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Friday's Gricnhmas Carol!, Part 2: Scrooge's Last Minute Xmas Shop

"Come one, come all!" yelled Friday. "Because if one is coming, da rest might as well come, too!"

Friday and Homer have just opened "SCROOGE'S LAST MINUTE XMAS SHOP".

"Santa Fri is here!" announced Fr... uh, Santa Fri. "And so is Home-Dog the Black-Eyed Reindeer!"

"Black-Eyed?" asked Homer.

Suddenly, Friday punched Homer hard in the eye, giving him a black eye.

"Oh.... I get it..." said Homer.

"Hey!" said Tsheepo, the local cheapskate. "Only I can sssshell crappy itemssshh for inssshhane pricessshhh!"

"What?" chuckled Friday.

"I ssssshhhhhaid....." sssshtarted started Tsheepo.

"I don't care what you sssssssshhhaid!" yelled Friday. "Get lost!"

"Take a chill pill, Doctor Phil!" yelled Homer. "It's Christmas/Hanukkah/Quanza!"

"Actually, I sssshhhhelebrate Cheddartoly..." mumbled Tsheepo.

"What the heck is that?" asked Friday.

"A holiday my dad made up to advertise hisssssh company." answered Tsheepo.

"Okay....." mumbled Homer.

"NOW GET LOST!!!" shouted Friday.

Tsheepo left the store, mumbling some curse words/mispronouncing them.

As Tsheepo left, Monday entered.

"What the Naughty List is going on here?" asked Monday. "This kid at the daycare I was volunteering at had a 'toy' that was real a stapler duct taped to a box of matches duct taped to a rabid raccoon! He said his mom got it from Scrooge's Last Minute Xmas Shop."

"Yes, we ARE doing fine this Christmas Eve, thank you very much." replied Friday. "And, YES, I will go out with your ex-girlfriend you just broke up with. Oh, wait, I already am...."

"Friday, seriously, I mean, you're a good cousin and all, but you're a HORRIBLE PERSON!" yelled Monday.

"Lecture, lecture, LECTURE!" groaned Friday.

"Oh, and, uh.... what was that last one?" asked Monday.

"Lecture?" asked Friday.

"No... it was something about my ex-girlfriend...." said Monday.

"You mean Liz?" asked Friday. "We're just friends.... um... MONDAY, HOMER. HOMER, MONDAY. You guys are getting along good so far! 'Kay, bye!"

Friday rushed out of the store.

"Heh... Friday's so wacky around the holiday season!" giggled Homer.


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