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Friendly Advice From Friday!

'Kay, ya trilobites, it's that time again!

That time again!

Shut up!


So, let's open some spammin' lettaz!


Shut it!

No, you shut it!

Great, so not only did my girlfriend break up with me then steal my car today, but Homer's just decidin' to be a big butt-cheek today!


Now that I've insulted Homer (which I do daily hourly) it's time to get to the advice portion of the day!

Okay, this is fromThespideyguy. "Dear Friday,I need some advice. I have writers block on my fan fictions and need Friday's advice."

Tell him I said "hi"!

No! Now go in your tiny doggy house and think about what you've just done!

Aw, man, I hate doin' that!


Call me a butt-cheek.... you're the butt-cheek!

I heard that! Get! Shoo, shoo! SHOO! Bad doggy!

Anyway, listen, Spider-Guy, I think you should you just go read some other fan foopshins or whatever to get more ideas or to just pass the time until you get ideas.

Okay, seeya, ya Fri-Faces, Fri-Hards, and just plain Fri-Freaks!

And Homer-Faces and Homer-Hard Freaks and.... what did you say, Friday?



Well, see you guys later. And do NOT forget to send in letters for the next ish!

Friday Daycare

"How are things goin', Home-Dog?" asked Friday, as he and Homer lounged in the hot tub in Monday's backyard.

"Well.... crappy." answered Homer. "And shouldn't we get out of here before Monday sees we're in his hot tub at midnight?"

"Well, what would you rather do?" started Friday. "Sit in my cousin's hot tub without his permission while he's asleep or go home and get fatter then we already are?"

"Um.... what?" asked Homer.

"Nothing, Captain Fatty....." mumbled Friday.

"Well, the thing is..." grumbled Homer. "...my step-sons are always so annoying and me and Sheila never get a date night!"

"Marrying people is always crappy." said Friday. "Like a horror movie starring teenage actors.... like Disney shows.... like your face looks whenever I drink too much pickle juice.... heh heh.... pickle juice...."

"Um.... well, can you help me out?" asked Homer. "You know, babysit?"

"So...." Friday said. "Daycare?"

"Not really..." started Homer.

"NEVER!!!!!" screamed Friday, jumping out of the hot tub quickly.

"What?" Monday yelled from inside. "Who's out there?"

"Run!" whispered Friday.

"But your shorts fell off when you jumped out of the hot tub!" said Homer. "You're as naked as that prince guy I saw in the news was!"

"Shut up and run!" said Friday. "Public nudity ain't important no more!"


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