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Before you post the one story you wish to get feedback on you must first read and comment on the persons' one story above you. In the comment on their story you must give...

What you liked, What you didn't like and a rating out of 10!

If we can keep this up I think everyone will get what they want good ol' fashion decent feedback.

Me First :D Secret Six

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@Irishlad: Sure. I've commented on your Secret Six parts 1 & 2. You've NOT commented on my Jason Voorhees. If this was tennis it'd be 6-0 6-0 in my favour :)

Your above thread I give a solid 5

Correction: After consulting with officials. The game stands 6-1 6-1 :) I missed your comments on Jason coz there was no @ so I missed them and jumped headlong into my rant!

Your serve :)

(And I good idea btw...but will it catch on or just lead to everyone just 5-ing it or making up numbers like 95 x89 to the max!)

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Hopefully it'll catch on and people will post stories could help the why doesn't anyone comment on my story problem :P (that includes you too hypothetical reader who's reading this)

Also post your story here batkevin74 you've written so much great stuff there's bound to have been something over looked :P

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@Irishlad: I've just read the Secret Six stories and it was amazing!! The writing was very intense and witty and I loved the way that you've handled all of the characters!! I can't wait to see the final story in your Secret Six story!
I've just posted my X-Men Institute stories. Please feel free to give me some feedback on each chapter!
X-Men Institute #3: Ice Skating Mutants