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PT. 1 - Godzilla and Gamera

The H.E.A.T. organization has been tracking down Godzilla down for a while. So far, they have found out very little about the creature.

It has never really been defeated.

Not yet.

The creature had just made it to a small island.

As Godzilla made it to the top of a mountain on the island, he was suddenly attacked by a swarm of strange pterodactyl-like creatures.

The creature shot at the creatures with it's atomic breath, but there was too many of them for him to handle.

But something, perhaps a creature as huge as Godzilla himself, scared them off with it's roar.

Godzilla, confused, went to look for the creature... wherever it was. Suddenly, the creature, a giant flying turtle-like creature known as Gamera, came into view.

Gamera landed on the ground, just as confused as Godzilla was. Gamera just flew off from Godzilla after a while.

Godzilla decided that the island was nothing but trouble and left.

Later, in New York, an employee at a nuclear power plant was doing his normal daily job, when something went wrong.

"Mr. Quember, there's a problem!" he told his boss. "The nuclear reactor... it's... it's...."

"Spit it out!" his boss yelled, when, all of the sudden, there was a huge explosion.

All anyone was doing was screaming.

"Aaaah!" "Oh my God!" "What the---"

The radioactive explosion somehow created a living blob of nuclear waste.

The creature devoured everything in it's past as it got out to the city.

The blob was devouring almost everything, when Gamera landed on the ground from out of the sky at the same time Godzilla emerged from the ocean.

The two giant creatures entered the city, both wanting to defeat the blob, unaware of what was about to happen....

Up Next: The Battle Begins

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This little mini-series probably won't be that good, because I've watched only ONE Gamera movie before, and tons of Godzilla movies.

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Still gonna write Mothra?