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Firefly Fan-fic': Toto -Season 1: Episode 1: Pilot (Prt 1)

"Dorthy," The captain shouted from the hall startling the ginger piolt.

"God in heav'n, Cap'n," Dorthy squealed holding her chest, "Don' ya know it bad luck to sneak up a woman while she sleeps?"

"You're not supposed to be sleeping," Captain El snapped, "You're supposed to be getting us to Dyton so we can sell the cargo to the Wicked Witch."

Dorthy snickered, "Nice refrence."

"Thought you might like that," the captain smirked, "Now get us there."

"Right, Cap'n," the girl said placing a hand above her red eyebrow in a mock salute.

The captain rolled her eyes and turned on her heels to head out. She found her son in the hallway, two bowls of something wrather lumpy in his hands, "What's that you got there?"

Calvin seemed to redden ever so slightly, "I made breakfast and I had an extra bowl so I thought-"

She walked up to him and took the bowl from his hands, "You'd make your mother breakfast, how sweet of you."

He pushed past her, the one bowl he had left in his hands, "Yeah whatever, Ma'am."

Calvin entered the nav-room, crossing to the second seat. Dorthy glanced up from her consoles and gave him a brief smile, "早晨, 帥氣的大男孩, is that for me?"

Calvin scratched his head and handed over the bowl, "Yeah well, I'd some extra in the ketchen and I thought- maybe- you'd like-"

"Yes!" The green-eyed girl said snatching th bowl, "I'm starvin'!"

Calvin smiled nervously, "Well, I, uh, I guess I should go check on the cargo."

Dorthy smiled brightly at him behind a row of straight white teeth, "Alrighty, I'll be here if'n you need me."

Calvin stood, "Shiny."

The girl watched him go, keeping her eyes just below the bottom of his browncoat, then turned to the bowl in her hands. She smiled and dumped the bowl in the trash, "Oh, Calvin. Yer lucky yer cute 'cause ya can't cook worth a damn."


A few miles out, in the cold blackness of space sat a two man ship, watching as the Toto drifted by. The two men studied every inch of it as if it where an unopened present on christams eve. The two men where twins, they where also pirates known far and wide as the Roger Brothers.

One turned to the other, "That it, Justin."

Justin reached over and typed something into the onboard computer, "The 'junk-ship' Toto is hereby wanted by Union of Allied Planets for the theft of-"

"Aw'right, Aw'right," his brother snapped, "I get it."

"You asked, Mike," Justin said straight faced.

"Well if we know thats the ship what are we waiting for?" Mike asked.

"The right moment," Justin replied, "Just wait."


"Cap'n," Dorthy flipped the com on.

"What, Dorthy?" Captain El snapped back, "I don't believe we're close to Dyton yet, kid."

"No Cap'n," Dorthy agreed, "But we may have a problem here."

Every inch of space out side the windshield was coated in a deep purple dust and in space, traveling at fast speeds a spec of dust meant death. The whole crew had turned up to see the problem that had so worried Dorthy, most where now speachless, expecpt for Calvin.

"What's the problem," Calvin frowned, "Can't we just go around?"

"No, Idiot," The captain snapped, "It doesn't show up on our radars, we won't be able to se how far it goes." She turned to the young woman sitting at the controlls, "Our only choice it to go through it, just travel slowly."

"But Cap'n," Dorthy gasped, "If one of those specs is going faster than us-"

"Game over," Mech breathed.

"We don't have much choice," the captain snapped, "If we don't get this cargo off our ship in a now like fashion the Wicked Witch'll have our heads. Or worse?"

Calvin frowned, "What could be worse than Mrs. Green?"

The captain took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, "The Alliance."


Justin looked to his brother with a smile, "Now would be the perfect moment."

Mike smiled, "Good thing we knew 'bout that dust storm."

Justin gave his brother a dark look, "Just get it in gear and get us over there before they damage themselves."


Dorthy pushed the nose of her ship ever so gently into the dust. It seemed to bounce off the ship, but even still, she wasn't to fond of the idea of pushing through this cloud. It didn't help her any that Calvin was nervously paceing behind her.

"Calvin," she said to no answer, "Calvin! 愚蠢的男孩, 你造成分心."

"What?" Calvin said dumbly, "What happened?"

"I said get out you're causing a distraction, I need to-" Dorthy was cut off when the enigines locked, everything but life support shuting down, "The hell was that?"

The inship com activated again spouting forth an annoyingly high pitched voice, "Good morning, Toto and crew. My name's Mike Roger and I'll be your new pilot for the evening." Witht that the ship seemed to kick itself backwards draggin the nose from the storm ahead. "Now," the irratating voice came back, "If y'all will just sit tight for five minuetes my brother Justin will be down shortly to liberate you of your so called cargo."