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"... And than there was light, but before there was light, there was only Darkness!"

Through the following of the downfall of the rebelling angels led by Lucifer, god send him together with 1/3rd of the Angels away from heaven and leaving them in a non-physical realm between the realms in the nether realm. Some say Lucifer established a physical embodiment on one way or another and created his own realm down beneath...

One of the spectral beings was not like the others. They, though having rebelled against god, are peaceful at nature and are satisfied with their fate and some of them just cease to exist for giving up. This one though, didn't plan on giving up, far from that actually. It wanted revenge, it wanted to redeem but what it wanted most was... cause chaos and michief upon those who defied him and his non-physical brethren even though he was disgusted by their calm nature. His embodiment was given the name "Voidheart" for being an all emotional consuming



"The Creation of Adam & Eve"

The Alchemist

Eons had past... God had created earth, and with it, the soul, the flesh, the human. Voidheart left the nether realms and soon found himself on the earthly planes, scouting the gaseous fireball and observing it as it evolved. The water, the comet, the bacteria, the fish, the dinosaurs, the birds, the first apocalypse, the mammals, the humans and the soul. It was all established. And moments later he found himself observing the first act of violence.

Two beings from the stone-age witnessed the break out of a fire caused from a chain reaction of a lightning bolt. At first they are frightened, than curious. The first one grabs the burning tree branch and touches the blazing flame. He screams in pain and dropps it. The other one tries it aswell in a similar way, but this time, he gets aggravated and waves the branch around, the other one thinks he's being attacked and kills the weaver by wailing on him with a stone he had in his brute like palms.

This event was fatal for the following timelines as we will see,but these "creatures" weren't yet humans, they needed to be more intellectual and less primal. So god went along and created two perfect beings, the first of their kind, divided into Male and Female. Voidheart was witness to this aswell, he didn't know if god was aware that he sought his eyes on this or not. To be honest he didn't care. All he wanted was revenge. From the few remaining memories of the earthly creatures, he chose the most horrific guise he could possibly think of to cause fear and chaos upon Adam & Eve. God told them that his tree beared Apple's not to be touched by the likes of them, it would be god defying. (Even the more reason for Voidheart to bring them into temptation)

The guise Voidheart chose was that of a snake, he went to adam and told him that if he ate one of the apples he would be on god's level, but adam's will was to strong. Eve however, felt tempted and was curious how it might be, she picked an apple from the tree, and ate it. God was terribly angry by the act she had done, so he punished her for her curiousity and adam for not holding her back. Voidheart was pleased, but soon thereafter, wasn't unnoticed. God smote Voidheart with a glimpse of his omnipotent power and left Voidheart crippled and weakened for his future journey.

"Kain & Abel"

On his path of havok, Voidheart had crossed two brethren who were uneven since their birth, one vile and aggressive (Kain), the other, keen and nice (Abel). 2 centuries had past and nothing had changed, Abel was always the benefited and Kain had to work for what he wanted to achieve, it just wasn't fair... so Voidheart made it so. One day, Abel was caught by Kain cheating with Kain's wife, now kain alone wouldn't have done nothing, but Voidheart was his guardian angel. "It is time for you to step up, you will always be in his shadow if you don't get rid of him!"; "But he's my brother!?"; "Did that bother him cheating on your wife!?".... And so Kain took a fist big rock and entered Abel's dorm, he pushed his wife asside and smashed Abel's head in just like the caveman did centuries ago...

Vlad Tepes Dracula

But what Kain didn't know was, since he saved his wife from bearing children to Abel, Kain will be killed by a child of his own, that believes that Abel was his real father....

After Kain had died, the third of twelve Souls were combined, and with each soul, Voidheart gained power, and aspects of the each individual. Twelve were needed to be full again, to become "Physical" again... and with that, he could finally do his bidding on his own, without muppets.

"Judas & Longinus"

The Voidheart had heard word of a man called Jesus to be walking the plains of earth as God's son, and that he was gathering a brotherhood of twelve. Voidheart watched these group of vandals unfold and roam free without a hench of what was bound to happen. It was quite easy to determine the worthyiest soul upon these twelve, it was Judas. He, not only being very selfish and greedy, was a liar and a backstabber. BUT would never harm his lord. That was a thorn in the eye for Voidheart, he had to use the chance to hail agony upon god's personal son.

The Guard that was to watch over the hanging son of god nailed on a wooden cross, was called Longinus. He was a very righteous man, but with Voidheart as his silent but aware guardian, things change... after hours of struggling in the heat and the blood loss, Jesus almost fainted away, but Voidheart wanted to deliver the final blow, so he commanded Longinus to do so, and with that he poke a hole into the ribcage of jesus.

Voidheart subliminally manipulated Judas into selling Jesus to the Jew priests where he would be tormented and eventually killed for being a "False King" of the jews. After retrieving his sack of silver, Judas laid it to the ground and went away.... he couldn't live with the agony he had bestowed upon God's brow, so he hung himself. And with the death of Judas and Longinus (who died of matyrdom) Voidheart now had the sixt of twelve souls. The Snake, The Caveman, Kain, Kain's son, Judas and Longinus.

"Vlad Tepes Dracula"

Vlad was born in Romania, as the prince of Wallachia. His father was a fair King, but died because the nobles of his land lived in distrust and burried him alive. Vlad was cast out, he and his brother had to fight to survive. Vlad made an alliance with his uncle and came back with an army. He took back romania and killed the nobles. He was now know as Vlad "The Implaer" (Tepes) because he had impaled the nobles of his land vertically through the mouth as a warning for anyone who dares to try mutiny his highness. Now of course Voidheart wasn't really uninvolved, on the contrary. This was the first time a human being was favored by him, Dracula was his personal slave. Now that he had half the souls he needed,Voidheart grew stronger and stronger.


The war came, and Dracula was overrun by the Persians, his brother betrayed him and left to Persia. HIs wife Mina was killed by the Persians, and Romania was no longer his own. Dracula wanted revenge, he wanted to give the Persians what they deserved. This was very familiar to Voidheart. It reminded him of his own stride against god. He used the newly gained power and made Dracula Immortal, a demonic being. A Vampire!

On Dracula's journey in the present he was caught in battle with a man called Gambler. He lost the fight and his head. yet, death is never final for Dracula, because his powers simply won't allow it....

"The Alchemist"

In the Seventeenth century, Voidheart sought his eyes upon europe and decided to let his menace be held their. A young man of science, yet mad, was determined to be Voidheart's first victim of doom. Voidheart now had six souls and was able to manifest (or at least take complete control over his victims) now, this scientist would be the vessel. In his sleep, the poor guy died... And Voidheart had risen. He took his white mantle, and died it black together with his hood. Now Voidheart (Though an eternal essence) was eternal, the body was not. So he had to come up with something that would eventually give him immortality in his newly found vessel.


"The Alchemist" as he would to be called, now roamed the streets in a dark hooded figure to kill virgins for their innocent blood, with that blood he would be able to create a mask, or better said, a mirror that would allow him to steal the souls who look into it before dying. Thus making "The Alchemist" Immortal....

"The Beginning Of The End To Come"

It was 1935 and the Alchemist was now in Germany. it was before WW2 broke out, Hitler was now a well known man to the people of Germany.... thanks to Voidheart... he stepped up to his tormentors... yet he took it a little to far. He had companions Benito Musolini and Joseph Stalin, both corrupted by Voidheart as well as Hitler. After their death, none such violent acts were abound, no one tried to step in for what they did. It seemed as if Voidheart had played his Cards to openly, ... he had to do something... so why non resurrect an old friend of his? Vlad Tepes Dracula...


Vlad Tepes Dracula and Final Arrow faced off, Final arrow emerged victorious and imbued Vlad's skeleton in Silver, making him immobile and his powers slowly fading, one day, Dracula's soul finally gave up and ascended, The Void now became full, and was able to take on the guise of a skeleton in his black shrouded mantle, he caught final arrow off guard and overwhelmed him with his Vortex of infinite Darkness and gave Voidheart the 13th soul... now Voidheart was unstoppable, he is now truly, the God of Primordial darkness.

"Until The End Of Daze"

The One

The roaming revelations around Voidheart have come to the day of light... he is the beginning of it all, the creator, it's mother. Creator of God and Satan alike. it took time for it to come back, but now, now Voidheart was finally the original again, creator & creation at the same time, viewed by everyone differently depending on how they imagine him to be, it is now, his final destiny to do what he always did, never to interfere directly, but always keep a watching eye... it is the day ... Voidheart found his reason in life, the day Voidheart finally let go of the souls that falsely made him complete, he was now... Father and Mother of everything, simply put,

The One


"Entwine Of The Divine"

After Eon's caught in Limbo, the right decisions made, paths set for the future, it was time to unravel that power unto others, and not be the all-being. Time to go back to Voidheart's true nature, Hatred. Naturally, Voidheart knew that love and hate go hand in hand and that they cannot exist without each other, a necessity if you wish. Yet there was no place in his heart, it was empty, and only consumed....with hatred. The essence of love was scattered throughout the cosmos, whilst the Hate was left with the Void. No one should ever have to go through the things he did, never again. Slowly the two essentials departed, love & hate, like two hands losing grip but not wanting too. While Hatred manifested in darkness and grew anew, Love departed in several directions of the cosmos, ever to find a fitting host. While Voidheart was left with what he has seen, and been.

Eye Of The Beholder

All that power, and knowledge, gone, but it was for the greater good, without good or evil, free will would merely be but an illusion, a dream... fake. Rage, Hatred, Anger, Willpower, and Wisdom are the things Voidheart would be known for as of now, for he as seen every corner of the universe, and the suffer it has went through, must be revenged, a scapegoat must be found, judgment must be swift. The spear of Longinus will pierce their heart, while the sword of damocles with have their heads, as the Hammer of the god's brings the final jurisdiction, Life.


Cold Comfort

After being stripped of divinity, Voidheart was soon thereafter born again on earth, rid of all his former memories, of what he was, and did. All he knew from that point on, is that he was born in a small village in Europe. His parent's died barely before he reached his Teens, and he wittnessed it.

The villagers were being suspicious about "Vincent's" (Voidheart) parents, they accused them of using black magick and dealing with the occult. One day one of the villagers supossedly caught the mother in act by praying in a "Demon" language behind the cabern, instantly causing a witchhunt on the whole family.

They were forced to move from place to place to not fall victim to the ravagers and be torched or whatever death would await a man for witchery, though inevatebly, they've been caught, and Vincent's parents died a slow and painfull death at the foot of a mountain.... what happened shortly thereafter is still unknown.

"Retribution Through Vindication"

The prompt death of his parents forced Vincent to rely only on himself, and never to trust anyone, if he didn't want to end like his parent's.

Robbed of his illusions that one day he might lead the "Family "ortrait" kind of life, he went down to the village and seeked the only thing that the villagers left him with. The lust for Vengeance.

Vincent went down to the village (being a child no one realized him as one of his kin and therefore he was no threat) and searched for anything he knew nothing about in his Parents belongings, a few good-night story books, some black ink with a feather-pen, some empty scrolls... and cinder under the boiler, as he still held one of his parents' scrolls ni his hand, it started to show it's true purpose once he held it near the fire.

Wicked Guttersnipe

Magic symbols and writing began to shine, a language he never learned, and maybe was never ment to. Alas, he sat down in the his fathers chair, behind a wooden desk, and took a look at all the books that were laying upon it. His interest in his families secrets were greater than his act of revenge, at least, for now.

Having studied the books for 5 years young Vincent was now 14 years old. He ran out of the village with a personal sack of goods he showed no one, only to join his preceeding home, in the other village as an "Orphan", and was raised for 5 years as an Outsider.

But yet, this day, he was prepared, knew the rites, and learned how to speak the tongue of the damned, Vincent was ready for payback. He grabbed his cloak, put on a mask, geared his fists with leather bands to die down the metal Scythes attached to it, and went to town.

"Common Enemy"

After leaving the cottage where he grew up he went towards town (no one would notice him, there's a local celebration going on where all people were dressed up weird, could be Halloween, could be Day of the Dead, he didn't care), where his parents resided with him until they've been chased away. Before him, a Raven was picking on the remaints of what seemed to be Bread crums, and for a brief moment, Vincent forgot the hatred boiling in his veins. He took a seat beside it on the ground, it didn't seem to mind, then it stopped picking, took a brief look at Vincent, as if it could see through his mask, and in this moment it was splattered by the impact of a Boot, this very moment, made Vincent feel like he was back at the Mountain, in the cold, so close to death...

The boot took of the birds body, and was ready to make a second stomp, before Vincent Interveined and took the Scythes implemented on his hands and gutted the fat man's belly vertically like he was pig, only to watch him crawl on his knees trying to put his innerds back in place, his breath, stopped by the force of two razors on each opposing side of his head.

Closest thing to a friend

Vincent thereafter took a look at the birds body, crumbled, and bleeding, with broken bones, and the bird took one last look into Vincencts face, slowely shutting its eyes forever...

His heart fumbled by this act, felt confused of what to do now, before this happened he would of probably made up his mind and went back to the Orphanage, but now, now it's too late. They must pay for what they've done, for his parents, and for the Raven.

"The Slayer"

Vincent showed no mercy that day, to no one. And since all the children were in the Orphanage, he didn't need to hurt them. Blood was shed everywhere, and after 3 hours of silent assassination, body dragging into the bushes, climing into people's windows, and busting down doors, there was no voice to hear, no people laughing at bazaar, no foot steps, nothing, other than himself, and his realisation for what he has done.

Blood for blood

Percula, the holder of the Orphanage saw young Vincent coming back to the Village, saw his hands, his guise, and the Blood. The villagers called him Outcast, murder, fiend of man and Slayer. Vincent took a brief look around and recognized that this village was no different from the one he had just left, but they have not yet done him harm, so he left with a final remark:

"You truly want to know who i am!? My Name, ... My Name is Corvus!" (lat. for Raven)

He dropped his mask, his pitch black hair flickered in a dark blue tone through the eve's light, and tore his leather gauntlets from his grasps, took one of the leather straps, to tigh a knot around his cloak, to use it as a bag. The villagers spat on him as he passed by, threw stones at him, and cursed him, his face, emotionless. He went back to the other Village, took the dead body of the squashed raven, and layed it gently into the folded cloth, tieing the leather knot around it.


Corvus (former Vincent) now left the village and took residence in an old woden cabin not to far of "The Mountain" deep in the woods that served as accomodation for travellers. He Jobbed there in order to find warm meals and a bed, and at night he had time to study his bag of scrolls, books, and the raven. after 6 years of living in the cabin, he met many travllers, everyone had his own cruel story to tell, and some, even had handy Professions, such as Tailoring, of which Corvus has been taught in the way of an Artiasan. The feathers of a raven , so he read, were bestowed with magical powers, be they protectiing, or offensive. Turning twenty he gave himself a gift, he made shoulderpads out of black leather and embed the ravens feathers around it, and weaved a Black and Red patterned cloth robe with a hood to fence of the rain or the sun.

Born, anew

Vincent became well trained in the arts of the Occult night by night, and the day after he created his mantle, he took of, never to be seen again near any of the Villages. Instead he went to the highly Populated cities, watching and learning. He learned that there are people who tend to live by their own self-steared path and have no holds to anything that bears in their way, and that their are others, few, who tend to use their ability to feel, and realise the situation around them, and then act. Corvus even thought of his act as a child, the slaughter, and if he did the right thing, which, to his conscience, was all he knew.

Today, Corvus is a well self trained Warlock, who can wield the arts of the Occult to his benefit, and in connection with the Nexus, can even fuse the very elements to create new, stronger ones.

"Aftermath of a Bloodoath"

In order for Corvus to strike down villagers that day, he needed some extra help. He studied the dark scrolls and conjured an evil earth spirit. With it's help it granted him a slight peak into the supernatural, but his lust for revenge went farther. It gorged the demon into his soul and combined him with it, yet it wouldn't go without a fight, it left a mark on his left eye to remind him of the oath. Corvus' soul from that point on was polluted and a host to the demon. Every new day he wittnesses he becomes less himself and more human than human.


Being fused with the demon grants him the ability to cast wicked magick, have peak human attributes, and being experienced in some historical events. Also serves as the avatar of greed and power. When the demon gets the upperhand of him, Corvus is able to shapeshift into a demon form where his physical attributes are inscreased but his Mystical and intellectual capabilities are diminished.

"Post-Apocalyptic Future"

In the events of the Infinity War, Corvus had plucked his left eye out since the scientist suggested it was the source for the corruption. Upon having his eye removed, most of his traits that he always relied upon vanished. His magical abilities were now but a fraction of those he once had possessed. Possibly only leaving him with his psionic abilities, such as lifting some light objects with his mind or forcing open a door. Darkness soon took over the world and found its Incarnation in the man known as Final Arrow, he left the world in ashes. His attack on earth only left about thirty percent of the world alive, and a few members of exanimare. Corvus tried fending off Final Arrow's attack on the Exanimare headquarters but trying to imagine the house to be indestructable was hard to imagine at that time, his mind was limited, a error he would not allow himself to do twice.


Ever since Corvus has been training in the dark together with some remnants of the exanimare, blindfolded, so the dark would never be his disadvantage again. As the years pass on by, his intelligence grew greater and greater through studying all the books and scrolls he had collected over the years. This effected his realisation of things, his reaction time, and reflexes. He is capable of reacting to the speed of thought. Corvus forged a armor out of special metal alloys that made it very light, but also super dense. And adding the Scientist's nano-bots enables him to repair the suit in near minutes and make it somewhat flexible. His physical manefestion now held the upperhand upon it's mystical, and Voidheart was far from giving up. His sparring with the martial artists also enhanced his physical prowess to those of a peak human.

Voidheart never leaves the catacombs without his armor, at least his combat bo-staff and a hand-gun. His arsenal inhabits some of the finest things the underground resistance has to offer, such as 12-gauge shotguns, ak-47's, 44 Magnum's with laser pointers, and some maverick rifles.

"Backwards Engineering"

Together with the help of a certain scientist, Corvus was able to travel back to the past to prevent these events from happening, but not without some major alterations. Corvus' body was reaching it's limit due to his age, and if he wanted to alter the outcome in the past he would need time. His was almost over. The scientist started by injecting nanobots into his spinalcord infused with stemcells from the biologically immortal Hydra, so that with a few months passing he too would have negligable senescence. These nanobots slowly bonded themselves with his blood and began to take a toll on his current body, his skin began to peel and his flesh started to dissipate over the days, weeks and months as the old was slowly taken over by the new. The regenerative process of the stemcells caused Corvus to regain a human like composture (while his skeletal features weren't affected, his flesh and organs were), with only a few shallow memories and a heavy amnesia he is led into a chamber by a man coated in white to bring him back to the past...


After emerging through an unstable rift, Corvus found himself left with an arm and a part of his left leg missing. Without any other memories other than the rundown the scientist gave him on his departure he started to realize that he was steadily regnerating due to the stemcells from the hydra fused with the nanobots. The idea and concept of pain were lost to him together with the rest of his memories because of the tearing away of his original nerves and flesh. It will take some time for his newly generated nerves to be as sensitive as his old ones used to be. Trying to touch the grains of sand he found himself on, he noticed that only through heavily quenching them in his fist did he feel barely a tickle.

A New Level

It was in that moment where he began to recollect the last event that had happened to him before the rift opened. The scientist spoke to him, explaining what happened to the newly born Voidheart:

"Interesting... your recreation seems to have taken a toll on your appearance, the pigment in your body was lost, therefore your visible appearance seems to be that of a lab rat..."

the scientist breaks out into a giggle before continuing

"While you were unconscious, i ran some simulations on you. It would seem as if the experiment was a success. The Nanobots have succeeded to bond with your blood, which appear like black sand to the naked eye. You can you use them to create Metal solids in mere seconds, the only drawback is the amount of blood you need to use for it. Naturally you can consume and use blood or metals in your vicinity as I've made you a universal recipient to all blood types, sort of making you a vampire in a way. You have a gigantic potential as the structure, composition and energy of your body can progressively be altered the more you successively use your power and push it to it's limit to make you stronger and faster. If you run out of said momentum for an excessive amount of time, your structure will have a problem with it's memory and revert to your original form..."

after a short smirk he wipes the smile off his face and gets serious "Eisen (Ger. for Metal), that is what you'll be called from now on. Eisen the Dynamo."

Eisen's reason for going back into time was to prevent the events that lead to that disastrous future from happening, little did he know that he wasn't sent back into his time, rather phased into a different timeline..

"Blood Moon"

Eisen eventually suffered a terminal injury after covering an explosive with his body to protect his teammates, only to later be brought together piece by piece inside a pool of blood in their headquarters. The nanomachines tried stitching everything back together befitting the memory of it's former self, but the puzzle lies in scrambles. Bubbles started to emerge from the depths of the pool, the thick red liquid started flowing over the corners and a silhouette started to arise from amidst the circle. Overt the dark night sky the moon was glowing in a bright red fashion as a convergence of realities took place, not great enough for anything to pass through, except perhaps for a consciousness...

Midnight Hour

The rumbling eventually subsides and the wavering of the blood comes to a halt. Mist starts to gather atop the pool, covering the floor of the entire room. The red glare of the moon begins to slowly subside as a body slowly steps outside the pool, covering itself in the pitch black satin garment that was laid out for him.

As he advances through the mists a silvery glare begins to emanate around him, crumbling off like stardust from the skies. The nanomachines were put at a halt, their ever achieving effort to keep it's host alive and well ended in a failure... or in a success? Like the electrons and protons inside an Atom strive to become complete and perfect, these nanomachines realised that it's host had achieved the pinnacle of it's existence, and thus shut themselves down as they would only be a nuisance.

The Wizard that could(n't)

The God of Un-reality

This story revolves around a boy plagued by nightmares, these however, weren't your normal nightmares. The boy tried to convey them to his parents, but was left unheard as they would simply laugh it off as a childish behavior. The dreams became more intense and real by the passing years, and one day he was visited by their originator.

"YoU sEem tO Be conNecTed wIth mY reAlm, yOung oNe. I've hAdn'T hAd a vIsitoR in ageS... leT Me aCcommoDaTe You wiTh a "gift", aS a siGn of hosPitaLity."

The child was caught in awe, unable to express his fear with words or even a facial expression, a plain wide open stare at the primal being that was before him. It waved it's hands in a circular motion, seeming drifting through space as afterimages of his hands are dragged behind and fade away.

"ThEre My chiLd, nOw USe my gIft aS yOu pLeAse, bUt Be wArNed... iT cOmEs At a priCe... "

What the boy couldn't see, is that his outer appearance had changed, he was now marked with a stigmata. All he had to do now, is leave this "reality" contorting and twisting as it was. The being had vanished, and a door creaked open at a distance. Walking eerily as his legs could barely hold him upright in this weird place, horrendous creatures began to sprout from the walls forcing themselves into his way. One began to bite his leg and tear on it, the other two tried pulling his arms apart. There was no way out... no hope... how did this even happen... he squinched his eyes together and hoped that he could reach that exit somehow, and soon thereafter, the door began to get wider and nearer. A slight pain began to manifest itself inside the head of the young boy, what had happened? Why can't he reach that door? Oh right... the monsters... they were holding him... he tried it again, and as he opened his eyes, the monsters were gone and the room became blank. Blood was now slowly running down his nose and the headache subsided shortly after. It seemed to him as if nothing even happened, and emotionless he walked through the door. But where did it lead? Why did he want to leave? And more importantly... who was he?

"YOu MiGht nOt cLeaRly reCaLl, buT i'Ve sTatEd tHat My giFt coMeS aT a PriCe." he said as he appeared beside the door "ANd aS foR wHo You aRe, AnD thE reAsOn whY yOu ARe sOmeWhAt CoNnEcteD tO thIS plAce... leT's juSt sAy iT Has tO Do WiTh yOuR "tRuE nAmE. FOr NoW, I'Ll nAmE yOu... "Calypso Al'hazred". NOw Go On..." he said pushing the boy on his shoulders tenderly into the direction of the door, like a father would his son into kindergarten.

Smoke And Mirrors

Quite a time has passed since Calypso reappeared into his dimension, his parents were long since gone. Not that it mattered, since he held no memories of them to begin with. Fortunate as it was however, he found himself not too far from an Orphanage that was pointed at by crooked signs off the street. It was there where he spent the next decade of his life, gaining new memories and friends.

The memories of that place where he was taken to weren't completely forgotten. The faces of those beings still impregnated like in his mind like scars from a scratch on bare skin. One day he looked into a mirror to get ready for his last days of school, which he mastered quite magnificently, and saw his image distorted. His head began to ache, his throat began to tighten and the blood inside his veins to boil. He fainted. As he came to himself, he looked back into the mirror, and saw his true self. A pale grey skin tone, and markings on his forehead. Suddenly the the past he so tried to store away came forcing itself back into the present. He took a deep breather, closed his eyes and began to concentrate on his self as he knew it. Opening his eyes, he seemed to look "normal" again. Time to attend the graduation ceremony and be on with it.

The "gift" this being gave Calypso wasn't something he found out willingly. Deceiving people always came natural to him, so was also the case when he wrote an answer on the test paper moments before handing it to the teacher, only to find out that it was wrong. "Are you sure?" He asked the teacher days after he had already marked it as wrong, "Please look again, I'm sure i wrote the correct answer!", and so his teacher did. Humans can make mistakes, and most humans can accept that, the 5 just happened to look like a sloppy 6. However, it were moments like these that also showed the side effect of abusing his "gift". He forgot the name of his teacher. "Impossible, i just heard them speak of him moments ago, I couldn't of just forgotten it... or could I?" Other instances only served to approve of his theory that using his magical abilities would have memory loss as a drawback. He had no way of knowing for sure how far his magical prowess ranges, or how severe the loss thereof would be. Normally, if you had your eyes tied, you could slowly tap your feet until you realize your standing at a cliff. This was an incomparable abyss, pulling you in without a way to pull yourself out.

As time went by, Calypso had gained local fame by becoming an Illusionist who fascinated the children at the orphanages or other open locations. His natural ability as a con-artist was being backed up by his unnatural gift. It would seem as if certain schools of spells had worse drawbacks and some, such as illusions, had none. The money he had gained from his various performances was invested into restorating his library, where he plans to store every bit of knowledge he can get, including various books where he has written down his memories should he ever need to use his abilities.

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@Voidheart said:
Every new day he witnesses he becomes less himself and more human than human.
I liked it. I have a small question in the bottom section though called Aftermath of a Blood oath. Which I quoted above. Is it supposed to be more human than human? or more human than demon?
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More human than human, if you know what that means.

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Guess that is where I am in the dark. Not sure what that means...

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When you become MORE human than human, your not a human anymore.

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@Voidheart said:
"When you become MORE human than human, your not a human anymore. "

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Mutant/demon/superhuman/unnatural call it what you want

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Oohhhh i got ya :-)

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Added the future chapter about the current "Future Apocalypse" Rpg and left the "Infinity War" chapter out until it's done so it doesn't spoil anything.

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Nice Voidheart, very nice.

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Updated, tomorrow the next chapter. (and final one for now, until some story evolves out of rpg's)

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Going to add a ripple version of Voidheart from the CVnU reality. Calypso Al-Hazred, the Warlock.

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@warlock360: DUDE! I've only read the first two chapter parts, amazing! well done! Sorry I didn't see this until now, good work, shall read the whole thing soon

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@batkevin74: Thanks, this is also part of my RP characters Biography but i thought I'd put it into the fan-fic as it serves that purpose as well.

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I may have a character or two who can take him on...

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Update coming soon.

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Nice! I like it.

You should watch this movie if you haven't. =P

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Part 1 of my new character bio done.

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I love ur stuff

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@wesley_odepius: Thanks a ton.

Currently at: Smoke And Mirrors, still polishing though.