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Bucharest 23rd April 2013

''A few now my real identity.Who I am,what I am.I am basically the thing parents tell their little kids to scare them or to show them the real baddies.I was once just a mere experiment that was the monster everybody thought I was.But with time people change and with so much time that has passed I dare to say that I am part human now.I became more human than I ever thought I could be.''

Frankenstein wearing a black robe is walking the streets of Bucharest during the night.The city is all lighted up.A beautiful modern city.Not many people on the streets but for the late hour it is a lot.

''I have been here a lot of times.And every time I walk away from here with some injury.Since the madness around me passed and people have been peaceful and never cared for the things that walk the nights,I became part of them.But I never was and I will never be like them.So I became a person of my own.To keep them sane and keep them away from the truth about the night I became something like a dark protector.I have been killing creatures like me for too long to remember.''

Frankenstein enters a pub.He looks around and finds his people.The people that he was searching for were looking like some street thugs.They looked like they haven't shaved for months,they were wearing ripped jeans,leather jackets and looked like guys that are on drugs.
Those were the people Frank was looking for.

He went close to their table,looked around and sit next to them.They of course looked at him like he was some kind of a freak.He was sitting on their table.

Thug:Who do you think you are wise guy?*

:Shut up and just give me what I want!

One of the guys standed up.He took out a knife and tried to stab Frank but Frank dodged it.He punched his hand in a way that the thug just dropped the knife.And then he pushed him away.Frank sat down again like nothing happened and just wanted to continue the thing he was there for.

Frankenstein:I heard there were some missing people these days.What do you know about them?

Thug:Well the bands have nothing to do with it.We have been keeping an eye on each other but nothing strange has happened.I think that no person can do what was done.

Frankenstein:Was the blood all sucked out?Was there a dark figure near the crime scene?

Thug:All of the blood of all 16 bodies was gone.Like in the human body was never blood.It was all strange.As for the dark figure,nobody has seen anything like it.

Frankenstein:Thanks for the info and you can tell your friend not to piss his pants and sit back on the table.I am gone.

Frankenstein walked out of the pub and got into a taxi.The toxi stopped in front of a hotel which Frank entered.He got on the third floor where was his room.He took his clothes off and you could see all the stitches and different parts of different person's body.He took a shower and afterwards he got to bed.He lied down peacefullly and put his hands behind his head,lookead at the ceiling,took a deep breath and said:

Frankenstein:Looks like I am again after Dracula.

TO BE CONTINUED....................................

* - Translated from Romanian

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Interesting, but a lot of errors in the grammar and spelling. Also, Frankenstein's the name of the doctor, not the monster. Still, pretty cool. I was wondering why no one was frightened by him.

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@awesam said:

Interesting, but a lot of errors in the grammar and spelling. Also, Frankenstein's the name of the doctor, not the monster. Still, pretty cool. I was wondering why no one was frightened by him.

You'll see why he is using the name Frankenstein.And why nobody is frightened by him.

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Try to break up the wording next time, So put spaces between the full-stops as it bunches up.

Apart from that good job!@tdk_1997:

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