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I'm sure that you've noticed that as good as the fan-fics in this site are they are usually ignored in favor of RPG which is a shame because many of the best works of various rpgers has always been in the fan-fic section. 
Because of this i wanted to try to bring back some attention to this side of the site with a new thread involving interviews regarding the fan-fic writers and stories and only those. This is done in order to gain buzz for the fan-fics and help people who normally wouldn't read them know what the story is about and what they are missing. 
This is just an experiment but i thought it was worth giving it a chance. The first people to be interviewed is the user Cellphonegirl (Scattered) 


So first of all. For those not familiar with your work could you tell us some of your fan-fic credits? 
My current one is Scattered. Vine Shore, VT: lockdown (which i should REALLY start posting on soon. Had so much potential), the cellphone girl Chronicles. i think that's it lol 
What made you interested in checking the fan-fic section of the site in the first place? 
I must of been when Sha first told me about her Comicvine High fan fic. I've been hooked on it ever since. 
Through your work it seems obvious that you prefer to write CV characters as opposed to entirely new creations or established characters. Why do you think that is? 
It's entertaining. I also happen to know these characters a lot better than characters i might've read in a book or seen in a t.v. show. People also love to see what others can do with their character. 
Out of all of the CV character you've gotten to write...Who is your favorite to write and why? 
OMG! There are so many! Ugh... I'll have to go with Feral Nova. She is so hilarious to write as, and she could use fire. AWESOMENESS. 
The one time I wrote as Nova was indeed awesome, I did feel like she also came really natural just like the writer. Is there a character of the vine which you haven't written yet that you would love to get the chance to? 
Hm... Dark Huntress :D I do actually have plans to introduce her character in Scattered, but not sure when 
If people wanted to know if they should try Scattered what would you tell them? What is the basic premise of the story? 
 I would tell them that they would love it. It's about our characters but in a different Universe. Even though some characters are similar to their Vine Prime selves they have an excellent twist to them. 
You mentioned Dark Huntress, are there any other CV characters that you can hint of having an upcoming new role in the series? 
  • Two future characters that are related to the two different main characters in Vine Prime.
  • A heroic character that stands for nothing but justice in Vine Prime will have a very important role in The Lights. Whether he'll be that much heroic though.. i can't say.
  • One future light has a lot to do with water.
  • Another Light will take up the mantle of a famous hero that has yet to die in the Vine Prime.
That is all i'll be hinting for now. I wouldn't wanna give away too much ;] 
Do you usually also read other people's fan-fics? If so could you tell us who are some of your favorite writers? 
Once and a while. I read Sha's stuff, i've read something of Con's before lol, I read that one mystery fan fic you did when trying to figure out what happened to NH. I also read something of Talon's before. I feel like i'm forgetting something else lol 
And for favorite writers i have to go with... hm.. Sha. I love the comedy that she uses. I do like the other three as well. Like the emotion Talon uses in her posts, and how descriptive.   
To Close this interview. Anything you want to tell people about the fan-fic section? 
That people should really try it out. It won't bite, and you'll discover some of the most entertaining stories you'll see. Yeah the RPG section is simply amazing all by itself, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the Fan Fic section as well. Who knows.. your fan fic might become a hit on here. 
Thanks for this interview 
No problem :] Thanks for having me be apart of this. 
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Oh this is very cool :D Way to go, NH.

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thanks :)

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I feel famous :] 

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hmm...I really ought to explore this region of the forums. Seems interesting. Can't wait to read some of your work

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This seems like a cool idea. Nice work both of you.

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Thanks man

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@Nighthunter@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Awesome idea!  Good job you guys ^^  
Thanks for bringing some of the attention to our little corner of the site! The RPGers are so awesome though, serious talent over there. That means CellphoneGirl too! 
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No problem. Most of the fan-fic writers have some experience in the rpg side and viceversa so in my opinion they should both be granted equal attention

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I admit that I don't venture into the fan-fic section enough.  I definitely should though, there's talent here.  CPG's series has been great so far too..especially the parts with the Jedi... :P

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Obi's a whore for anything with a Jedi in it.

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@The Dark Huntress: (glares at her intently)
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also love this man.

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@Nighthunter: Great interview! 
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@Darkchild said:
also love this man.
go into messenger lol
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@Nighthunter: im getting off now. gotten my alotted time for the computer thats not mine lol PEACE plus only got on to do a few pms 
will be on Wedsday during the day between 12pm-3pm
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Nice idea! I especially love this as I mainly use fan fics for Comicvine. Although I need a comment to continue a story for my newest fan fic Superman: Adventures of the Man of Steel

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So I guess it would be fair to say that you like Superman? 
you could say that. Basically I write stories in a cycle depending on who I like the most. I like to switch it up every 6 months or so. the order goes Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, then repeats. I've never gotten around to writing a Green Lantern fan fic though. I'll be writing Superman for now.  
So why Superman? Tell us what you like so much about the character 
t started as liking Superboy Prime, a few years ago, I was obcessed with seeing him redeemed. Through that I discovered that Superman's better character. In Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, and how he (SPOILER ALERT) tried to redeem him, that just touched me and reached out to me. From then on I felt like we needed someone like Superman in the real world, thus, I started making stories about him (I have hundreds of potential stoties lying around in my room somewhere) I've only recently started working on getting these stories onto the Vine. 
So who is Superman to you? What does he stand for? What does he represent? 

Who is he to me? In essence, he's the man we all strive to be, the man we all look up to. He stands for the true measures humanity at it's greatest. I know this sounds corny but this is my opinion of how who he is at his very core.


And to think I'm seeing all these things on many sites saying to boycott DCover the "Renouncing U.S citizenship" thing just saddens me. :(  

Superman is bigger than just the USA now in my opinion...ignoring the fact that it will probably be retconned with the September reboot. You just told us who Superman is to you, how about Clark Kent? 
Clark Kent...he's basically the exact opposite of Superman. But the disguise is perfect! To quote Lex Luthor "You're everything Superman isn't" Think about it: Who would look for Superman, a god among men, who can see for miles...with glasses....as a reporter with bad posture, comically uncoordinated, etc. etc. Yet he is still honest and has all his friends best intentions at heart. To me Clark symbolises that greatest guy never known 
Where do you get the inspiration for writing Superman? 
Usually I get the inspiration from the latest back issue I pick up. I like to write him in a Silver Age fashion as I am now doing, possibly not correctly, in my newest story. his silver Age stories were in my opinion his best. Anything could happen. That and the recent Earth One. I love his portrayal for those two. if you were to mix them up, take bit and pieces of the two eras, then you'd get the Superman I'm (trying) to write! 
What about his better half? What can you tell us about Lois Lane? 
Lois Lane....I like the fact that she can be feminine and still be strong. She has no powers yet she stands up against people like Lex Luthor. I believe her best enterpretation of her is in a novel By Kevin J. Anderson called Enemies and Allies I can honestly see what Superman would see in someone like her. 
And now his worse side. What can you tell us about your take on Lex? 
I haven't read much into his character, personally, he seems very one dimensional to me. though I did like him in blackest night with the avarice ring. My take on Lex in my fan fics though...I've been meaning to do some kind of fan fics on that...I'm trying to get around to it.  
the core of his character is basasically to be Superman's polar opposite. The WORST humanity has to offer. Only interested in himself. Helps others only for personal gain etc, etc.  
I'm thinking about doing a fan fic on him.  
What would the story be  about? 
hmm.....something alongs the lines of finding some Superhuman power, then trying to find a way to control it. Maybe digging up some information on an already known hero, blackmail, maybe? That's all I have so far, it needs some fleshing out.  
Who is your favorite Superman writer? 
That's a tough one...I'd probably have to say Grant Morrison. Read All Star Superman you'll see he knows what he's doing. I love the way he protrays Lex, actually. The Lois/Clark/Superman relationship is magnificent, the way Clark and Superman foil (if you don't know the term, look it up ;P) "each other." Grant Morrison writes a goood Superman.   
Morrison is also my favorite Superman writer. Where should readers start with your fan-fics? Do they follow  a certain order or are they all stand-alone? 
Most are stand alone. Except for the Ultimate Superman fan fics. Those are a personal favorite of mine. Origina stories have always been my specialty. Just follow the numbering. Ultimate Superman, Ultimate Superman #2 and a one shot Ultimate Superboy.  
Also, I don't know how I persist with my fan fics. Almost nobody comments so I assume anyone that doesn't comment doesn't like it. Sometimes I've almost stopped fan fics from sheer lack of comments. (I only do that when I see NO entertaining way to continue the story.    
Which is why people should pay more attention to this part of the site.  What would you tell the potential readers about your various fan-fics? Why should they read your story? 
 think people would like it because I try to take the good parts of every era of Superman, and mesh them all together, and also, with Ultimate Superman (which I've been trying to get around to continuing) provides my take on the origin of Superman. Like I said, I try to take parts of every Superman era and mesh them together so everyone is satisfied. If you like Superman, I hope you'd like my stories about him! :) 
Do you read other people's fan-fics? 
I read yours...haha. I read fan fics about Superman, usually to try to get some ideas for writing and for entertainment. I read fan fics on whatever hero I'm currently writing fan fics on. So now, if anyone writes Superman, I'd read it! 
Be sure to tell people to read mine lol. To finish this interview what would you tell people who want to read the fan-fic section but haven't tried it yet 

O READ ANYTHING THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON!!! they should read yours ;P, anyway, I hear the ones with original casts and characters are good. I've been meaning to get around to those things, but I can't start till school is out. Anyway, if you see a good looking fan fic do what I do: READ IT!


thank you so much for interviewing me! :D 

The pleasure is mine
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If I could follow you more I'd follow you times a million!

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This is sweet! :D

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@Nighthunter: This is  a great idea!
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@primepower53@Nighthunter: Another awesome interview guys! ^^  
@Nighthunter: Keep the interviews coming, they're great to read ^^
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thank you!

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Thanks people, will do :)

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@Nighthunter: When we gonna see sha's? XD
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I'm trying to do it of the people currently doing a fan-fic to bring attention to their work

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That makes sense aha XD

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@Nighthunter: You should do Mechanical_ape or Impersonator. Imp just started the new season of his Freaks series and M_A is workin on an amazing Dr. Strange fanfic ^^
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@TypingKira: I'm honored that you'd even mention me, but I certainly have nothing worth saying. There are far better candidates than me. You, for example, definitely deserve it. Since you have three stories going at once, I'm sure you'd have plenty of interesting answers you could give.
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@Mechanical_Ape: Shut yer mouth! :} 
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@TypingKira: I noticed that you didn't exactly deny it! See, I'm right.
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@Mechanical_Ape said:
@TypingKira: I noticed that you didn't exactly deny it! See, I'm right.
I got my recognition -- it's time someone else did!
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Also I'm gonna big up Project_Worm for his Punishing Gotham

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@Nighthunter: LOVE IT DO ME DO ME!!

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Alright NH Do me

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@.Mistress Redhead.@Darkchild: i know NH is hot 'n sexy but he can do who he wants, you guys ;}
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What can I say? I am sexy...

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@TypingKira said:

@.Mistress Redhead.: @Darkchild: i know NH is hot 'n sexy but he can do who he wants, you guys ;}


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welcome to the vine lol

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Mistress Redhead 

You are one of the people most associated with the rpg part of this site. What do you think are the main differences between it and the fan-fic side?
I don't drop into the fan fic forum a whole lot, but I guess one of the things would be the interaction in the rpg section, the personal contact with other characters that enhances the story that you have in your head. The story you create in the rpg section can easily be taken on a journey outside of what you originally planned, leading you to think fast and act quickly if you need, especially if its a battle. Though in saying that, lately the rpg's that are being created are so well thought out that it ends up that you know what your doing from one second to the next, thus taking away the real challenge. The Fan Fic section however are able to just write out their stories as they see it and as they want it to be known. 
Who are your favorite fan-fic writers? 

OH wow.. good question.. I admitted I do not enter that area much but I do actually (and have in the past) read some great stories in there.. top ones for me would be

  • You
  • Darkchild
  • TypingKara
  • Methos

But I do want to read more and am always looking for recommendations. 

 Thanks for mentioning me. Can we see a fan-fic coming from you any time soon? 

It's funny you say that, I have actually been thinking about doing a little something with Rina, a kind of "growing up" story of her when she was part of Olympus and meeting Final Arrow for the first time etc.. a series of random short stories type thing..

Whether anyone would want to read it is a whole other story.... 

You won't know unless you write it. Worst case scenario you still fleshed her backstory. Do you prefer a fan-fic featuring CV characters or fictional characters (EX Superman, Sherlock, etc.) 

 know, but still lol

I tend to prefer CV characters, I like being able to get at their history and it always seems more personal. Saying that though, I also like storys about simple made up characters a lot of Darkchild's are character off the top of his head and sick as they are they are a wonderful read. I have not read a great deal of fictional character ones that impressed me at all, I think I enjoyed some of the Harry Potter ones Methos did years ago, but outside of that no.. I prefer imagination rather than just re writing a known character form comics or film. 

Which CV characters would you like to get a chance to write? 

OH wow, that would be such a huge amount of both fun and pressure!

I would love to write a few people actually, but it would more be my view on their relationship with one of my characters if that makes sense. I have thought of a few stories over the time, but a few stand out in my mind as truly visual or hilarious...

Gambler- though I would struggle to get his accent right, I would love to write a little story bout him and Surreal, a kind of alternate universe love affair or something. I have this whole Memoirs of a geisha thing in my head about it plus he is one of the few characters I feel I know well enough to attempt to write it.

Hesperus - I have this great idea in my head of him babysitting Hudson one day and their adventures, but the whole thing would be from Hudson's POV which would be almost Stewie Griffin style.

Darkchild - He is such a little god moder with his power set, I would love to write a story where Rina kidnaps him and forces him to have a "normal" day with her, stripping them both of powers and heading out into the world to explore humanity as "under powered" people.

Final Arrow - And Chevie.. This would be another alternate universe thing, but I would love to see Chevie all grown up and now a Steampunk Airship pirate, Arrow would attack the ship for the hell of it and they end up going on an adventure and eventually he would fall for her charms... lol

Lady Tlieso - And Lady Redhead on a kind of Thelma and Lousie mission of killing and destruction, but I have this fantastic image in my head of them dancing in a shower of blood...

Dark Huntress - This is really more of Mistress Redheads story, but it would be the story of how DH was conceived, born and given away.

There is more but we would be here all day.... 

What do you think that should be made in order to bring back more attention to this part of the site? 

It's such an overdone thing on the interwebs Fan Fics, and the sites that prosper are ones that focus on actual TV shows.. True Blood, Supernatural etc.. I think what is great (and bad) about CV is that we allow any kind of Fan Fics, its all just stories people have written, which does not automatically attract other users or writers.

Methos was a great one for encouraging users to the Fan Fic section with challenges and tests for them as well as monthly "lets write Superman if he went to Mars" type situations, perhaps more of those are needed? and a lot more advertising for the great work the people do do on there... how that can be done ... idk 
Maybe certain moderator can help us out there ;)   Where do you get your inspiration for writing? 

Sure with anything you guys can think of me doing, I will do it!

I hate this question lol, a lot of it comes from random thoughts or imagery, some of it comes from books or films, ideas will come from a certain scene that would grow into something bigger for the character. I recall using a scene from Evolution for our old team that Sov, Crazy and MR were part of just for the pure fun of writing it out. More often than not though I build on ideas with Arrow, we sit and talk through something that I or he have come up with and either pooh pooh it or grow on it, I work better when I have others to feed off of. I always thought I would be a better script writer than author, working with a team of writers to come up with stories. 
Any last comment you want to say about the fan-fic site or a particular writer? 
I am hoping that user's reading these interviews will begin to see how important the Fan Fic section is and just how much we need to support those that utilise it, I would love to see some collaborations from the RPG gang with the Fan Fic peeps. Outside of that, I just encourage everyone to get in there and start reading the great stories that are being created in there.. and I promise I will only try to poach.. one or two of the Fan Fic'rs for the rpg section.... 
Thanks for this interview 
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Nice interview!

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Awesome interview guys!

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Thanks guys

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OMG I did not see this XD

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You are a rare case. Someone who is as known in the fan-fic part of the site as in the rpg one. How do you balance it out?
There is really no balance to it persay, I simply write in both parts of the site. I love writing for my characters, its something that has grown to be an important part of my life. But i also greatly love coming up with my own ideas and not using preexisting characters or concepts with fanfics, each fanfic I have written was all original. Yeah sometimes they had cliched concepts but each story was original, maybe thats how i balance it. Rpging is something i do using idea's,characters, powers, etc etc from other things, where as Fanfiction is something i come up completely on my own 
What are your personal favorite fan-fics you have written? 
My favorites are Sinner,Affairs of Men: Twice Burned Twice Loved, and Puzzle Box 
And your favorite fan-fics not written by yourself? 
Well duh. Superman The Life and Fall and I cant remember the name but almost every fanfic written by Methos was awesome. 
Appreciate it. Have you ever tried writing a fan-fic of a character that didn't belong to you like Superman or Batman? 
Yeah for a brief time when I first joined I either used or killed characters I liked. I plan on rewriting a few of my favorite characters histories and origins. I just havnt gotten to them, my primary concern is writing Affairs of Men. 
Where do you find your inspiration to write? 
Many times I simply write in the moment, very little inspiration. But there are times that my everyday life has spawned some awesome works. Sinner was inspired by all the bull in life that I have gone through. Up until I met my fiance (again) in life I was a very deeply disturbed person, so many of my works of those times came about because of the dark times. Now my writing is full of actual intelligent thought, or pure fun an humor. Inspiration comes from alot these days or I'm not inspired at all I just write because its fun. 
Who are your favorite writers on this site? And have you learnt anything from reading them? Maybe injecting some of their styles or quaiities into your work? 
Gambler- For his ability to take the smallest ability and intensify it a hundred times. 
Nighthunter-I know may seem to be an ass kisser but screw you, his work allowed me to see how being detailed gets alot of attention. 
I have many more but not enough time to tell them all 
Thanks again for the compliments. What would you recommend to the new fan-ficers when it comes to creating a new fan-fic? Especially one that is revolving around new characters created by them 
before i answer the new question want to add onto the last one thought of some more while i was out 
Final Arrow-His ability to show pure terror and at times a father side, shows pure emotion rather than action. It made for quite an interesting tutor when i first began writing in the big leagues. 
Dark Huntress-Story Driven writing, her writing brought me back into the position of the old times i used to write in 
now for new question 
Well it really all revolves around keeping to your story. If your thrown an awesome attack that would hurt even the biggest powerhouses, take it survive it sure but take it an show it. Give detail, detail, detail DETAIL. Alot of what is so intriguing about new writers like Primmaster is his attention to detail. I know hes not new but hes new for me, but i love what Ive seen because of his detail. 
I also suggest reading posts from people who came before you, it will allow for an easier transition into the new area. If your primary writing zone is fanfics realize that their are not alot of differences, but these differences are key. Pay attention to the golden rules and you will be fine, just remember bring the same caliber of writing that you would perform in a fanfic into a rpg.  
I know that you prefer writing your own new characters outside the ones of the vine or comics. Is it because of the freedom it presents? 
Yes and No 
Yes-Because it allows for a more fluid ability to writing, if I dont need to remember certain things that have already happened with a character making a fanfic or a rpg post is almost always incredibly easy to write. And I can make a post and not have to worry too much about the long term consequences of their actions, but this also hinders it. 
No- Because I enjoy thouroghly using or perfecting  a characters life a bit more. I enjoy using other characters, like my Reboot thread that I was doing for a while. I enjoyed taking a character that is already known an giving them a new take. I did this for Wando, Nova and Drifter an gave them some awesome takes on their already well known characters. 
It all depends sometimes I like doing one or the other hell I even enjoy doing both sometimes in posts. It all depends on how comfortable I am with the character on if I will work with them or not. 
What is your dream comic character to write? 
As in my dream paid job? Aquaman, Id love to bring him back to the kind of stories he was represented in during the 90's. Those stories are dear to my heart and always echo some epic ideas within my mind. I try to make some connections little itty bitty ones to those stories in someway. My favorite issue was issu 0 I believe it was where he lost his hand, he had to dive his hand into a mutant piranha infested water. Coming back up with a bloody skeleton of a hand, it was a trippy scene. And it always echoes in my mind, I want to top what was done in that volume of Aquaman. 
So if I ever become a comic book writer of any caliber I wish to work on Aquaman. (ps Im naming my first born after Aquaman lol. His middle name will be Orin lol.) 
You just doomed your son lol. Thanks for this interview 
He will be the king of atlantis i swear it!!!! 
No prob enjoyed it 
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Primmaster writes fan fics?

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@primepower53: totally meant to write ur name there lmao. i was incredibly tired with each of these replies lol
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That's what I thought. I was just teasing =P. I didn't know you read my stuff! That's awesome! :D


Oh yeah great interview guys!

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