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07/11/131st Issue Special #2Flash: Color Me Humiliated(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
RatingRating explanation
ESuitable for everyone.
Last Issue: Supergirl: Enter: Shahara-Zod
Intro:So far, my total output on the Fan-Fic forum has been in the Character Creation Contest. I want to share some of the stuff I've written there with the larger FF forum. I consider this one a failure, because I forgot to add an original character to the mix. But as a Flash scene, it's not completely awful. Let me know what you think.

Contest details:

Contest #DateThemeMax Words AllowedMy WordsTotal % of contest wordsVotesTotal % of VoteOverall Placement
94/22/13Orange-ish83456520.1%318.7%3rd (of 5)
~batkevin74's challenge:

There are several conditions, hurdles and criteria involved in this competiton (nothing too hard)

* Your character has to be orange. Whether its an orange cape, orange hair, has a pet orangutan, drinks Tang, was bitten by a radioactive orange; there has to be an orange element to your creation...Orange NSW, Orange County, orange you glad I put this condition in :)

* Within your story you have to use these three words:

Perspicacity (The acuteness of perception, discernment, or understanding; intelligence manifested by being astute; the capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions)

Tundra (A treeless area between the icecap and the tree line of Arctic regions, having a permanently frozen subsoil and supporting low-growing vegetation such as lichens, mosses, and stunted shrubs)

Quark (Any of a group of six elementary particles having electric charges of a magnitude one-third or two-thirds that of the electron, regarded as constituents of all hadrons, thought to be fundamental units of all baryons and mesons but unable to exist in isolation)

And the story...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash: Color Me Humiliated~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Do you prefer quirks or quarks?”

“Quarks. They're science. Science is knowable. Quirks make people unpredictable.”

“Tundra or Tundro?”

“Oh, no question, Tundro. He's a triceratops with eight legs and a horn that shoots fireballs. What's not to like? Might be best to strand him in the tundra though.”

“Favorite word?”


“Perspiwhatnow? I can't even say that word.”

“Exactly. That's why I like it. You can't say it.”

“I'm tired of this game.”

“I'm tired of being orange, but I'm not complaining.”

“Bivolvo won't budge, huh?”

“When the Rainbow Raider says he's going to turn you orange, you should believe him.” Flash furrowed his brows, looking at his reflection in the passenger side mirror, still disturbed that he couldn’t see his own reflection, even if it was orange. The change had made him blind to the color orange, so he couldn’t risk moving at super speed, for fear of what he wouldn’t see. He might accidentally plow through a road worker on stop sign duty, or get tripped by traffic cones, or any number of stupid things the Rogues might come up with, to try to use his orange handicap against him. “I think he was just happy his plan worked for once.”

“Wouldn’t you be?” asked Robin. “The guy’s a few party bulbs short of being Doctor Spectro. He does have a sizeable Internet fanbase though – The Rainbow Ravers.” Tim Drake was wheeling the Redbird towards S.T.A.R. Labs, where Cyborg and Emil Hamilton were waiting, hopefully with some ideas on what to do for Flash. Batman was sidetracked with Clayface’s war on “Eel” O’brien, and Nightwing was out of town, tracking down Magpie, of all people. The JLA teleporters were out of commission since Nero attacked the moon, so pretty simply, Wally West needed a ride, and Tim Drake was one of the only heroes he knew who had bothered to get a license.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I am, but you weren’t sure of it.” Tim grinned. “We’re here. Orange you going to go inside?”

Wally shook his head, as he stepped out of the car. “That the best you’ve got? Grayson’s wit did not come with the costume, I see.”

“Hey, you could’ve had Beast Boy for this trip!” Robin said through the car window. “You two would’ve gone together like peas and carrots!”

Wally groaned. “Terrible. Just terrible.” As he started towards the building, he muttered, “I hope Cyborg and Hamilton have something for me.”

The Redbird honked as it pulled away from the curb. “Later, Carrot Top!” hollered Robin.

West waved over his shoulder. “Never heard that one before,” he sighed, as he ran his orange fingers through his hair.

The desk clerk only gave him one funny look, then recovered himself, and became once again the jaded guard that had seen all manner of super beings pass through the lobby of S.T.A.R. Labs. He was escorted up to Doctor Hamilton’s lab, where Cyborg called out, “Wally!” and waved him over, chuckling only once as he got close.

“What? You got something for me too, buckethead? I figured the way you call Gar ‘Salad Head’ all the time, you’d have something better than Tim’s trys by now.”

Victor Stone winced, and said, “Yeah, that boy can not deliver a punchline. Anyway, my favorite nickname for Gar is ‘Green Genes,’ but it’s true, man: nothing rhymes with ‘orange.’ Sorry to disappoint.”

Next Issue: Batman: Terrible Sadness
Please let me know what you think, and thanks! -cb
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...I think that I like yours better. It`s lighthearted, fun and in a way, it has Rainbow raider. Also, you totally came up with the same idea that I did. Clayface vs. Plastic man. Cool, huh?

Anyway, one vote for cbishop.

cbishop has my vote! loved the beginning to it reminds me of things me and my friends do on car tripsGanthetsward20
[Voting for] @cbishoplykopis

Thanks for stopping in! :^D