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Our first ever winners thread folks! First a huge thanks to everyone who voted and nominated their favourite fics, if you didn't then shame on you! To all those who didn't win the categoreis they were up to there is always next year, so keep writing to the best of your ability! 
Now we are going to run through the winners and runner's up of each category and pretty much sum up why they won the award.         

Fic'r of the month



Writer of what is arguably the most popular Fan-Fic series on the vine (Asguardian, Midguardian) TypingKira has contributed to the Fan-Fic board with more than reading material. Kira manages to post constructive criticism on most stories and is generally a nice, kind viner who keeps spirits up. She has created several other threads like the build me a playlist contestrules thread, the Tips Thread, reviews thread, a thread for new and old writers alike and a thread for writers to interact with each other and seek advice. All in all, a beloved Fic'r!  JOINT WINNER:  primepower53 
An energetic member of the Fan-Fic board, primepower always has a new chapter out. Creator of the I NEED COMMENTS thread When he's not writing he's reading your work and offering you words of encouragement. His works on the vine include, 'Marvel Genesis: Iron Man,' 'Ultimate Superman' and 'Ultimate Batman.' 
The Impersonator 
The Impersonator is someone who always manages to comment on your Fan-fic with a compliment or some words of improvement. His work ethic is something to admire, he currently has over 30 chapters on a wolverine fic that's part of a project that only started a month ago