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Here's how it goes:

You start of the fan fic with a chapter./ I respond to that chpater with one of my own fan fic chapters and so on. Finally, we have a finished product/ Interested?

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: so, we write the same story?
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yeah, we write the same story    
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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: you start it please, I'm horrible at starting
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I'll start it tommorw. Is that okay?
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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: yeah, sure
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Cool idea guys , good luck

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Like rping. Nice touch.

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I might get in this as well.

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Chapter 1: The Civil War

Spider-Man woke up in a tower, surrounded by other heroes. The one who was tending to him had a light green sking tone and a leafy dress, a long with red hair. She was Poison Ivy, though Spider-Man did not know it at the time:

Spider-Man: (Grunts, twists back in pain)

Ivy: Easy, there. The herbs won;t help if tampered with

Spidey: Who are you? Where am I?

Ivy: We'll explain later. Titans, over here!

5 other people, Robin, Cybrog, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven, approached

Beast Boy: Is he an alien?

Cybrog: How did he get here?

Starfire: Is he on our side

Spider-Man: One at a time. I'm as confused as you are.

Raven: Doesn't look like it. Mutant maybe, but not alien.

After that, footsteps were heard. The gang was approached by Rorschach, a vigilante

Rorschach: Hrmmm...Seems the man has awoken. I guess the whore's of good use after all. Who are you?

Spider-Man: My name is Spider-Man. Glad to meet you. I was sent by Captain America to try and find the "source" whatever that is.

The other people looked confused.

Spider-Man: You do know who Captain America is, don't you?

Starfire: We are obviously from different universes. My name is Starfire. that's Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Robin and Rorschach. Are you a hero?

Spider-Man: Yes. Are you?

Ivy: Most of us are. But alas, I am declared a villain because of my love of plants, which often extends above the law

Spidey: I'm sure you couldn;t of done anything that bad. You seem too nice

Ivy blushes

Ivy: Stole a few bucks. Brainwashed a few heroes. That sort of thing.

Spider-Man: Definatley not a hero, but it could be worse

Rorschach: I guess we better explain our buisness. We are looking for Batman, and whatever other heroes we can find. Most of them were wiped out by the hero Civil War...

Spider-Man: Civil War? What Civil War?

Rorschach: Hrrrmm, guess I'll have too explain. But only if you promise to contact your team and bring them here.

Spider-Man nods

Rorschach: it started with the arrival of a man named Wilson Fisk...

To be continued...
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@lazystudent: So can you start the story?
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{I assume we're doing it like a script, so... character: speech. correct?}
Spiderman shook his head at every word rorschach said. A guy with an inkblot on his face, AN INKBLOT! telling him that his long-time foe Wilson Fisk, AKA 'Kingpin' had started a superhuman civil war, spidey had already been through one of them and he knew what they had been forced to do, choose between the very laws they swore to uphold and freedom itself.

Rorschach: Batman knew someone was pulling the strings behind the scene and he-

Spiderman: woah! wait a minute, Fisk has never been that clever, to manipulate a whole world, that just isn't realistic.

Rorschach: as I was saying, Batman was too clever for all of this  and he went into hiding. Unfortunately, without his intellect, BOTH sides lost many high-powered supers.

Spiderman: any of these dead guys able to help us?

Rorschach: If they were alive, yes.

Spiderman: erm, what kind of heroes are we talking about here?

Rorschach: God type characters.

Spiderman: Like Thor?

Poison Ivy: Spider, people with unbelievable power-sets died.
Cyborg: I'm saying if guys like Superman, Captain Marvel and-

Spiderman: SUPERman? a guy with SUPER in his name fell and we think we can end this.

Rorschach: Hey! whether you like it or not, we're the ones who decided to be heroes at this! We have great power,

Spiderman: and with great power comes great responsibility.

Spiderman sighed for a while and then looked back up at the rest of the group

Spiderman: Alright, count me in.

Robin: count us in too.

Spiderman: aren't you just kids?

Robin: Teens, Teen TITANS. we have that name for a reason.

Spiderman: just don't get killed.

Poison Ivy: ok, so we're all in. 

Beast Boy: you're in too? awesome. erm, by the way...do you have a boyfriend?

Poison Ivy glanced at spiderman

Poison Ivy: No, I don't. 

Spiderman: you...don't?

Poison Ivy: No, spider. But it doesn't mean I don't want one.

Spiderman: hehe, oh boy.

To be continued...  
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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26:  tbh iam not that great a writer, thou i like the idea and will be keeping an eye it.
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So...Can you start of the story?
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Chapter 2: The Lost Member

After Spider-Man had arrived in the DC Universe, people started wondering where he was. His group, which consisted of Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Elecktra, the X-Men and Moon Knight, wre all very curious

Wolverine: Just leave him there. We hyave enough people as it is

Captain America: No Logan. He may be one of the team's most important members. And he is one of out only hopes of stopping Kingpin's plot, whatever it is.

Voice: You mean Fisk

Suddenly, the heroes turned around. it was Batman, one of the DC heroes, and he had been transfered when Spider-Man arrived in  the DC world.

Daredevil: Who are you?

Batman: My name is Batman. I'm a hero. And you?

Captain America: We are all heroes, though I don't believe I heard of you

Batman: I didn't think so. I come from a parallel universe. There has been a civil war. It has resulted in the outlawing of vigilantism and super heroes.  It's been caused by this "Kingpin" character, and he has an army of villains, from your and my world, to help him. If he isn;t stopped, we will all be exterminated.

Voice 2: Another universe hmm? Maybe more accepting?

The voice was of Magneto, an old enemy of the X-Men. Buit he did not attack

Proffesor Xavier: What do you want Eric?

Magneto: You're help. I heard there was a hero from another world who had come here, and maybe that home could be a home for me and all mutants. Batman, I presume?

Batman: Yes. And you?

Magneto: My name is Eric. I am a mutant activist, thogh known as a terrorist and villain by some. I have come to make a deal. Help me find a home for mutant kind, and I will help you fight the villains

Batman: Deal

Daredevil: If you're interested in bringing down Fisk, I can give you some information Batman

Batman: Very well, what do you know?

The heroes talked for a while, contemplating a way to get to the DC Universe. After weeks of preparing, the heroes had made a teleportation device, courtesy of Magneto

Captain America: Nervous?

rest of group: Not at all

Captain America: Then let's go

With that, they entered the teleporter and were transported to the DC Universe.

To be continued...
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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: (Is really short and crap)

Spiderman: So where could this bat of gods be?

Rorschach: Don't test my patience, your world may put up with this but I'll put a bullet in your brain.

Spiderman: It's how I cope. Deal with it. DUCK! 

Rorschach rolled out of the way as a big metal arm slammed into the ground beside him. Spiderman leapt instinctively kicking the arm into the way of starfire who ripped it out of the robot's body. Three well-thrown batarangs landed in the robt's skull as Cyborg slammed his fist into it's stomach.

Rorschach: none of us were expecting that, but you did? hehe, should've known better than to trust someone like you. you're probably in cahoots with the kingpin aren't you?

Spiderman: I have spider-sense which is why I'll be able to dodge any attack you throw, but whatever. battle Fisk on your own if you wanna.

Robin: No Spiderman, stay. It's better to have someone who knows Kingpin inside out working with us.

Rorschach: We've been looking for weeks and this is the first enemy we've encountered. we must be getting too much exposure. stick to the shadows from now on.

Spiderman: any of you able to fly? If so, get up there and tell us what you see. everyone else stick to rooftops and alleyways.

Robin: Trust me, Kingpin's not gonna know what hit him.
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Later, the friends had gathered over by a fooftop to rest, where Spiderman confronted Rorschach

Spider-Man: Why do you hate me so much man?

Rorschach: I don;t trust you

Spider-man: Why?

Rorschach: You claim to come from another universe, RIGHT after Ivy ran into us. Plus, you knew how the robot was going to attack.

Spider-Man: I told you, I have developed senses

Rorschach: Whatever

Spider-Man: How can I prove my loyalty?

Rorschach: I don;t know

Spider-Man suddenly got an idea

Spider-Man: What if I infiltrated Kingpin's base?

Rorschach: No Spider...

Spider-Man: Yes. Ivy could go with me and pretend to have switched over to the other side. I could pretend I was her prisoner. You, me and Ivy would all be connected with transmitters so we knew what was going on. Once we have all the intelligence we need, the Titans can free me and we meet up with the gang to kill Kingpin

Rorsschach: But you don't understand...

Spidey: WHAT IS IT NOW?!!

Rorschach: Spider-Man, Kingpin is the president of the United States

Awkward pause

Spider-Man: Then I guess that makes it more important

Spider-Man walked away. He then saw Poison Ivy over by a near by forest from overhead. he had seen her there many times. He figured he might as well thank her for saving his life, but not right now. Maybe on the mission, either way, he went down to talk to her for a while.

To be continued...
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Poison Ivy: what's wrong spiderman?

Spiderman let out a huge sigh as he dropped to the ground beside her and rested on the tree trunk. Ivy stroked his cheek.

Spiderman: Everything's gone wrong, Fisk is in charge of the wrold. This happened once before and I swore I would never let it happen again.

Poison Ivy: Fisk was president on your world too?

Spiderman: Well no....y'see, we have a peace keeping task force on my home planet and once, this really bad guy, I mean REALLY bad, the throw-your-girlfriend-off-a-cliff bad, and he killed an alien and EVERYONE loved him, NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE HE KILLED. NO MATTER HOW MANY LIVES HE RUINED, they cheered for him. and they loved him, they made him king of the world, then when he went totally insane they blamed us! saying we should've done something. And, I'm sick of it. I've had no time for myself lately, it's just me in the costume. And I fell like I'm losing ALL the ti-

Ivy put two fingers on his lips and kissed his cheek.

Poison Ivy: it's ok Spiderman, it sounds to me like you need a break....

She leaned closer towards him, lifting his mask until it was just over his lips. Spiderman ducked her incoming head and rolled just out of reach.

Poison Ivy: Spiderman, I thought- wait, don't tell me you have a girlfriend?

Spiderman: Well-

Poison Ivy: DAMN IT! the one good guy I meet and he's taken. This is why I prefer bats than spiders.

Spiderman: 'Bats' as in...

Poison Ivy: Yes, Batman.

Spiderman: I...did not know that....

Poison Ivy: It's ok....what's she like?

Spiderman: who? oh, carlie? She's awesome. just awesome, she understands me...

Poison Ivy: does she know who you are?

Spiderman: No, and I don't know how long I can go without her finding out.

Poison Ivy: C'mon, she can't be that smart...

Spiderman: She's a cop....

Poison Ivy: Oh.

Spiderman: Yeah- erm, is that a dinosaur? A green dinosaur?

Poison Ivy: it's beast boy...
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Meanwhile, Captain America and Batman's team had been searching for other heroes, untill one of them made a discovery

Ghost Rider: Guys, I found something

Daredevil: What is it?

Ghost Rider: A bunch of heroes, they got Spider-Man with em

Batman: If they have Spider-Man, then they are probably looking for me. Describe the heroes Blaze.

Ghost Rider: One had an ink blot for a face, there were a few teens, and some green red headed chick

Batman: Ivy. Funny, I thought we'd be fighting someone like her. But hell, since she hasn;t betrayed them now, I guess we should trust her.

Voice: Trust who?

Batman: Who's that?

Daredevil: Carlie Cooper, Spider-Man's gf back in the Marvel universe

Batman: Glad to meet you Carlie

Carlie: Where are we? Who are you?

Batman: Calm don, we're meeting up with some old friends

Carlie: Is Spider okay?

Captain Amercia: From the looks of things, yeah.

Ghost Rider: Want to rush in and meet em?

Batman: No, that would arrouse the suspicon of Kingpin. Send a message yourself. Stay with them for a while and tell them we will meet them tommorow. Take Carlie with you. It's best to calm her down.

Ghost Rider: Whatever you say Wayne

too be continued
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Spider-Man: Hey Rorschach. What you doing?

Rorschach: Just writing in my diary.

Spider-Man: Have any more of those

Rorschach: Why?

Spider-Man: It's complicated. I have these two girls I like. One's Ivy and anothers...

Suddenly, Ghost Rider and Carlie arrived on the scene

Ghost Rider: Miss me Spider?

Rorschach: And you are?

Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze. Call me Ghost Rider. This is Spidey's girlfriend back on Earth, Carlie

Rorschach then introduced his group

Carlie: Oh Parker, haven;t seen you in a while

She leaned in to kiss him, but Parker shrugged away. Ivy was watching

Carlie: What's wrong

Spider-Man: I just..I...And...Uhhh..I really have to go to the bathroom

Carlie looked at Ivy suscpicously

Carlie: And you are?

Ivy: Pamela Isley. You must be Carlie.


Suddenly, a noise was heard. Men in titanium suits surrounded the gang

Ghost Rider: Who are these clowns?

Rorschach: There the H.A.S, otherwise known as the hero assasination squad. They are controlled by the Kingpin to trak down and kill heroes.

Ghost Rider: These bitches are way over there head. Get Spider. Tell him we've got company

Then, the heroes saw an old enemy leading the group. It was Bullseye, and on his right wasa DC villain, Deathstroke

Bullseye: Boys, it's hunting season

To be continued.
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Ghost Rider: If you boys would be kind enough to deal with the psychopaths I can take these punks.

Rorschach: where was that spider-sense of yours kid?

Spider-man: it didn't act fast enough.

Spiderman threw a punch which was effortlessly evaded by bullseye.

Bullseye: oh spider, when will you ever learn. I OWN you.

Bullseye drew three shards of glass which he threw into the necks of beast boy, raven and robin.

Bullseye: heh, bullseye

Ghost Rider: Those were kids you sick freak!!!!

Ghost Rider pushed bullseye up against the wall then threw him into the oncoming Deathstroke

Rorschach: It's ok, they're alive. Get them up we need to get out of here.

Starfire: NO! THEY MUST PAY!

Cyborg: we're not prepped for this. We need to get out of here.

Spiderman: Watch my back!

Ghost Rider: A little bit busy watching my own spidey!

Spiderman: GOT IT! Alright guys, close in! One universal teleporter coming!
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After a while, the titans had healed and Ivy and Spidey were getting ready to appear before Fisk. Parker tried to hide hisa disgust at going face to face with him. 
Beast Boy: What was up with Carlie? I thought you were her girlfriend 
Spider-Man: Yeah, I am. It;s just that it seems like I'm cuaght in a relationship between both of them. I l;ike them both, and I;m not a cheater. 
Beast Boy: Or you could just let her go and let mgreen guys date green girls 
Spider-Man: Hehe, your funny. But your way too young for Ivy 
Meanwhile, Rorschach walked over to Spider-Man, handing him a notebook. 
Rorschach: You said you wanted a journal. Here. It'll keep you company 
Spidey: Thanks 
Ivy: Spider, ready to go 
Spider-Man: Born ready 
After that Ivy held Spider-Man and brought him up to the White House. Spider-Man faked a defeated look on his face as he was unmasked. Ivy was stunned by how hansome he was but hided it 
Ivy: I have a hero to turn over. I am interested in joining up with Fisk 
Guard: Very well. Fisk has been expecting recruits. Enter 
With that, Spidey was escorted to prison 
Spider-Man's transmitter: Parker? Parker is that you? Are you okay?
Spider-Man: Ivy? Yeah I'm fine. Just get as much info as you can about Fisk and the H.A.S and I'll be better 
Spider-Man proceeded to write in his journal about Ivy and Carlie 
To be continued (Please try writing the journal entry?)
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WIsh someone would post. This had a lot a potential.

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I'll add to this.

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Sitting within his Cell Peter isn’t sure where to begin, being stuck between these two women having feelings for them both. One of the guards out to his left walks by smoking a cigarette tossing it onto one of the other prisoners who is located in a cell across from his. Two of the other guards laugh as a result, finding it to be entertaining on how the guy freaks out over it.

“Hey Mr. guard guy, do you happen to have anything I could write with? That would be greatly appreciated.” Peter asks, unsure if they’ll comply with his request or not.

Having a frown over his face the security guard asks for Peter to stand; pulling a pen from his jacket pocket. Coming up in front of Peter’s cell, Pete reaches out to grab the writing utensil but it grabbed by his neck and pulled forward having his head smack up against the bleak prison bars.

“Listen here pretty boy, you better not try anything stupid. If you do, I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

Using all of his strength he pushes Peter back in the other direction, tossing the pen into the cell next to him. Reaching over and picking up the pen, he stands taking a seat over on the bed.

“Gee I wonder how I should start this. I mean how hard can it be, I’m talented in almost everything.” Peter says tapping the pens tip in the margin of the paper.

Taking a deep breath, he clears his throat ready to begin.

“Journal entry #1

Dear Journal: I Peter Parker/Spiderman am caught in the middle of a war involving Super villains, thanks to a long time enemy of mine Wilson Fisk A.K.A. Kingpin. I’ve been able to group up with some heroes from this other world and have also grown a crush for one of them. Her name is Ivy; and it only makes things weird and confusing because there is Carlie my girlfriend from or home world. I don’t know what to do or which of them to choose! Arrrh it makes me feel, how would you say…sick to the stomach!”

“Hey spider boy, I thought only girls used diaries hahahahahaaha! One of the guards says laughing aloud with the rest of his group.

Peter just ignores them continuing on through his thought process trying to make sense of his feelings.


From the hideout location they wait for tomorrow; Captain America paces back and forth becoming a bit impatient catching something odd out of the corner of his eye in a building across the street from. Three ladies enter the building together, but what bothers him is their lack of clothing and one of them was completely nude!

“There is something I need to check out, the rest of you can stay here and hold down the fort.” Captain America says.

Ghost Rider stands from where he sits asking what this is about; adding that none of them should be going anywhere alone in a time of war like now.

“It’s alright Rider, I’ll accompany him. Whatever he has in mind, I’m sure won’t take long.” Batman informs.

Cap wants to argue against it, but stops himself from doing so, leading the way out the front door. Daredevil stands in place just staring at the teleport system, wanting this day to pass, so that tomorrow can come. It isn’t long before Cap and bats make it across the street.

“Before we enter Batman, just be aware this sight may not be for younger audiences.” Captain America warns.

The Dark Knight has no idea what that’s supposed to mean. Pulling out his gun and shield Cap kicks open the front door entering alongside Batman. Almost instantly their eyes widen at the sight of over ten women engaging in sexual activity on one another. They all turn their attention to the Avenger and Justice League member!

“Oooh look!! Which of you ordered us a Captain America?” One of them asks licking their lips getting off the sofa.

“Sorry ladies this is all just a big misunderstanding, we’re now leaving.” Batman says grabbing hold of Steve’s arm.

Too his surprise the front door slams shut on them automatically locking.

“Oh no, you super boys aren’t going anywhere until after you’ve had your super spanking!” One of the says licking her lips.

“Remind me to kill you after we get out of here!” Batman whispers into the ear of Cap.

All the women get up snickering as they close in on the Dark Knight and 1 Avenger!

To Be Continue

Sorry if you guys wanted it in script format, I'll do it that way next time if you want:D

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"Grr" Says Batman.

To be continued.

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Oh that's just fine. Just as a notification, you have the option to start your own story as well as to continue this one. But that was a pretty interesting chapter! But, just wanted to notify you in case you wanted to do your own story.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 said:


Oh that's just fine. Just as a notification, you have the option to start your own story as well as to continue this one. But that was a pretty interesting chapter! But, just wanted to notify you in case you wanted to do your own story.

Thanks, but I have no problem adding to this one:D

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Suddenly, the 3 women evaporated in to the air, and reformed around their waists as a tight iron rope. Two figures emerged from the darkness in front of them. They were Scarecrow, an old enemy of Batman's, and Typhoid Mary, one of Marvel's greatest and most notorious psychics.

Scarecrow: Excellent job Mary. You're a quick learner.

Typhoid Mary: I learned from the best...Oh Captain America, I really am surprised, you fell for the easiest trick in the book.

Scarecrow: My real surprise is that Batman fell for it...It seems I overestimated you. Congratulations Mary, you've captured the greatest hero of our Universe.

(Typhoid Mary and Scarecrow kiss each other passionately)

Batman: I knew something wasn't right!

Captain America: Well, it's too late to do anything about it. We'll have to pin our hopes on...

Typhoid Mary: SHUT UP!! SO Johnny, can we kill them now.

Scarecrow: Why of course not. These men are very sick. What they need is asylum. Perhaps there we can "shock" the truth into them. Hahaha.

After that, Typhoid Mary shot two darts into the necks of the heroes.

Typhoid Mary: Does this mean we get to torture them?

Scarecrow: Yes, until the other heroes come to save them. We'll have to build a bigger asylum.

(The two laugh manically)

Meanwhile, over at Fisk's prison, Spider-Man was sitting alone, and hadn;t written anything new since his first entry. After all, nothing had really happened. Still, he had a few days left. As he sat there, he saw a guard delivering an extremely blonde girl wearing a clown costume to his cell.

Harley Quinn: Where's my Mr. J?! You guys are gonna pay when he hears about this!

Guard (rolls his eyes): "Mr. J" is the one who decided to keep you here.

Harley Quinn (tearing up): What?

Guard: Look, I'm one of the few guys who wanted you on the team, but I don;t make the rules I just administer them. So shut up, and maybe you can get some extra gruel, okay?

(Guard slams door. Harley Quinn, begins to sob.)

Spider-Man felt a little sad for this strange, clown girl and decided to help her out a bit.

Spider-Man: Sorry about your...Mr J. I don't really know him, but...Well, yeah sorry if he hurt you. Name's Spider-Man. And you are?

Harley Quinn: Call me Harley. And don;t feel bad. Guess it's my punishment for teaming up with a psychotic clown criminal mastermind. What can ya do ya know?

(Awkward silence)

Spider-Man: Okaaaaaay, not what I expected. Well, maybe since Mr. J dumped you, you can team up with me any my crew.

Harley Quinn: They probably wouldn't want someone like me...

Spider-Man: Well, Ivy talks about you a lot. Speaking of Ivy, she'll be here in like, 30 minutes so...

Harley Quinn: IVY! Oh my goodness, Pammy's on your team! I'd love to Spider, I'd just love to!

(Hugs Spider-Man tightly, kisses him for 30 seconds. Spider-Man pulls away after a while, realizing what's going on)

Spider-Man: Ummm...I'm sorry. You're beautiful and all and you seem nice, but I already have enough romance trouble between Ivy and Carlie and...

Harley Quinn: IVY FOUND A BOYFRIEND! Oh boy, never thought that would happen! Oh how many questions I have for her!

Spider-Man: I....Uh...

(Suddenly, a big burst of light appeared in the cell, as Deadpool appeared in the cell)

Deadpool: Hey guys. Hope ya don't mind, just had to pop in when I saw the hottie in the clown suit.

Spider-Man: Just when I thought this couldn't get any crazier!

To be continued...

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Opening his eyes, Captain America looks around having no idea how long he was out for, quickly realizing that he’s tied up. Off to the side of him is Batman who has also suffered the same consequence waking a minute or so later. The two hand from the ceiling by chains, having their legs chained up as well.

“I hate to ask, but I heard you’ve constantly been in situations like this; any ideas how we can get out?” Cap asks struggling a little.

Batman looks down to see his utility belt has been removed, and is located on a table over close to twenty ft away.

“Give me a quick second…I think I might have something.” Batman replies.

Maneuvering, he’s able to slip out a gadget which was located in his glove, grabbing hold of it with his fingers before it completely falls to the ground down below.

“What is that thing?” Captain America asks, becoming interested.

“It is a small laser projectile I revised over a month ago; if I’m able to get the right angle I should be able to get us both out of here.” Batman lets be known.

Cap tells him to work as fast as he can, the last thing they need is Scarecrow or Mary returning before they’re able to completely escape. Before falling to the ground out cold Batman can remember the two of them speaking about taking he and Cap to an extended Arkham Asylum! That might be where they’re at this moment, which means if they’re successful in escaping they will have to be careful on their way out. Getting the precise angle he wants, Batman presses at the button beginning to blast him out of the chains!

“Now I’m starting to understand why a guy of your stature of no super powers has been successful in surviving. You’ve got the cool toys and brains…you remind me of Stark.” Cap says.

In the next second Batman is fully free, running forward and recovering his utility belt wrapping it around his waist and snapping it into place turning his attention back to Captain America. Pulling out a batarang, he launches it forward, cutting cap down from the ceiling; the 1 Avenger taking care of the rest.

“Remember we have to move with caution.” Batman tells.

Walking past Batman he picks up his shield which was also set on the table. You’d think Scarecrow would have a little more sense and have put these items elsewhere. Back at the hideout Daredevil turns to Ghost Rider, not liking how long the dark knight and Captain America have been away.

“Maybe I should go out there and see if I can find them.” Daredevil suggests.

“I strongly advise you stay here, the two of them can take care of themselves having the others back in case they do run into trouble.” Ghost Rider informs.

He also goes on to add that neither of them knew where the two of them went; so trying to go in search of them would be pointless.

Distance away

Poison Ivy sits outside the office of Wilson Fisk, being told she’d have to wait to speak to him due to her not having an arranged appointment at least three days ahead of time. She becomes a bit annoyed with the looks she gets from that of the security guards who stand by. Two of them speak to each other talking about what they’d do to her, if they had a full night in the bedroom with her.

“Pamela, you’re free to come in…Fisk would like to hear what you have to say.” One of his spokesmen says opening the door.

To Be continue

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Ivy entered the room cautiously, obviously uncomrfortable. Fisk sat at his desk, smoking a thick cigar. His back was to Ivy.

Kingpin: Sit down Ms. Isley

(Poison Ivy sat down)

Kingpin: My question for you is not, why you joined. I've expected your arrival for quite some time.

Poison Ivy: The last time Batman saw me, I had sunk in a shipwreck. Needed to keep up the illusion that I was dead.

Kingpin:...Hmmm...Good point. You know Ivy. You've managed to do something even my most prized assassins haven't been able to achieve. The capture of Spider-Man. Would you care to tell me how you achieved such a task.

Poison Ivy:...Same way I get all the guys. (winks) Men...So easy to manipulate.

Ivy looked at the clock in Fisk's office, and a look of shock went across her face. It was time to release Spider-Man. She's already found out quite a bit with her stay in Kingpin's headquarters, and it was time she left.

Poison Ivy: Oh my! I think I have to go.

Kingpin grabbed Isley's hand.

Kingpin: What's the rush?

Suddenly, the door was kicked down by two armed guards, the same one's commenting on Isley before.

Guard #1: Sir! I've received grave news! That woman's a spy!

Poison Ivy: Surprised Fisk? Always thought you liked your girls naughty!

With that, Ivy summoned an enormous, carnivorous plant from the ground, knocking down the guards. Fisk managed to get away in a secret passage in his room, but Ivy didn;t say to see the guards fate. She had to get to Parker, and fast.

Poison Ivy (Thinking): Haven;t had this much fun since before the shipwreck. Hang on Parker, I'm coming

Distance away

While many of the members of the newly found DC and Marvel alliance had grown somber over the dissapearence of Rogers and Wayne, one seemed not too upset at all. Rorschach. Ever since Batman had come the group had been to soft he thought. And Captain America wasn;t helping things. The group needed a strong, leader that's not afraid to make tough, necessary decisions. Someone like him. Rorschach had a plan. He dared tell no one. But he had a plan. He motioned to Ghost Rider, his closest friend on the team, to talk with him.

Ghost Rider: Hey Walter. What's up?

Rorschach: We're not going after Ivy and Spider.

Ghost Rider: What?

Rorschach: Ivy used to be a criminal. I don;t want that kind of influence on the team. As for Parker...I won't waste valuable men just to save one person. I've decided instead to go after Dr. Doom.

Ghost Rider: Walter, what the hell are you talking about? We have to...

Rorschach: Look, I know it doesn't make sense now. But Doom has...Valuable information that may help out the team. I need him captured and brought to me alive.

Ghost Rider: How do you think the rest of the team will take this?

Rorschach: Not well. I've decided to break apart from this hodge podge of weaklings. You, me, Moon Knight and Magneto will be the task force that's gonna bring down Doom's squad and bring him here. Do I make myself clear?

Ghost Rider thought for a bit, a sad look on his face. He didn;t want to leave Parker, but then again, Rorschach knew best.

Ghost Rider: I'll go tell them. Wait here.

To be continued...

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Well, here goes my try. (I'm not good at script format, so I'll write in story mode) 
<23 hours earlier>
She-Hulk stumbled across the wooded paths in Central Park. Her green eyes glowed in fear as she scanned back and forth. Nobody was there. No animals chirped, no sounds of life echoed back at her like a normal, average day would ensue. The only thing that followed her was a chilled wind....a wind that sounded like the low vibrating growls of a psychotic predatory monster. Panting, She-Hulk hid behind a tree, trying to regain her bearings. Suddenly, a colossal tremor hit the ground behind her. Several of the huge pine trees lining the park fell forward, as if something powerful had simply...brushed them aside. Sweat pooled down her emerald skin as hot breath steamed the air behind her, the sniffs of a beast piercing the dead air. A pair of eyes, one red pupil, the other blue and mechanical, glowed insidiously. A huge head, the size of a car's front end, edged next to her, a long nose similar to that of a dog sniffing for her. She-Hulk held stiff as the head withdrew. 
" Oh God.....please let it go away. Please...don't let it see me..." 
She got her answer as a massive clawed hand, black talons as long as railroad spikes on an arm with more muscle than even the most juiced up Hulk, sliced cleanly the tree she was hiding behind. The green giantess spun to see a creature hugging the darkness...but what her mutated eyes told her was that this wasn't human, but something far more..beastly. She edged backwards slowly....the ground shook slightly as the hideous monster crawled, its human-like body snaking the ground like a cat on the hunt. Dog-like back legs gripped the ground, digging trenches with their thick claws as it scooped the Earth like a spoon to ice cream.   She-Hulk growled, her anger spiking as she saw the thing that had stalked her. 
" You pathetic wimp of a freak. Have you got any shame in chasing down me? Do you KNOW who the blanking Hell I AM?" 
The creature stood on its back haunches, easily towering 12 feet in the air versus her smaller 7 foot height. It stretched out a clawed hand and shamelessly pointing at her. 
" G-greeeeeeeen.....color of br-oooooootheeeerrrrr. Knooooooooooow wh-eeeeeeerrrreeeee heeeeeeeee iiiiiisssssss...." 
The voice that emanated impossibly out of a face without a lower jaw made her courage shrivel up and die. 
" B-but....my cousin doesn't have any sibs. I'm the only one close to him that's got the same skin. Me and his little girl. Is that who're you looking for? My cousin? 
The beast shook its head, a long neck stiff like a pole simply swinging back and forth. 
" Noooooo......broootherr......greeeeen and reeeeed. Feeaaaathersss......Find.....Father waaaaants to briiiing fammiily baaaack. Killll fattther fooor kiiillling ussssss." 
The beast suddenly reeled in pain, its clawed hands tearing its face as it shrilled. It lowered its head, now long grooves etched in its face. 
" Daaaad kiiillling meeeee.....ruuun aaawwaaay.......Fiiiind reeeed onnne......heeee knowwws whhhaaat to dooo....." 
Screeching, the beast stumbled backwards. It's arms suddenly bent and grew out, the fingers stretching grotesquely. Winged membrane grew on his limbs. 
" Fiiiind hiiim. Fiiind theeem boooth...." 
The beast flapped its gargantuan wings and burst through the foliage, climbing the dark sky like a dark angel. A voice, clear in her head spoke to her....
My brother and I, we must rejoin. Before the evil arrives from places not realized. Find the red giant and the man named Saurion. Protect them before the evil arrives. I will send you back to your home....remember my words....for the evil that followed us here will now start following you...
She-Hulk felt herself being pulled backwards, the world spiraling. She kicked and shuddered as she fell into blackness....
" JEN! Wake up! Jeez, calm down!" 
She-Hulk opened her eyes to see the entire gamma crew watching her. She looked up and saw her cousin Bruce with a worried look, her talon hands holding him up in the air. Shaking, she lowered him to the ground. Suddenly, a large hand patted her head, like if she was a kid. 
" It's okay She-Hulk. It's okay." 
She turned and saw a golden orbed red beast staring at her, worry etched his face. As she looked, all she could hear was the monster's words.....
Find red one....he know what to do..

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She Hulk now knows what she must do, and there will be nothing that will be able to stand in her way of seeking out the red one. Back in the present, both Captain America and Batman travel the halls of this unknown facility that is believed to be a new form of Arkham Asylum. Sticking close to the walls, neither hero feels fear and are hopeful they don’t get discovered by anyone. There’s no telling how many crazies could be running around in this place.

“Any idea what the quickest route would be for us to get out of this nightmare house?” Cap whispers, keeping his voice as low as possible, but still loud enough for Batman to hear.

“I wish I knew, but this place doesn’t look familiar at all,” Batman sets his lenses to detect mode; “If anyone approaches I will be able to locate them through their heat temperature.”

Cap isn’t much of a tech or gadgets guy, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the attraction of them. In some ways, this Batman guy reminds him a little of Ironman, but at the same time this individual has the demeanor of a true warrior. In some weird way he feels as though they could be counterparts of their respected worlds.

“Mind if I ask you a somewhat personal question?” Captain America asks.

“Go ahead.” Batman replies.

Clearing out his throat he tries his best not to sound blunt in asking why he chose the attire of a bat. It seems a little bit eccentric to him; but then again when you see people like Spiderman that is around the same category of weird. Just as he’s about to answer a huge light flashes on them both! Laughing can be heard from all directions, but neither of them can see a soul.

“Get ready Captain, we’re surrounded.” Batman says.

Lifting up his shield Cap gets himself ready for whatever it is they’ll be up against. Batman switches his lenses back to the standard mode pulling out two batarangs he’s unsure of the who, but does have a good idea how many.

“Took the two of you long enough to escape…very disappointing Batman, “Scarecrow makes himself visible stepping out of a dark corner of the room, “Now you and Mr. America will be taking part in a little training exercise. Sad thing is, if you fail you will die.”

Batman’s eyes widen to see Clayface, Mad Hatter, Zsasz, Penguin and over thirty Arkham inmates step from out of the darkness!

“Come Typhoid Mary, let’s leave them to kill Batman and Captain America; we’ve got more important matters to attend to.” Scarecrow says.

The two of the leave the room wising the group luck in killing cap and the Dark Knight. One thing that Batman is positive about is that Clayface must go down first! He is undoubtedly the most dangerous of them. Back in Wilson Fisk’s office, things aren’t going so well; him having a hard time freeing himself from the vines wrapped around his body. Down in the area of the Prison cells, Ivy has taken out all the guards walking up in front of the cell of Spiderman, summoning another of her plants to bust it open.

“Oh red,” Harley runs out of the jail cell wrapping her arms around Ivy, “I’m so glad you could make it.”

Ivy hugs her back, but is confused on how Harley ended up here. Looking over the shoulder of Harley, she spots Spiderman, but there is also someone else with him. She may not know yet, but that is none other than Deadpool.

To Be Continue

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