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If you wish to read the first chapter: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/gotham-city-legends-identity-chapter-1/687625/#2


The following weeks were all the same: the Batman kept doing a good work, while the man behind the mask just got more and more tired. Although the situation seemed sustainable in the beginning, one unique night proved the opposite.

During the dawn, the emergency alarm of Alfred’s room was activated after so long. Of course, he already knew what that meant. Surprisingly fast for a man of his age, he got all the first aid material in hand and rushed to the cave.

“Oh my god,” he said as soon as he distinguished the image of a bleeding man from the rest of the shadows. “Lay down there, Master Bruce. And talk to me.”

“I was sleepy… It was easy to take the three guys, but I failed to notice a fourth one approaching… I shot me three times, and I could only evade one of the bullets…” Bruce, wearing the whole Batsuit except by the mask, had difficulties do talk and coughed blood.

“I have removed the bullet stored inside your back. It almost hit a lung.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to drive that much time if it had…”

“Keep talking, sir. We need to maintain you awake.”

“Alfred, you were right. The Batman can rise against any single criminal or gang, but not an entire city... I will soon get old, but corruption and misery won’t.”

“I wish you had noticed that before. Fortunately, the second bullet is out. I’ll take you to your bed and stop the bleeding.”

Bruce Wayne could not leave his bedroom for six days. In fact, it would take more than a month for a common person to heal. He did not know that yet, but the increasing occurrence of street crimes had a purpose and a planning… It was all about taking the Dark Knight out of the game.

. . .

“Is everything ready?” asked a man owner of a penetrating voice.

“Nobody has seen the bat in almost a week. I hear he got shot,” another one answered.

“You think he is dead? Cause that would make things a lot easier for me,” said a third one.

“Calm down, gentlemen. I most certainly hope he is alive... Don’t you forget that, once freed from his moral illusion, he must become my successor and fulfill mankind’s destiny,” declared the first to talk.

“And Clayface… His death would help all of us, not only you! Isn’t that right?” commented a fourth man.

“Although he is different of you meatballs, I have to agree with Cobblepot. He is a potential threat for Mother Nature,” said, apparently, the only woman in the group.

“I will not complain about your personal issues related to the detective, but if his life is taken during the execution of my plan, you shall be considered enemies of the League of Shadows. And, I’m afraid, not even the seven of you can survive that.”

Nobody said another word.

“But for tonight, we celebrate the real beginning of a New Era, of justice and order. I toast is more than appropriate,” suggested Ra’s Al Ghul.

Ra's Al Ghul
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