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So there have been a number of interviews, but the most recent Fan-Fic'rs interview is focused on @dngn4774 you feel like an interview, dngn4774?

Yeah sure.

How did you find Comic Vine?

I actually found out about Comicvine through @irishlad. Originally I was on when I came across this awesome secret six story. I pmed the author to let him know that the link for his pics in the chapter weren't working and he replied with a link back to his original post on comicvine, the rest as they say, was history.

And how did you start writing content on CV?

I had already started writing my Lucifer Grimm series on so when I jumped over to comicvine I continued it there whilst I worked on a side project to enter into DC Mayhem. Spoiler Alert! was actually the first thing I've ever wrote on the vine.

What would you say is your favorite story you have written thus far on comicvine?

Wow, that's tough. So far, I'd have to go with either @delphic 's Tis the Season or @joygirl'sTerra/Misfit: World's Finest. All of those characters have started to grow on me.

Going with the whole subject of favorite stories, I want to talk a little bit about the Writers Guild. You started hosting/organizing this group four months ago and the first publication came out on August 9th of this year. Can you explain what the Writers Guild is about and how you came up with the idea for this group?

The Writers Guild is mainly about consistency. I came out with this idea about hearing a rant on how the contests and comps on the fan fic board was actually harming the ffb more than it was helping it. The theory was that is was burning out many of the talented writers, making it the primary reason the board would die every couple of months. I had mixed feelings on the issue, technically I blamed a wave of new fan fic groups that distracted writers from continuing their more established stories, but I guess in a way I was agreeing on the problem.

My solution to the low activity was to produce a series of quality fics every week, sort of a constant in the ffb that would hopefully inspire others to write. We've hit our snags with the beginning of the school year, but I think we've all done something special with the Guild.

So basically the Guild is like a FF group, but without a theme/subject. It's more like a support system for writers, wouldn't you agree?

Yes, my experiences from most of the dead fan fic groups have taught me that more rules/continuity lowers activity. Writers tend to like building stories more than actually finishing them (I suffer from the same tendency), which is why I decide to get around those restrictions to prevent group drama (people calling dibs on characters that they aren't using, writers holding up one another on crossovers, etc). In the guild you can be as creative as you want to without having to worry about damaging another writer's story.

As a community host, I know organizing users is very aggravating (though gratifying work). What stops you from pulling out you hair when you are having trouble getting a writer to write a story or when something equally aggravating happens?

Honestly, I try to remember that I was once the headache on the other side of that relationship. I've promised a lot of stories I wasn't able to deliver on and I beat myself up every time I let my group members down. I also understand that the world doesn't end if someone misses a deadline, writing is hard and I would rather be late on a deadline with a good story then rush out something I knew I wasn't okay with. I just hope that the aggravator in question is little bit like me so I can give him/her the benefit of the doubt.

Cool. Moving to something a little lighter if you could have any superpower what would it be and how would you use it?

The best type of this power would be the one that halts your aging as well. I'd use my unlimited time on earth to learn as much as I could (study, travel, etc.). When people start getting suspicious I'd have to fake my death and create a new identity. The trick would be keeping it from the world's governments because if they found out there is a good chance they'd trap me in a lab and perform test that would make me wish I was dead. Sorry for dimming the conversation btw.

What are you writing currently? Or what are your plans for the future?

After I finish my entry for the current Character Creation Contest, I plan on returning to my Earth 4774 work. So expect to see new chapters of Lucifer Grimm, Brothers in Darkness, Teen Titans and an all new series called Flagship Comics. FC will focus on an all new interpretation of the Freedom fighters, starring new versions of OMAC, Hawk & Dove, and Skyman as well as 2 other classic DC heroes. I'd also like to do Outlaws, JSA, and the Justice League but that is pretty far away.

Why should someone care about the Fan-Fic section of Comicvine? What sets it apart from the other sections? Why should someone visit this section?

I don't mean to insult the RPG or Artists Show off forums, but the fan-fic board is where the true art is born on comicvine. There's no other place on this site where users can fuse their own ideas with their audience, fellow artists, and comic publishers so beautifully. Role playing is great for building character development skills, but it is still only one role in a universe. Fan fiction gives you full control over every character in your story. It also allows us to weigh in on how we each interpret a character. Could you imagine reading a comic book for free online then being able to start a conversation with the authors who wrote it? Tell them what you liked or disliked about what you just read? Ask them to give you pointers on your own work? Or even write a story with them? I guess the reason that I stick around is because I feel like a learn something about my writing every time I read someone else's work. If any of my readers get that same feeling, then I think I've succeeded.

Oh, I've always wanted to ask: what is your avatar of? is it like a hurricane? or what? and how would you say it fits your personality?

Oh yeah, I can understand why it may be confusing. This red spiral thingy is actually a logo for a company called Black Hole recordings. I took the logo and made it the official CORE group insignia. In my Lucifer Grimm story I mention how each member of the team wears it over their chests. I loved the logo because it reminds me of my characters, no matter how far the excel there is always a black hole over their hearts. The reason I made it my avatar is so I don't forget to keep writing that series.

Cool! thank you very much for the interview!

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Awesome interview.

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So what your saying is the Writers Guild is the "Image Comics" of fan fic groups? I like that.

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So what your saying is the Writers Guild is the "Image Comics" of fan fic groups? I like that.

Anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection is welcome to join. ;)

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@dngn4774 said:

@jonny_anonymous said:

So what your saying is the Writers Guild is the "Image Comics" of fan fic groups? I like that.

Anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection is welcome to join. ;)

Hmm maybe it actually get me to write something instead of putting it off

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Very awesome interview. :D

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Decent interview.

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i_i *sniffles* You like me, you all really like me.