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"Its been several days since Geonosis was secured, the deaths of their Queen and Pogle the Lesser crushed their moral crippling their army, can't say they put up much of a fight after that, still its good to be back on Coruscant. " John thinking about recent events, suddenly hears a female voice and turns around.

"Hey there tough guy. " Ahsoka walking up to John.

"Hey, you look pretty good after being blown up, whats with the new get up? " He teases her slightly.

"I thought id be a nice change, my old outfit didn't give me much protection and it got torn up pretty bad, you like it? " She teases him back while spinning to show her new clothes. Its open on the back, her sleeves are long with open square shaped holes on sides, they're connected with clone gauntlets and fingerless gloves. Her legs follow much the same pattern.

"Its quiet eh fetching. " He blushes and tries to answer her without showing it.

"So where are you off to? " She asks him.

"I'm off to go see Master Yoda, it's about time I find out what I really am, even as a kid I was already stronger than a veteran Alliance soldier, I always thought it was because of my connection to the Force, but its been proven that the Force doesn't give you super strength and a healing factor. " He responds to her in a sad tone.

"I'm sure Master Yoda will answer all your questions, hes the nicest Jedi in galaxy and hes got no reason to lie to you. " She tries to reassure him.

"Thanks for the pep talk Snips. " He says it with a smile on his face as he enters the elevator. As he approaches the Councin Chamber he nervously tries to decide how to approach Master Yoda, his time is cut short as the elevator quickly arrives and he exits it. He immediately notices that only Palpatine and Yoda are in the room.

"Chancelor Palpatine himself, what is he doing here, still I better make a good first impression on him, I have to be careful about what I say, I can't let a politician like him to know anything more about me than he needs to. " John thinking to himself as he slowly approaches them both, he makes a surprised look on his face just to throw the Chancelor off.

"Oh so this must be the promising new Padawan, it is a pleasure to meet you my boy. " He sais it a very soft voice with a big smile on his face, he extends his arm for a handshake.

"Do not trust him, he may seem like a nice old man, but his very presence forced me to contact you. " Revan talking to John in his mind.

"Can you read his thoughts? " John asks him.

"No and I wont, if he really is as dangerous as I think he is, he may be able to detect my presence if try to do anything to him, play along for now. " Revan giving John a foreboding warning.

John extends his hand and makes an equally big smile on his face. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well Chancelor, ive heard great thing about you from Master Skywalker. " He says it in a very excited voice as they shake each others hands.

"Well I should leave you two to discuss private matters, once a again a pleasure to meet you my boy. " Palpatine once again says it in a very soft and kind voice as he leaves the room.

"Now then Padawan, what did you wish to.... " Yoda trying to start a conversation but Revan interrupts them.

"Dont speak openly here, it might not be safe here, I will let you speak through me but don't let anyone watching in on it. " Revan instructing both of them.

The two of them sit and make small talk out loud while the real conversation is going on through the Force.

"I'm sorry about this Master Yoda, Revan doesnt trust the Chancelor and niether do I, so we better keep my predicament a secret. "

"Understand I do how he feels, you wish to discuss what happened on Geonosis. " Yoda curiously asking John.

"On Geonosis, Durge called me a Xel Nāga while the Queen called me an Old One, what does that me, who or what am I? " John frantically trying to get the answers out of Yoda, he calms down when he remembers he can't let anyone know whats going on. "Im sorry, please tell me. " He tries once again in quiet soft voice.

"15 years ago a massive tragedy befell the species known as the Xel Nāga, they were not with your Council but they were not our enemies either, all of our knowledge of them was lost with their destruction, sorry I truly am, help you I cannot. " Yoda says it in a very quiet and sad voice, he cant even look John in the eyes.

"I....thank you anyway, I suppose Il just have to find out by myself. " He gets off his chair and quietly exits the room.

"DAMN IT! "He yells as he punches the metal in the elevator causing a dent in it. As he exits the elevator he sees Ahsoka, before she can even ask him whats wrong he rushes past her and heads for the library. There he meets with Jocasta Nu the Chief Librarian, an elderly looking woman with a soft voice and hair tied in a large knot. He calms down before speaking to her.

"Grettings, welcome to the Jedi Archives Padawan, how may I help you? "She makes a large smile on her face and he immediately takes a liking to her.

"I was wondering do you have the history a detailed record of the history of the Republic and the Outer territories? "

"Yes of course, if you would please follow me, may I ask what you need it for? " She curiously asks him.

"Just out of curiosity. " He non shalantly answers her. They both walk to one of the many terminals in the Archives.

"Oh im sorry, I don't know how to use one of these, can you please show me? " He quietly asks her, pretending that the other Jedi don't hear him. "Of course, just please give me a moment. " She quietly answers him and begins to enter the access code to the terminal. He closely watches her and downloads the information on his omni tool as well as the codes.

"There, you can now use the terminal. " She tells him in a soft voice with another smile on her face and moves to attend to others.

John pretends to sit there for a few hours just to make her believe that he was actually researching, he gets tired and turns off the terminal. He hides behind a large gap in the wall and begins reading about the Xel Naga, he discovers that there are only 3 pages of information and nothing relevant to his situation.

"DAMN IT! " He angrily whispers it to himself, he then leans back against the wall and places his palm on his face.

"Whats wrong? " A female voice asks him, he turns to find Ahsoka standing next to him.

"Sit down, its a long story." He quietly responds to her, she complies and they start talking.

To be continued.....