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Daniel has done it.

Completing his father’s dream of activating the purifier allowed life to flourish in the wasteland once again. Scavenging through was no longer a struggle; hardships and pain were gone as new opportunities emerged from the water – and all from Revelation 21:6. His parents would have been proud.

As time passed Daniel was exalted as the hero as the wastes with his fame growing every year. It was then in the year 2281, four years after that Daniel only 23, decided to do the unthinkable – to head out West.

If he could fix the Wasteland to make it a better place, he could certainly do it to the West.

“Look boy, I got to go now”, Daniel said towards the whining dog with his tail limp and his ears floppy.

Lying down on the floor was quite a smart move for Dogmeat (whether he realised this or not), considering that the small, dimly lit shack in Megaton could barely squeeze in Daniel and Wadsworth alone.

“C’mon boy I told you so many times, you knew this day was going to happen”, Daniel muttered as he started stroking the dog’s fur.

The humble little canine he found at the scrap yard became one of his closest friends, helping Daniel out in his darkest days – it made it even harder to leave him.

Daniel turned on the radio to pass some time.

“Good morning Capital Wasteland, It is I, the ever lovable and all-knowing Three Dawg, and we’re gonna tell you what’s what on this beauuuuutiful day!”

Three-Dog, the wonderfully suave guy hosting Galaxy News Radio Station. There was always something charming about listening to him.

“I got an exclusive story with y’all. You guys remember Daniel? Y’know, the guy that gave us free water? Yeah. That guy. Well he told me, that he’s gonna head out West. Listen Daniel I just wanna say that as one of your biggest fans I just -”

Daniel turned off the radio, not wanting to hear Three Dog praising him for the millionth time again – not like he didn’t appreciate it or something.

Skirting over Dogmeat was Daniel’s only way of getting past the lumbering mutt. Dogmeat followed Daniel eagerly, hoping that they’d be off an epic adventure again.

As Daniel left his shack, armed with; a hunting rifle, a 10mm pistol, a plasma side-arm, a moderate amount of stimpacks, bullets, food and most importantly – water, he had to address something – what to do with Dogmeat.

A thought occurred to him. Thoughts of a place that he hadn’t called home in over 3 years. Thoughts of a place that had never seen the outside world, and probably never would see it. Vault 101. Dogmeat would be safe there. It felt almost surreal to Daniel, going back to the place that started the events of his life. He looked at the door. Exactly as he remembered it. Dogmeat whined as Daniel activated the controls.

“Don’t worry, boy. You’ll be safe in here.”

As Dogmeat walked in, Daniel shut the door behind him. Choking a tear back, he remembered the trials and adventures the two had together. And again, Vault 101 had changed everything. As he walked away from the vault door, Daniel was convinced that he heard a bark. Looking back, he saw the cold grey steel of the door. He can’t think about Dogmeat now.

He must head to the West.

But he couldn’t go without making some arrangements.


This is a beginning part for a crossover with @WhiteSGPlayer.

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We've written a new part and it will be landing soon!

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Cool. Looking forward to this.