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WARNING this is Fan-fic of a manga if you do not like manga or are not a fan of Ga-rei i suggest you steer clear of this but if you are a fan of manga i hope you will enjoy if you haven't checked out the previous chapter here you go part 1

The onlookers of the Tsuchimiya clan seemed distraught but not surprised nor did they disagree Yomi in their minds had been a disgrace to their clan and they had long been planning on how to dispose of her though they were wary of how Yomi's former Ga-rei would respond to a request to assist in her assassination, the only one who seemed worried about not only Kagura but Yomi as well was their Grandmother she looked so very sad but would hide her true feelings as long as it meant that Kagura's ceremony was successful.

the Spirit responded in a surprisingly up beat tone "So you wish to take the life of your own sister" the silence was bone chilling "Hahahahahahaha Mwa Hahahahaha" the Spirit laughed hysterically. "So you wish to kill Yomi" Kagura looked sternly into Yurei no Inugami's eyes confirming that she was very much so serious "I like you human maybe even more than Yomi, fine i will form a contract with you from this day forth I Byakuei Yurei no Inugami( spirit of the wolf god) shall be your Ga-rei, Kagura Tsuchimiya.

once the contract was formed there was a large rumble like a tremor was running directly under the mountain upon witch the shrine was erected. Kagura's grandmother ordered all members of the Tsuchimiya clan to cover the perimeter of the shrine and erect a spiritual barrier all members did as they were ordered like a well oiled machine.

Kagura's seeing as how her excitement was sadly short lived inquired as to what was going on Her grandmother informed her that they were being attacked by a spiritual being "How do you know that wasn't it just an ordinary earth quake?"

"I am spiritually connected to the shrine once something comes in contact with the torii i can sense them, the torii's barrier is strong but not strong enough for what ever just attacked us"

Soon the walls began to become warped they soon turned into this black sludge seeping from the wall contorting itself into malicious spirits they drifted towards Kagura and her grandmother but were no match for her grandmothers spiritual powers plus Byakuei's ravenous apatite for spirits they soon started to retreat or so it seems the spirits started to converge on one another and began to fuse and take shape they took the shape of a beautiful girl with long straight black flowing hair and bangs that slightly covered her forehead in a distraught quivering voice Kagura's grandmother muttered "Yomi"

"Hello Onee-san" said Kagura dryly

"Oh why so formal little sister" Said Yomi

"Im sure i dont know what you mean" Kagura said sarcastically and with disdain

"oh never mind ah i see you chose that old mutt Byakuei trying to follow in my footsteps oh im so proud" said Yomi Haughtily

"enough of your words traitor" Byakuei rushed towards Yomi going for the kill

"Wait Byakuei" said Kagura's grandmother fruitlessly as Kagura was now the only one who could command Byakuei

Byakuei was was quickly bested by a beast that suddenly appeared as if outta thin air

"Oh still so hot headed are we nothing like my precious nue"

Yomi then send Nue after her sister, in an attempt to stop the beast Kagura's pulled out prayer beads and then began to chant an incantation but was quickly seal inside a barrier by Yomi "Nuh uh Granny im afraid i cant let you interfere i do so hope you understand this is a spat between sisters" as the beast Nue approached Kagura it was quickly uninterrupted by Byakuei but with the help of Yomi the great wolf spirit was entangled by snakes witch turned to chains that had what seemed to be pagan markings on them the chains reacted with his collar weakening him.

"Western magic how low will you stoop yomi" Kagura exclaimed

"your ways are too stringent if you wish so badly to be rid of me you'll have to a abandon those foolish traditions" Yomi said bearing a demented smile that reached ear to ear on her face

"What so i could be like you" Kagura now steaming with anger yelled

"Why not youve always loved living in my shadow till now so why change things, come with me sister join me" Yomi said attempting to coerce Kagura

"Id rather die" Kagura said sternly and aggressively

"then so be it" Yomi said grinning maliciously

from outside the barrier Yomi had erected around the ceremonial room some oneone yelled the words devour the evil Mikabooshi and then a large black Nodachi came slashing through the barrier and right through Yomi in an instant

within the opening that resulted from the destruction of the barrier was a shadowy figure bearing an enormous black bladed Nodachi with no guard, though Yomi's body was nearly cut in half she was still smiling then her body turned back into those spirits revealing that the thing they were fighting was only a shikigami she had created, then her voice rung in Kagura's ears "see you later little sis" in a rage Kagura yelled into the sky