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Hey, Freekwads, Fri-Hards, and Fridanimals!

Welcome to a day in the life of Friday!

I'm your host! My name, you ask? Well, it's Ol' Can Face!

See that guy fighting them thugs?

That's Friday.

Those thugs are the Outkasts. By now, Friday would've kicked their faces in, but today, these nutcases have some tricks up their sleeves!

But that's kind of strange, because today they're all wearing those sleeveless jerseys.

"Take that, Moron!" yelled Friday, punching an Outkast in the face,

Friday lives in a trashy place called "Manner Manor". It's the world's worst hotel.

Manner Manor is located on an even trashier street called Southpaw Avenue.

Well, either way, back to our story.

"Bwahahaha!" laughed the Outkasts' leader, who's name struck fear into many, MANY people... and that name is --- Pinky.

"The coin chooses yer fate" said Crayola, one of Pinky's thugs, grimly.

Pinky flipped the coin dramatically.

When it landed, it was on the burnt up side.

"YOU'RE ON MY BAD SIDE!" laughed Pinky.

Some Outkasts grabbed Friday and strapped him into a chair.

"HAHAHAH!!!" laughed Pinky, as he pulled out his brand new UPCHUCKER-brand chainsaw. "UPCHUCKER! The angel of death!"

Pinky was about to saw Friday in half when Friday leaned backwards in his chair. So instead of cutting Friday Pinky simply cut the ropes that kept Friday tied to the chair.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk..." said Friday, trying his best not to start laughing like a maniac "Yer typical American serial killer."

Friday kicked Pinky in his stomach as hard as physically possible.

With Pinky knocked out from the hard kick to the gut, Friday was able to easily fight off the rest of the Outkasts without any trouble.

And that finishes our story, Fri-Faces, Outkastos, and Fri-zannos!

Tha end!

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@thespideyguy said:



#2 will have a giant dog in it.

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I saw that Friday part 3 was up, so came to investigate it from the start...and I have no idea what I just read.

Is it obvious or is it aimed at a lower age bracket than myself? Because I didn't get it, and it made very little sense to me! Sorry , didn't like this, mainly because I didn't understand what the hell was going on!

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@batkevin74: That's okay.