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The X-men girls were watching the men play tennis. Storm arrived and concluded that the level of play was boring and wanted to end the match. She quickly conjured up a big thunderstorm to break up the match. Emma Frost and Jean Grey both had broken up with Scott Summers and were fuming at having to watch him play. Alex and Scott Summers' were playing and didn't want to quit. So Storm brought in some lightning bolts. They came in very close to the tennis court and struck some trees. An 80 mph wind gust destroyed the tent providing the girls shelter. Kitty Pryde and Psylocke were startled a little. The Summers' brothers finally gave up. Scott told both Emma and Jean that he was leaving the X family and was going on a sabbatical of unknown length. He wished them both well. They wished him well. Jean was crying so she was grateful for the rain. When Jean and Emma got back to the house they headed for the lounge and proceeded to get drunk. Jean was sobbing by this time and Emma cried at little too. They embraced and Jean said "It feels like Scott is reaching into my chest and ripping my heart out! And he just looked calm. How are you feeling Emma?" "It hurts me too, Jean!" At that moment Storm, Psylocke, Rogue and Kitty Pryde came into the room. Storm said "I don't have to be a mind reader to see that both of you still love Scott. He's not worth it!" The new arrivals hugged both grieving women and started to drink too. Jean said "I had hopped to at least see some regret in Scott's face. But there was none." Emma said "I realized there was no way to repair our relationship, but its still devastating to hear him say he was leaving." The six continued drinking and speaking ill of Scott Summers and of men in general. Kitty asked Psylocke how Jubilee and Linda (X-23) were getting along. Psylocke (Betsy) replied. "They are doing fine. They have a lot in common but I'm not sure how romantic it really is." Rogue said "I thought they looked so cute together." Betsy continued "I feel that they help stabilize each other and give each other emotional and moral support." After about another hour of drinking Emma said "If I was to pick one of you to marry, it would be you Jean! You're great, you're hot." Jean replied "I would pick you Emma. You are a lot of fun and are super-hot." Storm said she would pick Psylocke. Psylocke agreed. Kitty and Rogue were last but not least. They sat down on the sofas in pairs and began to discuss their plans for the future. Soon they were all asleep. Several hours later they woke up and found themselves paired up sitting on the sofas. They started to piece the events together. Rogue said "Ah gotta stop drinking so much! We need to get ourselves some men. I know I do because Kitty is starting to look good to me! No offence intended Kitty, dear, you're gorgeous." They all laughed. Emma suggested that they all go to a nearby spa for a few days of luxury. She said they should invite the male X-men to come too, and they had a week before the school year begins again. Storm asked if any of them knew a cure for a hangover. Their heads hurt too much to laugh.