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Don't forget to read the first chapter!

Chapter Two

By Alfred Pennywoth

It had been a week since master Bruce passed and the Batman disappeared. Everything was quiet, and young master Damian rarely left his room. For the first time since it happened, I was brave enough to enter the Batcave.

“Computer, turn on.”

“Voice command accepted. Alfred Pennyworth,” said a female voice.

I just stared at the huge screen for a couple minutes. Someone entered the cave, but fortunately, I had some espionage training as well.

“You have been using the Batcave, haven’t you, Dick?”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t at the funeral… I couldn’t take it. Despite our differences, Bruce was like a father to me,” he answered instead.

“I… Understand.”

“How is Damian doing?”

“I couldn’t tell. He hasn’t left his room more than three times this week. And he can’t even stand to his Robin suit.”

“This situation… It is horrible for you too, isn’t it?” He asked, comprehensive. “I remember when I was young, right after my parents died. During my first months as Robin, I used to think Bruce and I were equals, both solitary orphans, with no one else to call “mom” or “dad”.”

“I’m afraid I don’t see where this is going…”

“That idea was completely wrong. It took me sometime, but I realized that none of us were as alone as though: I had him, and he had you. Despite all of his trust issues, he’d always count on you. And you can count on me as well, Alfred.”

I couldn’t immediately respond.

“Thank you, Dick. It was heartbreaking to listen that someone you love as you’d love your own son was killed, and his body, so corroded by acid it could not be found.”

“But hey,” he said, “it’s not usual to see you using this computer.”

“Oh, I am shutting the cave down for good.”

“What? All of this is still important for me. Thanks to his incomparable software, I’m able to track down the bad guys and honor his memory! I just arrested Two-Face, for exemple.”

“In order to honor the Batman’s memory, I will not leave any incomplete job of him. Additionally, and more important, master Bruce wouldn’t want you to end up as broken as he did,” I confessed.

“Alfred, please. This is the only thing I can see myself doing. Gotham needs a symbol like the Batman.”

“If that is really your wish, so be it. But promise me that if the job starts messing with your mind, you will quit it… I’m almost ninety years old; you wouldn’t deny the last request of an old man.”

“I…” He was about to answer when the computer alerted us about my worst fear.

He escaped,” said Dick, furious. He activated the Batmobile.

“Master Dick, wait!” I shouted. “What are you going to do?”

“What needs to be done. I will give this demon what he deserves.”

I wanted to say so much, but it was too late. Nightwing were already gone.

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Oh man.Tthis is getting good. Poor Damian. Anyways once again good job

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I feel similarly about this as the other. The WRITING is good, but I have no reason to believe that the characters you're using are who you say they are, besides the names you've given them. Even if the situation is serious, I should expect at least one sardonic quip from Alfred, or a joke from Nightwing. Alfred doesn't say "master Dick" either. I'm just not convinced -- the characters could be anyone.

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Thanks for the advice, I'll pay attention to that... But where did you see Alfred saying "master Dick"? -I couldn't find it-

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Ah, I didn't mean that he did in the story and it was bad, but that he didn't and he should have. ^_^

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Ooh, I get it haha my bad :(

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Bump, Great Work.