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This is the voting thread for




. Stories are below. Please read both if you want to vote. Please don't vote for someone just because they're your friend. This thread especially since Razzatazz is a mod. You can either vote here, or PM if you wish to remain anonymous (or if you fear RazzaTazz's wrath).


Mad Jim Jaspers looked around himself. How had he gotten stuck here? He had no idea. Strangely enough this had been his idea of a vacation. But how does someone who has been across the cosmos and through the multiverse take a vacation from the ordinary? Well they don't. Except that Jim had something he could do, he could create his own. He wanted a vacation away, but he knew that he would only create himself a new one at any chance he got. So it was pretty easy, create a world which he was bound to for two weeks and which he could not leave.

"Another Vanilla Coke?" the waitress asked him.

"I didn't want it the first time when I got here," he said "stop asking me!" He wanted to remove her from existence but he couldn't. In fact she had more power over him at the moment even though he had created her. He had thought a 1950s style diner waitress at a resort would be funny, it wasn't.

"What can I get for you then?" she said.

"You can get me out of here," he replied.

"Never heard of one of those," she said, "Vanilla Coke it is." She walked away and left him sitting there staring at the table in his patio. Surely there had to be a way to get out of here! Some kind of temporal loophole, a dimensional anomaly. Whatever it was he could not take another ten days of sitting at the beach while the myriad of strange characters harassed him on a daily basis. Is this really what people like when they go on vacation? There was no action just a lot of sitting and thinking.

He looked out to the water. The girls in their bikinis were out frolicking in the waves. He had thought at the beginning that such moments of levity would add to his experience as well, but now he was indifferent to them. All he could think of was that they would be getting a sunburn, at least if he had allowed a sun where people get sunburns (he didn't want to inadvertently get a burn himself.)

"Is there no end to this torture?" he asked aloud.

"You wish something sir?" the butler asked from behind him. He had forgotten that he had created a butler that responded to every verbal cue and that he couldn't talk without being harassed by him either.

"End the torture," Jim said.

"That is not on the days events," the butler said, "but if you like I can sign you up for the watercraft lesson later on in the day?"

"I did that my first day and it was boring," Jim said, "just get out of here, leave me alone."

"As you wish sir," the butler said, "all the same though I will sign you up for the lesson."
The butler walked away and disappeared. Jim sat there wondering how it was that he was going to escape from this place, the most torturous of locations, and one created by his own mind.


Black Panther vs Deadpool

Black Panther was on a plane heading back to Wakanda from New York. He had heard reports of Deadpool killing the heroes in Europe and he needed to go home to protect his kingdom. Once his plane arrived in the general area of Wakanda air space, missiles were heading towards his plane. A missile hit the wing of the plane and military drones shot the pilots in the cockpit. The main pilots head fell on the button that opened the part of the plane where large objects were stored.

Black Panther put on his suit and grabbed a parachute. He made a running jump out of the plane and opened it over a jungle. He stealthily moved around the jungle to find a point where he could scout out the area, however a missile landed not too far from him and it exploded into a fiery inferno. Black Panther made a run for it from the infernos to the capitol of Wakanda. He made it to the capitol but he arrived to find it also in flames. He knew the only man responsible for this is Wade Willson. He begins to walk into the burning city as a sniper bullet hits him in the chest. It falls to the ground as he looks up and sees Deadpool with Storms head next to him.

“Damn vibranium suit, why can’t you just be like your name and be unlucky?” Enraged Black Panther lunges at Deadpool with his super human jumping, pouncing on him like a panther. “I will stop your reign of terror Deadpool!”

Deadpool kicked Black Panther and he took out his Katana blades. He tried to stab Black Panther in the heart but the tips of the blades just broke off on your armor. Deadpool looked at the ends for a few moments giving Black Panther the chance to beat on him. He hit Deadpool in all of his vital areas and pressure points. He falls over but gets right back up.

“I was trying to think of something witty!” Deadpool said as he slashed at his suit. The suit tore but his skin was still safe. Both he and Deadpool charged in the air at each other with Deadpool screaming “Matrix style slomo!” he took out a gun that froze time for Black Panther making him move slower. Deadpool put a shot gun to the open part of Black Panthers suit and shot him. The shock put him back into real time. He grabbed Deadpools broken Katana and cut of his head. He limped off to a rock were he laid down on a rock not too far from where Deadpools decapitated body was. He sighed but then heard a ticking noise from Deadpools body. He tried to run from it but before he could get up a nuclear bomb went off destroying all of Wakanda.


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@awesam: Both very very nice, I enjoyed the Black Panther one, he is one of my fave characters, but, I thought it was a little rushed towards the ending. Razz has my vote, for keeping me interested throughout and using good dialogue! :)

( Rushed with the sudden nuclear bomb etc...I thought it could have been rounded off better )

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Both were really good however I have to go with RazzaTazz

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I vote @razzatazz, the other one wasn't bad it just didn't do anything for me.

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I liked the BlackPanther story and its was a close round but I really loved Razzataz's story and detailed description. Razz gets my vote but both were great

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Might end this thread early.

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@razzatazz has my vote. I'm still not exactly sure who her story was about, but it was interesting, written well, and had excellent dialogue execution. I stayed interested from beginning to end.

As for @bronze_surfer's Black Panther story, I just had a hard time staying invested. The action was a little too fast paced, and really over the top. Also I didn't really like it when we see Deadpool holding Storms head. Maybe it's just me, but killing a well known character off panel (or off page in this case) never really sits well with me. I get that it's a Black Panther story, but personally I would have liked it better without Oro's head in the mix.

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@awesam said:

Might end this thread early.


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@betatesthighlander1: Because it's not looking good for Bronze at all and it doesn't look like it's going to change.

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but Thought sudden swing votes were supposed to happen a lot on these things

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yeah, but you can't be sure

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he's got at least one vote

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@delphic: hey, Razztazz wasn't using the right capitalization for directly narrating, why are you voting for her?

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@delphic: hey, Razztazz wasn't using the right capitalization for directly narrating, why are you voting for her?

She has near perfect grammar. I don't know what you're talking about.

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@awesam: Now I liked Razza's but had no idea what it was about. Now Bronze's was familiar but a little shaky...hmmmm (insert thinking music)

I vote for @bronze_surfer due to three things 1) familiarity. I know who Black Panther & Deadpool are

2) I tossed a coin and it landed tails which I had nominated as B's


3) underdog status, he's taking on a mod!

Now Razz could've easily taken it, if the coin went heads for simply better writing. But fate has decided. So log another vote for the bronze_surfer

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oh, OK

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@wildvine: I started the thread today. It's far from late. That's another nail in Bronze's coffin.

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Can I vote for Razz? Purely because I enjoyed hers the most, both entries were good ^_^

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@bumpyboo: You can vote for whomever you want as long as it's not my opponent.

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I vote for @razzatazz. and is it about original character or...

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