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Oh..hi! By now you should all realise what a useless piece of s*** this whole series is and shouldn't read any more of it. If you still are, I don't know what to say to you, other than I didn't know mental hospitals had internet access.

Today, we have a random interviewee who I will be interviewing based on whether I know them or not! Ooh, popular boards! Storm? Hell yes!!!

Where am I? This isn't Wakanda, or Cyclops' bedroom.

D: Wh-Wh-What?!

Oh...Marvel are really running out of ideas. You're sort of happy, right?

Erm...I feel uncomfortable now.

I mean, it's not like any of you didn't expect it.

But what about your fans!

What fans?

Y'know, those fans. *discreetly points to angry mob outside window.*

Oh. Does this mean none of you would watch a PPV based on--

OKAY!!! And that concludes this session about what goes on Utopia behind closed doors.

Oh no, they're not closed at all. In fact, the student rooms are right down the ha--

CUT!!! Oh god....I'm mentally scarred.

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Haha. Weird.

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Cyclops bedroom. Heh

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@primepower53 said:

Cyclops bedroom. Heh

You know it

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@primepower53 said:

Cyclops bedroom. Heh

I agree with this.

Nice job.

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