this and I'm planning on doing more!

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@Joygirl: Looking forward to it :)
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Harley turned the hot water off and took a deep breath, grabbing one of Selina’s towels and wrapping it around her modestly (ironically, it wasn’t until living with Pam and Selina that she’d been forced to pick up the habit) before heading back out to the master bedroom. Catwoman was where she had left her, sitting on the bed and playing with that scrawny black cat, but now there was a nightshirt and some shorts lying on the bed, already coated in little black hairs. She could hear the washer going down the hall.

“Better?” Selina asked, looking up and scratching the back of her head gently. The question drew a hesitant nod from Harley. “I set a pot of hot water on, if you want something. Didn’t know what you usually went for.”

“I… thanks, Kitty, but I think I just need t’ get some sleep, ‘kay?” Harley reached down onto the bed, grabbing the pair of shorts first. As her arm moved past Selina, she almost froze – after all of her sadness and her loneliness, she had managed to find someone who would take her in. Who would still treat her well after everything she’d done. The feeling was both comforting, and shameful. Even as certain areas of her mind, encouraged by the perceived safety of a companion, began to wander and frolic, the more serious side of Harley Quinn began to seriously wonder if she deserved such compassion. So many second chances.

She turned around and dropped the towel, Selina respectively turning her head. She wiggled into the plain white shorts and then grabbed the oversized Freakazoid! t-shirt, throwing it over her head. “Ta-daaa!” she said as she turned back around, the clowngirl looking shockingly… normal, especially for a girl with split black and red hair, Joker-white flesh, and the kind of body that can only be acquired by years of effort and maybe a botanical performance-enhancing potion or two. “Ya have any hair-ties, Kitty?”

Selina arched a thin, arched brow and pointed to her own hair, midnight-black and cropped short. “Never found a use for any. Isis never added them to the shopping list.”

Harley frowned slightly, but then shrugged. She didn’t need the pigtails! She was part of a new team! Harley and Kitty! And this brand-new Harley didn’t use pigtails… she’d just, uh… wear it long! Maybe get a haircut tomorrow if she could score some money, even! It’d be great. A broad, spacey smile spread across her face from the thought of it all… her and Selina, side-by-side, a couple of tough chicks out on the town, with no silly masterminds or plant-goddesses, just two (mostly) powerless humans with a grudge against Gotham!

“…Do you need to use the bathroom?”


“That look on your face.”

Harley paused, then stowed away her joyous, maniacal grimace in exchange for her most innocent face, putting her hands behind her back. “Ah, no, I went earlier.”

“If you say so.” Catwoman gently lifted Isis, setting her on the other pillow and starting to get in bed. “There’s a couch down the hall, if you want.”

“Couch?” the innocent smile immediately fell, the mercurial clowngirl’s expression being replaced yet again, this time by a sorrowful pout.

“…Yes, a couch.”

“Red and I always shared the same bed… I just kinda thought that we’d….”

Selina pulled the covers up around her before wiggling out of her night shift and tossing it onto the floor. “I’m not Ivy, the couch will be just fine.”

“It’s right next to the washin’ machine! It’ll be noisy!”

“They’re your clothes!”

The coming torrent was heralded by soft sniffling, a slightly extended bottom lip. A slow, steady whine began to escape Harley’s throat, her eyes beginning to moisten–

“Okay, okay, fine! Get in! Just don’t do anything gross.”

The whine changed into a squeal on a dime, the jester girl pouncing forward and quickly burrowing under the covers on the other side of the bed, leaving Isis to burrow for cover. “Thanks Kitty!”

“Goodnight, Harley.”


“Harley, cut that out.”

“Whaaat? Red never used to mind! I have problems with body heat!”

“Then go grab a hot water bottle or something! Circulation problems or not, it’s no excuse to snuggle with me!”

“I thought that was a really good excuse!”

Selina let out an exasperated sigh that bordered on a warning growl. “Harley, stick to your own side. And stop hogging all the blankets!”

“I wouldn’t have to hog the blankets if you’d stay next to me!”

“The couch is still an option.”

Harley huffed childishly and flopped onto her side, pushing a few of the blankets back over to Selina’s side and curling up with her own.


“Harley, are you shivering?”

“I told you I have body heat problems!”

“For heaven’s sake, are you eight years old?”


Selina flicked the light back on, grumbling tiredly. The little digital clock beside her bed stung her eyes with the red LED’s, reading “3:14”. She tossed her own covers over the hapless clowngirl and started to burrow under them herself – when her cell rang.

She tossed the covers back down and reached into the drawer on her bedside table, pressing the little green phone and roaring “WHAT?!”



“It’s Eddie. We have a problem.”

Catwoman glanced across the bed at Harley, who had her big blue eyes open now, staring at Selina expectantly. “What is it--?” she tried to ask before Selina shushed her.

“Okay, where? …Alright, I’ll start getting ready. …Right. …Ah, Eddie? Do you mind if I bring someone along? …Er… Harley Quinn. …Yeah, I thought so too. …Okay, I’ll be there soon.” Catwoman flicked her cell off and flopped back onto the bed for a moment. “Harley, you may want to piece together some kind of outfit. We’re working tonight.”

“Who was that?”


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@Mythstine: @Ferro Vida: @Ravager4: @The Poet: @batkevin74: @DickGrayson: New chapter you guys!

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I do adore how you write these two, especially Harley. Their banter is fantastic, and Harley is just so adorably innocent. And crazy. But that makes her awesome. Great work.

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@Ravager4: Well, Harley's my favorite character -- I should hope that I write her well. ^_^

Thanks very much for reading!

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Awesome work, as always. :D

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@Nordok: Thanks!

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Love it.

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@Joygirl said:

Would the water rinse her away?

Would it wash away the Joker? The history that they had? Would it wash the bleach from her skin, these colors from her hair?

Would it wash away Ivy?

Best bits! Nice work

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@batkevin74: Thanks! Next part coming up sometime... with Riddler! And a villain I've not yet decided on!

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@Joygirl: Cool. Now my only criticism I have on your Gotham Hearts is that it's all contained in one. For accessability for you it's easy but at times finding out what is the new bit a tad hard, scrolling through a fic then seven comments then a new series of comments. A Gotham Heart Part 1, Part 2 etc may work better but I like what you've done and probably why you've done it. As for villains may I suggest: Tigress only because I think you'd do a good job with her or even Constantine Drakon

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@batkevin74: Ah, you're probably right. I was actually considering starting a new thread for the next piece and just lumping these three pieces together as "part 1".

I'm not familiar with Tigress or Drakon so I probably won't use them. I'm most closely associated with the Bataverse so I was thinking maaaaaybe Mr. Freeze, but I really haven't decided yet. I want to choose a villain that I'm closely familiar with, and can do justice.

Also, a guy who looks exactly like Murdock from A-Team just walked in. Whoa.

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@Joygirl: that was very enertaining! look forward to reading more...

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@batkevin74 said:

As for villains may I suggest: Tigress only because I think you'd do a good job with her

that suggestion reminds me of Catwoman: When in Rome (what with there being selina and Riddler...of course it is cheetah I'm thinking of but oh well...)

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Glad you enjoyed, Poet. :D By the way, did you ever get the next butler piece up?

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Really great stuff. Keep up the good work.

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@SyIar: Thanks! ^_^

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Any more in the works?

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@batkevin74: I haven't started working on it. XD I had a falling out with a certain person and, through my own willfulness everything is now much harder for me. Hopefully if things clear up or I find alternate methods, however, I may be able to resume my projects at the same pace that I was.

Also, I have chosen a villain. :3

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Don't know how i missed this one but great stuff Joygirl. But, wait! This doesn't mean the end of the Joygirl comic does it? Are you still working on that one too?

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I'm waiting for my cowriter to slip out of yet another lengthy hiatus but yes, I'll keep writing Joygirl until they put the last nail in my coffin.

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@Joygirl said:

I'm waiting for my cowriter to slip out of yet another lengthy hiatus but yes, I'll keep writing Joygirl until they put the last nail in my coffin.

Dammit, YES! That's the spirit!

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This fantastic. I love it. waiting for the next issue.

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this was really good, Harley was perfectly portrayed.

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Casual bump for @Joygirl:

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Great story! You did a good job getting into the head of Harley Quinn.

Chapter 1: Feedback

I’d suggest have her feeling the pains of the burns instead of telling. For example, while talking, she touches the burn unknowingly or it suddenly starts throbbing. Always show and don’t tell it. Add more details and you will have a fantastic story.

This sentence – “She could never leave Mr. J by himself, Ivy knew that.” – Semi colon needs to replace the comma.

I may do some feedback on the other chapters when I have time.

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Thanks for the feedback! The second I can certainly do though the first may be trickier... since she wasn't really talking, more just being narrated in that beginning part. But I'll take a look at it.

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When i read this. i had but one word. Hot. Great story.

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Hot, i'm loving it

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Excellent work @Joygirl its a pleasure to read something good {oh don't mind me, I've been having issues with another user} I have read bits of this previously but seeing part 5 up I decided to go back and refresh my brain. You really do nail Harley, good work.