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This Fan-Fic is rated T, also if you havent checked it out here is Earth In Chains - Part 3 If this is your first time reading E.I.C. go here>>> 1

(Wooded Area far outside Mt. Justice)

Tommy enjoyed the first twenty minutes of his ride. After that, everything went to hell. He pulled onto an old road outside the woods, and was immediately met with machine gun fire pounding the pavement around him. Tommy whipped his head up to see two slick black aircraft coming in behind him.

"S***!" Tommy swerved out of the way of more machine gun fire. "Road's too narrow for this… time for a detour." Tommy jumped the bike over the damaged guard rails of his left, and began sliding the tires down an extremely steep slope. Bullets struck the ground in front of him, throwing up a haze of dirt. He leapt off of the batcycle just in time before it rammed straight into the line of fire and was turned into scrap metal.

Tommy rolled violently down the side of the hill, unable to get a grip on anything. He finally got his footing on a ledge, about forty feet above a lake below. Then the foothold gave out, the dirt crumbling under his weight. Tommy began to fall, and swiftly activated his stolen battle-pole, raising it above his head. The ends of the pole caught on the ledge around the area that had given out, holding Tommy in place.

He listened for a moment, and found that he no longer heard the aircraft. Maybe he had lost them? Then his hopes were crushed. One of them floated up right in front of him as he dangled!

The machine guns automatically pointed toward Tommy's exposed chest. "Uh-oh." He dug into his pocket and whipped out a smoke pellet, which burst against the darkened windshield. Tommy quickly kicked his legs out forward and swung. He grabbed onto the skis on the bottom of the aircraft.

Unfortunately, he didn't know that the body of the craft was electrified. Tommy was instantly shocked at a deadly intensity, and plummeted limply into the waters below. He hit with startling force, and immediately gulped in a large dose of liquid. His body still numb from the shock, Tommy couldn't move himself to swim. He just kept sinking lower and lower, his lungs screaming for air. And soon, everything went black.

(Ruins of Gotham – Gotham Harbor – Four Hours Later)

"Ah-ack! Ack!" Tommy woke up coughing. He sat straight up and looked around. He was lying on a wooden floor, with an old tattered blanket over him. He was in some kind of run down shack.

"Oh, you're awake." A feminine voice said, breaking the silent air. Tommy looked over to see a girl about his age, wearing sandals, cargo shorts, and a blue t-shirt. She was tan, and had long silvery hair with sparkling blue eyes. "How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Where am I?"

"I asked my question first."

"I'm fine. Now I'll ask again, where am I?"



"Gotham Harbor to be exact."

"The harbor…?"

"Dude, did the water damage you're eardrums or something? That's what I just told you."

"How did I wind up in Gotham? Last I remember…"

"You were getting your ass kicked by sky patrol and then sinking like a rock?"

"Yeah, something like that. About four hundred miles away from here."

"I found you at the bottom of the lake, brought you here."

"What were you doing at that lake?"

"Seeing what all the machine gun fire was about. Which goes back to you getting your ass kicked."

"How long have I been out?"

"About four hours."

"So… you showed up at the lake, found me lying at the bottom, and brought me to a harbor four hundred miles away within four hours?"

"Uh-huh. It takes you a while to get what people say to you, doesn't it?"

"Whatever. Clearly you're insane." Tommy got to his feet.

"I've been called worse." She shrugged.

"I'm Tommy Gray. Who the hell are you?"

"The name's Flo."

"Flo, huh?"

"Yeah. You like it?"

"Not really." Tommy found his jacket and slid it back on. "Hope you weren't planning on me staying."

"You go out there, you're probably going to get killed. Civilians aren't allowed into the harbor area, so there's little to worry about here. But beyond that, it's the same old Apokoliptian hellhole that you'd find anywhere else."

"So what are you doing out here?"

"I'm not a civilian. Apokolips doesn't know I exist, and I aim to keep it that way."

"I can relate." Tommy's eyes suddenly widened. "Where's my knife?" He demanded.

"Oh, the knife… I think I put that-"

"Where – the hell – is my knife?" He shouted.

"Whoa, calm down! Here!" She reached under an old rug and handed him the black-bladed bowie knife. "You've got some anger issues, dude."

"I've heard." Tommy slid the knife into it's sheath, always kept at his side, and then headed out the door.

"You know, a 'thank you' would be nice. I did save your life, after all."

"Gratitude isn't really my thing."

"Well don't expect to be saved again with that attitude."

"Whatever." Tommy moved out the door.

"You sure you don't want to stick around a while?" She followed him out.

"Not a chance."

"Why the big hurry?"

"Mostly because you really annoy me."

"Huh?" She gave him a funny look.

"It's not you, ok? I just hate people in general."

"Alright." She shrugged. "If you're leaving, at least let me fix you're arm up."

Tommy pulled down his sleeve and saw that his arm was covered in huge bruises and cuts. That was the side he had been sliding on down the rocky hill.

"How do you plan to fix it?" He turned around skeptically, now certain this girl was insane.

"Watch." She grinned. Flo waved her hand, and a ball of water floated up out of the lake. "Apokolips has really polluted these waters, but I can remove all the impurities pretty easily." She said as a thick black gunk suddenly separated itself from the water.

"What the…" Tommy gasped as the now clean water encased his arm, and began to glow. And instantly, his wounds began to heal! Within about a minute and a half, his arm was as good as new.

"How did you do that?" He asked in astonishment.

"My dad spent so much time with the Healing Hand that I kind of inherited water's healing abilities."

"What? Your dad… what are you talking about?"

"Duh. My dad was Aquaman." She said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Then she dove into the water and disappeared.

"What – a – freak." Tommy shook his head and continued on his way.


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Here is Earth In Chains - Part 5

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Flo is awesome. Tommy is awesome. This story is awesome. Love it.

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So freaking good! I do so love this series, I can not wait to click the next link and continue reading.

I fully agree with InnerVenom, all of your characters are fantastic!!

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@Project_Worm: Great dialog between Tommy & Flo. Kinda chuckled that Aquaman's daughter is called Flo :) Might want to edit the one swear word that Tommy uses just in case someone gets a bee in their bonnet, I don't mind it is a fan-fic rule...but it's so common...but ahhh whatever. Great story, making my way through the Earth is fun :)

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@batkevin74: Aww man I didn't even think about that, you catching all my mistakes makes me feel like an amateur... But thinks for helping me fix it up. Also glad you like it!

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Good read! I liked the back and forth between Flo and Tommy.

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@dngn4774: Thanks man. Glad it didn't seem too forced, I though it might.