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So a while back, we did some interviews with writers of the Fan-Fiction section done by myself, CapFanboy and one by Project_Worm. I have decided to continue these interviews and first up is @spideyivydaredevilfan26!

Poet: Before I could even push "Compose" to send a pm I got a message titled "Hi! Interview..." which tells you exactly how excited SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 was for this interview!

SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: Heard you wanted to interview me...Can we get started?

Alright! I was just about to message you. saves me work :D

What would you say first drew you to Comic Vine? How did you find this site?

I was honestly just searching battle ideas like Jason v.s Predator. I saw that Battles were only one of the forum topics here, and I did a little exploring. Read a few Fan-Fics (This site was actually my first introduction to fan-fiction), as well as some other nice little threads, and decided to make an account.

So, how did you go from reading fan fiction to actually participating (to be among the top posters in this section of the site)?

I guess it's kind of a mixture of jealousy and a drive to get my stories out into the world. I feel lots of users have become legendary on this site for fan-fics, and I wanted to really be a part of the club. Whenever I'm watching TV or film, if an idea is really good, or sometimes really bad, I'll sit back and just think. "Wow...I really wish I could work on something like this." Fan-fic is an outlet to really fulfill that desire without an enormous budget.

What would you say is a story you are most proud of?

I feel like My The Wolf-Man screenplay for HORROR INC. would definitely be the project I'm most proud of. It's the one with the most positive responses, it's the one I worked the hardest on and it's the one that when I read I feel there's the fewest flaws. The only real rips I got were that it was...Well, a screenplay. That was a sacrifice that I was willing to take, and if that is the biggest flaw of it, I really feel successful.

Why did you decide to write a screen play when you did Wolfman?

After watching the remake and original. Both are some of my all-time favorite movies, and I always wondered if they could be even better. So, I started off with a simple fan-cast, and that developed into the idea for a screenplay. Horror Inc gave me the opportunity to work on the project, and I grabbed it right away. Been considering doing other screenplay's as well. I really hated the Ghost Rider movie, so I may do my own screenplay of that. Remaking the 1959 Mummy has also been another idea. Also been considering doing an original found footage screenplay involving mischievous teens and terrifying werewolves, but for now it's just an idea. God, I have so many ideas spinning in my head it would take a while to go through them all. I think the fans will be responsible for helping me find out which one I will actually get started on.

What do you think is your biggest challenge as a writer? and, on the other side of the spectrum I want to follow up with, what is your biggest joy as a writer?

I think my biggest challenge is appealing to an audience who may not have the same taste. I take inspiration from lots of work that other people may not really like or even despise. So generally, I try to advertise my work to people with similar taste to avoid bashing. My greatest joy is writing something that people remember. My all-time favorite comment was a comment from @bumpyboo, one of the best users to stumble upon CV, who said that she "filled up" reading the end to my story and that it was "vivid and beautiful". I swear, I almost cried tears of joy. Nothing feels better than creating something that resonates with people, and it truly is an honor to have the will it takes to write these.

We have a little tradition going in these interviews to ask one question: Why should other people visit, comment or possibly even write in the Fan-Fic section? You mentioned that one of the reasons why you created your CV account was reading stuff in this section, so why is this section important? why should people come to this section?

I believe it's important because it allows fans to live out the scenarios they never got to see in a comic book, or a film, or a book. Psycho and Doomhound probably aren't gonna be big DC Characters 10 years from now. Elijah Wood will probably never be cast as Lawrence Talbot. Spider-Man will probably never team up with Poison Ivy. But in the world of Fan-Fic, none of that matters. I think a really great fan Fic can really bring hope to a fan community by proving there is still creativity out there, and that is why this section is so i portent to the site.

In your Wolfman script and in your other stories, what would you say is the character or characters you had the most fun to write?

Oh that's impossible to pick. I'd probably say that the relationship of Gwen and Lawrence was really fun to write in The Wolf-Man, but choosing what my favorite character was all-together is tough. Psycho's very fun to write, but was also pretty hard to write as well, and sometimes I would get a little lazy with him. Working on improving that. Doomhound was REALLY fun to write, if any of my characters were ever to make it into a DC Animated Series, Doomhound would be the one. So probably the pairing of Gwen and Lawrence or Doomhound.

Out of sheer curiosity, who was yours? To read, I mean?

I think I'd pick Gwen Conliffe. Of everyone, I think she gets the most emotion put into her lines (that makes sense given what she has to go through in that particular story).

What is something you think people should take away your stories? If you could place an idea or concept into the minds of your readers what would inspire them to do/think?

I think all of my stories basically tell the story of people with tortured pasts or unfortunate origins, but it is our actions that can separate ourselves from the evil and the cruelty around us. Whether that's Doomhound separating himself from his origins and curse by using it to help people and by turning on Sinestro, or Lawrence by confronting his father and being a good person, nobody is beyond redemption. A lot of my stories are meant to be packed with larger themes, almost all of them, but that is the consistent one that has made it into everyone of my works.

What are you writing currently? What is your latest work?

I'm working on a DC/Marvel crossover called Gotham City 21. Basically, a cosmic collision brings the DC and Marvel Universes together. A four way alliance of Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Dr Doom and Kingpin take advantage of this and create an all-powerful regime that dominates the world and kills most heroes. A team consisting of some (but not all) of the surviving heroes including but not limited to Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and Captain America as well as reformed villains like but not limited to Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, Gorilla Grodd and Bane form a resistance/team called the Gotham City 21. I've gotten great feedback so far, which is really reassuring. The projects been in development hell for a while. Partly because it was so long and partly because I just didn't have the talent before. I think after writing my Wolf-Man screenplay I'm ready to take on this project.

I want to steer the subject away from Fan-Fiction so we can talk about comics. What kind of comics do you like to read/have read? Have any absolute favorites?

I really love villain change of heart stories, as long as they make sense. Whether it's Gotham City Sirens/Amazonian Rainforest for Poison Ivy or Secret Six/Suicide Squad for Bane, or Lethal Protector for Venom. These allow us to see that these universes aren't black and white, making well developed characters even more developed. My faves would probably be Lethal Protector, Gotham City Sirens and The Other. As for my least favorite..Well, I think this little review explains it all. Still not sure what Joygirl would think of it haha. :)

Why did you pick the user name SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26?

Oh yeah, I definitely regret picking that name haha. 26 was always my favorite number. I made my account at a time where one of my favorite athletes was Clinton Portis, who wore the number 26. And, as most know, Spider-Man/Poison Ivy and Daredevil are some of my fave characters. Well, I actually like Venom a lot more than Daredevil now which makes things kind of awkward. :)

Two more questions: Is there anything you want to share that readers should know about you? and finally, if you could have any superpower, what you have and what would you do with it?

Well, umm....I'm a huge fan of the Star Wars prequels, that's pretty unique for the internet haha. If I could have any superpower it would be enhances Doomsday like endurance/durability or a Sinestro Corps Rong. And naturally, I'd probably be a superhero. If you've ever seen ponceman's Hey Bro Am I A Superhero? Video on YouTube that pretty much sums up what I'd be like with superpowers. Now if you excuse me, I have to fight some trolls who hate me because I like the prequels...TO BATTLE MY MEN!!

While SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 battles trolls, I would like take the time to thank him for his patience and for taking the time to talk with me.

Stay tuned! We have more Fic'r Interviews comings up!

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Awesome interview! Hmm... I hope I get the superpower question... I have a pretty strange answer...

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Cool interview :)

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This is awesome! So checking out Gotham City 21!

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Great interview.

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@manneffest: exactly I will check that out too. Nice job both poet and spideyivydaredevilfan26! *claps* This was really interesting cause after 3 (or 4) years of me watching the site i never saw an interview which is pretty cool.

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This is awesome! So checking out Gotham City 21!

Thanks so much, I can't wait to hear your feedback! :)

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@the_poet: The cover is very cool. Nice interview. The different font sizes were killing my eyes though, adjusting back-and-forth. And psst, it's Project_Worm, not Power_Worm, right? SIDF26 made a case for Gotham 21 - may have to check that one out.

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@cbishop said:

@the_poet: The cover is very cool. Nice interview. The different font sizes were killing my eyes though, adjusting back-and-forth.And psst, it's Project_Worm, not Power_Worm, right? SIDF26 made a case for Gotham 21 - may have to check that one out.

Definitley do when ya get the chance. :)

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@cbishop said:

@the_poet: The cover is very cool. Nice interview. The different font sizes were killing my eyes though, adjusting back-and-forth. And psst, it's Project_Worm, not Power_Worm, right? SIDF26 made a case for Gotham 21 - may have to check that one out.

thanks lol @project_worm apparently I think you're powerful :P fixed

the reason I changed the text was that in all the previous interviews you can't tell who is talking (simply bolding the text isn't distinct enough. changed it from header 3 to header 4, but otherwise I can't tell who is talking

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This is a good read, nice work both of you! And very happy to see you are proud of your work with HORROR INC, @spideyivydaredevilfan26 :) You did a great job on it, mate ^___^

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Whoops pressed send before I was finished.....XD

Also, I am really honoured that was your favourite comment, absolutely meant it.

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@the_poet: Whatever happened to my interview?