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  This Fan-Fic is rated T, also if you havent checked it out here is Earth In Chains 15 If this is your first time reading E.I.C. go here>>> 1

 "Hurry up! Move!" Tommy barked. He and Jesse ran to opposite sides of the control panel and began manually operating the weapons, while Allie smashed out the back window and started firing shooting off arrows at the attacking drones.

At one point Jesse machine gunned off the thrusters on one of the larger drones, and he began falling uncontrollably toward the ship!

"Get down!" Tommy yelled, ducking to the floor. The drone ripped though and literally ripped the roof off of the ship.

"Whoa! Hope the JLA had good insurance!" Jesse gaped.

"Jesse, shut the hell up." Tommy sighed.

A missile blasted into one of the ship's turbines. "Not good. I won't be able to steer this thing very well without that, not to mention it'll cut our speed nearly in half." Quinton said in a doomed tone.

Allie continued popping off arrows, doing everything she could to take the drones down, but they just kept coming.

A missile blasted into the bottom of the aircraft, and the force off the impact blew Jesse right out of it! The speedster went flying through the air, screaming.

"Oh my God! Jesse!" Allie screamed.

"I got him!" Tommy shot a grapple from his wrist-launcher, and the line wrapped around Jesse's ankle, and Tommy held on tightly, flying Jesse like a kite.

"Hey,-" Jesse began to yell.

"Jesse, if you say you can see your house from up there, I swear to God I will let go of this line!" Tommy threatened, shutting him up.

The drones were getting dangerously close now. An idea sparked in Jesse's mind, and he began twirling his arms as fast as he could, creating two small cyclones! This pushed him in front of the ship as far as the line would allow, and the force of the cyclones increased the ship's speed tremendously!

"Holy crap! He just tripled our speed!" Quinton said in awe.

"And he's slowing down the drones! Look!" Allie pointed. The cyclones were blasting back the drones.

"We might actually make it." Quinton shook his head in amazement.

Then there was the sound of metal scraping against metal. The drones began to disassemble, and all of their parts clustered up, and began forming together! The remaining six drones were combining into a giant super drone!

"That's not good." Allie took a step back.

The mass of black Apokoliptian steel ignited its thrusters, and ripped through the air after the ship. Allie fired three explosive arrows at once, but this had little effect. Tommy tried firing missiles, but found that they were out.

Thinking quickly, Tommy hooked the grapple he was holding onto a guide rail, securing Jesse, and then took his knife and jammed it into the floor of the plane. He forcefully cut out a rough square chunk, and began digging inside the inner workings of the ship.

"What are you doing?" Quinton shouted.

"Saving our asses." Tommy used a multi-tool device from the utility belt to unscrew several bolts holding in the massive fuel tank in the ship. Then, using all his strength, he ripped the tank out of the plane.

"Tommy! We need that!" Quinton pleaded.

"Just trust me." Tommy said calmly. The plane began to fall, despite Jesse's efforts to keep it in the air with the cyclones. Tommy waited until just the right moment, and then leapt off of the plane! He landed on the drone's back, right on top of it's thrusters.

"Let's see how your rockets handle a little extra fuel!" Tommy jammed the fuel tank into one of the thrusters, and then leapt off. The fire quickly burned through the tank, and the concentrated fuel mixture exploded into a fiery blaze. The blast completely swallowed up the drone, blowing it apart from the inside. Tommy fell blindly out of the smoke, and fired his grapple upwards before his vision had even recovered. In a stroke of pure luck, the grapple hooked onto the ship, and Allie quickly worked to pull him up.

Soon Tommy was back on board, covered in ash and in a stupor.

"Tommy, that was amazing!" She hugged him.

"Yeah, hate to kill the mood, but we're falling pretty fast!" Quinton's voice broke in. Tommy's vision began to come back into focus, and he realized that the sky was blurring passed. They were about to crash!

"How much longer to you think you can keep it in the air, Q?" Tommy asked.

"Not long. If Jesse keeps up what he's doing… maybe six or seven minutes."

"That doesn't give us a whole lot of time to find parachutes." Tommy immediately began searching in the compartments underneath the seats. Then there was a vicious metallic roar.

"You have got to be kidding me…" Allie looked up to see the giant, blazing robot emerging out of the smoke! Chunks were flying off of it as it soared after them, but it refused to give up.

"No! The thing just won't die!" Tommy punched the wall.

Smoke began billowing around them as the falling ship reached terminal velocity. Tommy, Allie and Quinton had to grip the edges of the ship to keep from flying out. The outside of the ship started to burn, and the line keeping Jesse in the air snapped.

Jesse screamed, and was immediately pulled the other way in a forceful jerk. He flailed toward the blazing robot, and broke into a super-fast spin, becoming a human cannonball! The impact nearly sliced the drone in half, and it was blasted apart. Jesse was nowhere to be seen. 

Chunks of the ship started breaking off and flying into the sky. Tommy pulled off his leather jacket, revealing the black sleeveless shirt underneath, and grabbed Allie's hand. "Jump!" He yelled over the noise.

"What? Tommy that's insane!"

"It's better than staying in this deathtrap. Now come on!"

Then, the ship crashed into a heavily wooded forest, mowing down trees and exploded into a ball of fire.


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"Hey,-" Jesse began to yell.
"Jesse, if you say you can see your house from up there, I swear to God I will let go of this line!" Tommy threatened, shutting him up.

Loved that.

The ending is great, and Tommy's a total BAMF.

Awesome work!

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I wouldn't want to stay in that deathtrap. =P

Anyways, great chapter!

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@Project_Worm: No time to grieve, the action just keeps on going! Nice work. SO Tommy's parents were Tim Drake & Katana right?

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@batkevin74: Many gracias, man. Glad you liked it.

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"Jesse, if you say you can see your house from up there, I swear to God I will let go of this line!"

That line made the chapter for me, Jesse's hilarious and Tommy is already an amazing leader.

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@dngn4774: Amazing leader? I suppose one could say that...

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@project_worm Well they managed to survive a couple of more issues without Dinah so I guess Tommy should get credit for that (maybe Ricochet too).