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Hello guys and ladies! Today I got an interview of with AWESOME

P_W: What are your some of your current/recent projects?

josh: I'm Currently in the middle of 2 Marvel Iron Age projects and Hungry for Horror Inc. I have some other things going but they're on hold for now.

P_W: Are you a DC or Marvel kind of guy?

josh: I tend to like them both but I probably know more about Marvel

P_W: Who is your favorite character? Why?

josh: Hulk, For one, its nostalgia. My dad introduced me to the character with Reruns of the old Bill Bixby show and I learned to read from Hulk comics. Plus I've always liked the nature of the character, Bruce Banner being a small guy who turned into a huge monster if you tried to push him around always appealed to me since I was always the small guy in the room.

P_W: Who has been your favorite character to write thus far?

josh: Of my own characters My personal favorite is Creed 7, don't know if he's my best but he's the one I like the most

P_W: Can you tell some of us less informed fellows a little bit about Creed 7?

josh: Well he's an altered clone of Sabertooth made by Mr. Sinister in Marvel Iron Age. He's a genius despite being created for the sole purpose of being a hunter and killer. Basically he's rebelling against his creator and trying to become a real person in the process. He's not really a relatable character but that's pretty much the whole point of him. He doesn't relate to his fellow Creeds because he's a free thinker, and he doesn't relate to people because he's never even seen himself as one until relatively recently.

P_W: Alright, hypothetical situation, If some Marvel execs where to bust down your door and be like "Write us a story!!" Who would the story be about?

josh: That's actually a hard question, Obviously I'd love to do Hulk or Spiderman but on the other hand It would be great to take a lesser known character and turn them into a star, so I'd probably go with a character where I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted without having to worry about ruining their image like the Great Lakes Avengers or New Warriors

P_W: Do you read alot of the Fic's on the board?

josh: I do read quite a few tho I don't comment as much as I should.

P_W: Who are some of your favorite Ficr's?

and are my favorites both are way better than me.

P_W: To quote The Poet who quoted CaFanboy "Cap usually asks the people he interviews "'Why should someone visit the Fan-Fic board?'". I like this question because it gives the reader insight into the thought processes of the person who is being interviewed." I also like this question... So, if you could stand in front of a group of people and attempt convince them to take a look what would you say?

josh: Some of the fics on here are professional quality, I don't know exactly how I'd convince someone who had a preexisting prejudice against fan fics but for the open minded I'd just say you never know where you'll find a great story so you should give everything at least one shot. I honestly shouldn't be the spokesman for fan fics tho considering that I, to quote my wife, couldn't sell water to a burning man. I just don't have a gift for it.

P_W: Is there anything you wan't to say to some of your readers and/or fellow Ficr's?

josh: Yes, Thank you for reading. If you like it let me know, if not please let me know why so I can improve. I do like the positive feedback but I'm also willing to accept constructive criticism when its needed.

P_W: Alright, Thanks for the interview.

josh: No problem


can one of you please add this to the thingy-majig.... thing?

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Wow,josh,you are in the 1% that likes Hulk as me and some others.|I request a brofist.

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Pretty cool. ^_^ Creed 7 sounds pretty interesting, too.

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@Joygirl: Thank you!

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@Project_Worm: Nice :)

@Joygirl: Yeah he's pretty cool

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@Project_Worm: Good interview, makes me almost sound interesting which is an impressive feat. Great job man.

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@Project_Worm: @joshmightbe: cool interview.

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@Project_Worm: Good interview, makes me almost sound interesting which is an impressive feat. Great job man.

Don't sell yourself short. You have interesting ideas. I ran across one tonight about the sewer dwelling TMNT winding up in the sewers with the Marauders, during The Mutant Massacre storyline. Awesome idea. I have yet to actually delve into your writing - I've only browsed a few of your "pitch" threads, where you tried to get someone else to write your ideas. That said, I think you get a little overambitious, throwing way too many characters or groups into one story. If you can pull it off, however (and I'll let you know what I think once I read the stories), I'll be the first to call you a freakin' genius. ;)