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Issue 7!! You mean! I haven't killed myself with boredom yet?!?!?! Oh sweet.

Hi Deadpool!


Did you watch the deadpool movie?! (even though there isn't one...)

Yes...but it needed more Black Widow Booty.

Give the fans what they want, eh?

Nope. Just me. Only I deserve the Booty. GIMME ALL YOUR BOOTIES!!! I was once a pirate you know. I remember cause I bought a boat. Hehe. Bought a boat. They sound the same. Words are funny like that. Hey! You interviewed Spider-man yet?! He knows a lot about booty. Red head booty, and blonde booty and apparently Black Widow's booty!!! At least I hope. Also Symkarian booty, and CSI booty and Betty Brant booty and--oh look! No healing factor! Well, time to do some heroin! *leaves*

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I kind of actually want to see Deadpool as a pirate now

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@primepower53 said:


Everyone loves the booty!

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Wow. This is good. I am going to read the rest tomorrow. I have to log off.

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@CapFanboy: Well.....my life long dream has now been fulfilled......... anticlimactic