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Hello and welcome to the first round of the NEW Fan-Fic Versus Tournament 2.0!!! Here we have the very first match up. TommytheHitman and ImpurestCheese were given the choice of writing Flash or Zoom. Thing is, they had to reverse their roles. Flash is the villain and Zoom is the hero! But wait... there's more! They must remain in character!

While voting, please take these into account: story, writing skills, grammar, and keeping with the rules stated above. Vote for the story you think is best, not because one may be your friend.

Zoom by
TommytheHitman (Also I have not read anything with Zoom in the New 52 so please forgive me)


Eobard Thwane held his three index fingers to the crouching man's head. He had no idea who the man was or what his name was. He was in the way. That was all that mattered. Thwane quickly glanced around the bank. Faces stared back at him. Terrified faces. Somewhere in the room a child started to cry. Thwane turned his head and spotted one of the bankers tapping a button beneath his table. The silent alarm had just been activated meaning that Allen would be here at any moment.

"Go!" Thwane yelled. "Get out of here you fools! You don't want to be here when the boyscout arrives!"

Thwane pushed the crouching man to the floor before turning and dashing behind a desk. He crouched behind it while waiting for the familiar sound of the sound barrier breaking. About half a second later Thwane heard what sounded like an explosion before lifting his head up. What he saw was not exactly what he wanted.

"Zoom?! Wow! I can't believe I get to fight a Flash villain!"

Thwane scowled. "I've seen you! You were responsible for that explosion a few months ago! You're that... Kid Flash guy!"

"The one and forever only!"

"Well then kid. You're not who I wanted to meet but I guess you'll have to do. If you want to be the Flash so much you'll have to work to earn his stripes!"

Thwane laughed before running towards the teenager. Kid Flash barely had time to react before Zoom's punch smashed him in the face. Thwane was pretty sure he saw a tooth fly out of the kid's mouth and onto the floor.

"Ah. Look... maybe I went a bit far..." Thwane started to say.

"Damn right you did!" Kid Flash said before tackling Thwane to the ground. In two seconds Kid Flash had laid in 16 punches into Thwane's face. Thwane kicked Kid Flash off him before standing up and wiping his face of blood.

"Look! This whole fight is pointless! You're NOT the Flash! Which means..."

Thwane picked up a chair before throwing it towards Kid Flash.


Kid Flash ducked underneath the chair before sprinting back towards Thwane. The kid raised his fist and let the speed and momentum add to it's power. Thwane simply raised his hand and blocked the punch. The air rippled around the pair and Kid Flash was sent flying backwards.

"I must admit." Thwane muttered. "I'm impressed."

"If you're so impressed wait till I kick the crap out of you!"

Thwane chuckled.

"You do realize that you don't stand a chance? You could just give up and I could go about my business."

"I have a question dude. Why'd you let all those people go?"

"Because... whenever I kill someone... I do it to pi$$ off the Flash. This time there was no point in it."

"...why do you want to kill the Flash?"

"Because he's the opposite of everything I believe in. We have the same powers. The same costume. Ish. But VERY different view points which is why I won't stop until I've destroyed the Flash and everything he stands for."

"...dude. You're messed up."

"Well..." Thwane smiled. "That's a matter of opinion."

Thwane chuckled before zooming off into thin air. Kid Flash stood up and rubbed his head.

"What a freak..." He muttered.

ImpurestCheese - The Flash Bandit

Iris West's hands shook as she picked up the video cassette tape left on her front door, the label down the spine reading 'Flash Public Service Announcement #1' plastered in thick red letters. Taking the tape inside she slot it into her VCR and pressed play, the static on the screen forming into the front of the Central City Museum. The footage was shaky, as if the person holding the recorder was nervous or impatient. After a minute of inactivity the doors of the museum exploded outwards and alarm bells rang as five figures ran out the front, four of them flanking the fifth as he pushed a cart with an Aztec tablet strapped to it. With a gasp Iris realised that she knew all five of them, everyone knew them, the brightly coloured thieves known as the Rouges were infamous within the city limits.

"Well it appears gentlemen that we have outrun Zoom not to mention the Flash Bandit." The Mirror Master announced as Weather Wizard summoned up a localized rain storm that quickly filled the pothole with water. Bending down the group's only woman, the Golden Glider dipped one of her skates in the water, the surface instantly freezing to form a glistening mirror in the middle of the street.

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch Weather Wizard." The gaudily coloured Trickster cackled as he juggled as clutch of eggs before dropping them onto the pavement. "Whoops now were those the landmines or the instant oil slick." He pondered as the last member of the team Heat Wave pushed the cart down the steps towards the puddle. Before he could even get halfway the camera rapidly accelerated towards the museum and the recorder slammed his free fist into the cart, the stone tablet jerking out of its strapping and smacking the porter in the face calling him to stagger back.

"Watch that last step it's lethal." The cameraman joked.

"Well looks like you spoke too soon." Weather Wizard chided Mirror Master. "No matter he can't catch what he can't see." He stated as he summoned up a bank of fog around himself and the other rouges. For a minute the camera was blacked out before it started spinning wildly, the sheer effect making Iris feel nauseous as she watched the fog disappear with Weather Wizard following seconds later as he was struck by a whirlwind of blows before eventually falling from the sustained onslaught.

"Looks like you're a little under the weather, Wizard." The cameraman stated as Mirror Master eyed the puddle covertly whilst the Golden Glider and Trickster kept their eyes locked on the man who had neutralized two of their number in a few seconds.

"You're pretty good at the jokes but leave them to me." The Trickster snickered as he leapt at the cameraman, his target shifting three inches to the left and letting the insane villain smack into Mirror Master, the blow knocking them both into the puddle. In a blink of the eye the cameraman dashed over to Weather Wizard picked up his 'wand' and hurdled it at the puddle, shattering the ice and trapping the pair in the shards.

"Is that seven years bad luck or not?" The cameraman asked the Golden Glider as she slashed forward, aiming a bladed kick at him. Catching her, the cameraman kissed her on the lips before removing her skates and clicking them together, a shower of frozen water entombing her in a solid block of ice. "And Dorothy makes five." the man filming the action announced before turning the camera on himself to reveal a well built man dressed in red with a yellow lightning bolt emblazoned on the front. "Well look at this," he added dashing over to the Aztec tablet, "Rare stone tablet, must have cost a fortune to recover. Well guess what Central City it's mine now." The Flash told his audience as he put the tablet under his arm. "Let it be known that…whoa" He spun out of the way just as a lick of flame darted out. Turning he saw Heatwave back on his feet, a bespectacled teenage youth held at gunpoint in his arms.

"Bad night for a walk Pointdexter." Heat Wave hissed his voice crackling like the leading edge of a forest fire. "Now give me the tablet or the geek becomes charcoal."

"You want it." The Flash stated as he chucked the tablet into the ring of dropped eggs. "Then go get it." With a single lunge Heat Wave reached for the prize only to feel cold air on his face as the Flash ran past over the eggs and grabbed the tablet as the concealed land mines detonated, the explosions showering the last rouge standing with thick adhesive. Dashing over the Flash helped the hostage up and gave him a quick check over for bruises.

"Okay here's the deal Central City." The Flash announced, "I love this town, I love everyone in this place which is why I am going to be this city's ultimate criminal. The one a city this great deserves. I will stand up for the little guy but be warned, if you lose anything, if it gets stolen by 'thugs' such as these." He stopped and gestured at the defeated Rouges. "Then it's mine and you are not going to get it back. Now for more information check out my website." He gestured again at the gratified URL on the steps of the museum before putting the lens cap on the camera. "Now here endeth the lesson." he stated before dashing off, the sound of whooshing air masking the noise of the camera smashing on the ground.

Anyone can vote. You can either put your vote in the comments below, or PM it to me if you wish to remain anonymous.

Let the voting begin!

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@awesam: Well done @tommythehitman and to @impurestcheese being first cab's off the rank. Very well done to you both but I don't think either of you go the whole Flash is a bad guy or Zoom as a good guy nailed (don't worry I had the same dramas in my story)

Let me have a re-read, a swim with my daughter, maybe hang out some washing and a think about it, then I will cast my vote :)

How long is voting for this Sam?

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@razzatazz: Welcome back. Are you still going to write? If so, I can give you an extension.

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@awesam: what time on what day is it do?

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Any reason just for future reference.

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@impurestcheese: For me, both of you didn't quite get the bad guy/good guy reversal. Mainly for it was Flash's declaration of him going to be the greatest criminal made me groan, it was a little hokey (that line, not the whole piece) but yeah. I liked tommy's better

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Wow. Sorry guys I must have completely forgot about the Zomm being a hero thing when I was writing.

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@tommythehitman: Zomm?

@batkevin74: I had no idea about the character of the Flash having never read a DC comic save the Secret Six. I had this awesome Zoom story half finished as well until someone pleaded 'to let me have the character'. To be honest as soon as I saw the listing and looked at everyone's profiles I knew I wasn't going far. Everyone else had more posts and in general more experience then me.

P.S. Check out the Scourge and Batkevin cameos in the latest Jesters 11. Oh and your there two Tommy. :-)

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@awesam: also, should I vote on this?

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@joshmightbe: Okay I entered this to see how I stacked up and maybe showcase my writing skills. Hopefully their are a few more people thinking about checking out my stuff now. Or maybe not. :-)

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...why is it that I always feel bad for winning? Can I vote for the other person?

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@awesam: When is it due? Thank you for your welcome.

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@razzatazz: The 8th. You were away, so I'll give you until the 10th.

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@awesam: Oh OK, that is great, thank you.

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I'm going for the Flash Bandit. I enjoyed both stories but the name Flash Bandit made me chuckle.

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@razzatazz: @bronze_surfer: @batkevin74: @wildvine: @awesam: Really? You all voted for Tommy when he has actually not fulfilled the criteria of the contest. I hate to sound like an ass, and I've been in trouble for this before but his story doesn't make Zoom a hero at all! It is an excellent Zoom story but as Zoom as a hero, it fails, totally! My vote goes to @impurestcheese who actually makes Flash a bad guy, as stated in the parameters of the story. It's like drawing a picture for a 1000 word essay, whilst tangentially it fits the criteria (picture telling 1000 words) but it is NOT an essay.

Not that you should reconsider your vote, I am confused by your choices.

Rant over, no malice directed at you @tommythehitman your story is good, but not Zoom as a hero is all.

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@4donkeyjohnson: Who said I voted? I actually agree. I let it go to leave it up to the voters, but I may have to disqualify Tommy.

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@awesam: Not that you voted, you are in charge of the thread, sorry for the confusion. I think a DQ is harsh but possibly fair, in the end all it means is it once again looks like I kicked the hornet's nest. Maybe asking all those who voted to explain their choices maybe...

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@4donkeyjohnson: When I made the thread, I was in a rush. I've been really busy, so I can't focus much. DQ may sound harsh, but it's not really good if he advances whilst breaking the rules. I shouldn't have accepted the story in the first place. I'll have to think about this. The Flash's role in ImpurestCheese's story confused me a little.

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Yes you are right, I actually have been away and wasnt fully aware of the contest rules.

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I enjoyed both stories, great stuff guys! The Zoom story had great descriptive detail and really pulled me into some of the moments. Excellent way to depict speed and impact delivered by the writing. The Flash story had a really clever premise (forgive me if I misunderstood) but his rogue's were so ineffective he basically decided to become a villain so his city could have at least one decent villain? Heh heh but either way the campiness of some of the characters and twist was great. As discussed elsewhere, I do feel that the Flash story better fulfilled the requirements of the competition so give it my vote. My vote is for ImpurestCheese. That was a great story too TommytheHitman, for some reason when I read your opening line, with me thinking of the competition criteria I imagined Zoom in a bank trying to stop bank robbers by threatening to vibrate their heads off heh heh would be one scary superhero.

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@4donkeyjohnson: To be fair it is kind of difficult to keep Zoom in character and make him a good guy. The dude is a bastard.

#36 Posted by ImpurestCheese (5591 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks guys. :-)

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@joshmightbe: Isn't that the challenge though? Which character did you get to reverse? I got Cyborg, hard but I think I made him a villain, a plausible and in character villain. To quote "they had to reverse their roles. Flash is the villain and Zoom is the hero! But wait... there's more! They must remain in character!" So Zoom would be essentially like a Batman/Punisher demeanour; cold, dismissive, aggressive, determined

Tommy's story while good, is just Zoom being Zoom. Not a single hint of goodness nor heroics. Should he be disqualified: NO! Should voters take more care in voting: YES! Impurestcheese has Flash at least declare his villainous intentions, hence in my opinion he gets my vote.

In the end, it is a democratic process (hope so) and whoever gets the most votes wins. Just stating my position is all.

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@sc: Nailed it. The New 52 Rouges seemed underpowered compared to what people in the forums, comic vine and everyone else told me. Admittedly I am working off opinions and they later got powers but this conflict is based on the one mentioned before that, the one the Flash had no problem with.

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@4donkeyjohnson: Well he didn't kill anyone in the bank. Or try to kill Kid Flash.

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@awesam said:

@4donkeyjohnson: Who said I voted? I actually agree. I let it go to leave it up to the voters, but I may have to disqualify Tommy.

This is not even fair. You posted this story. If it wasn't right you should have returned it to Tommy. You can't give it the okay, and then DQ him. That's just dirty.

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@wildvine said:

@awesam said:

@4donkeyjohnson: Who said I voted? I actually agree. I let it go to leave it up to the voters, but I may have to disqualify Tommy.

This is not even fair. You posted this story. If it wasn't right you should have returned it to Tommy. You can't give it the okay, and then DQ him. That's just dirty.

I agree with this. What the hell? If it was not right tell the guy.

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@pyrogram: @wildvine: I have a lot going on right now. I realize I should have returned it to him, but maybe he shouldn't be in this if he can't follow the one rule I tried to make as clear as possible. I don't have time to babysit. I originally wanted to cancel the whole thing.

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@awesam: Honestly, the rule was not thought out in the first place. How can you really stay "in character" and go against the stance a hero/villain has and become bad/good? You should have said they keep SOME of the same traits. As in character goes against the entire premise of the contest, AKA writing a good bad and a bad good.

#45 Posted by AweSam (7376 posts) - - Show Bio

@pyrogram: I don't want it to be too simple. You have to redefine what makes someone good or evil. A superhero can still be an asshole and a villain can have some sense of justice.

#46 Posted by Pyrogram (41151 posts) - - Show Bio

@awesam: But that's not in character then is it. In character means they are a hero acting like a hero. Out of character but keeping traits is a villain acting with heroic traits.

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@awesam: The thing is though how are you supposed to write a Psychopathic, Mass Murderer who kills for fun, clown like the Joker into a hero? It's the same with making Batman a villain.

#48 Posted by AweSam (7376 posts) - - Show Bio

@pyrogram: No... Heroes have been villains and villains heroes. Are you saying they were out of character? No. They were in character, but in different roles. I think it's obvious that I wasn't asking for you to write an evil Batman who goes around fighting crime.

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@joshmightbe: Doesn't Black Adam sometimes act like a hero anyway? Doesn't sound as bad as say "Turning Darkseid into a hero" for example.

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@tommythehitman: Figure it out. This competition's for finding the best writer. Good writer's can figure this out. Re-invent a character without changing who they are. Writers do it all the time. If it's too difficult, then you're not going to make it very far. I'm writing Superman. Do you think it's any easier on me?