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This Fan-Fic is rated T, also if you havent checked it out here is Earth In Chains - Part 9 If this is your first time reading E.I.C. go here>>> 1

(Outside the underground Justice Cave Entrance – Several hours later)

Tommy and Jesse finally reached the door into the Justice Cave.

"Told you I had a shortcut." Jesse grinned.

"And now we're even, right?"

"Not quite."


"Well, remember how I was being hospitable and allowed you to rest in my cave? I think you owe me now… I should be able to sleep in your cave for the night."

"I disagree."

"So you really want to go back to the same old, same old? Dude, I can get you out in the open."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well face it Gray, I've survived for sixteen years on the streets. You didn't last an hour. If you're ever going to go anywhere but this cave, you need me."

Tommy was silent for a long moment. "Well, do we have a deal or not Tommy?" Jesse pushed on.

"Fine. You can stay for one night."


"This was your plan the whole time wasn't it? The only reason you helped me get here was to con me into letting you stay."

"Well I need a place to sleep, don't I?" Jesse replied slyly.

Tommy ignored him and pressed the buzzer next to the door. Nothing. He pressed it again.

"Who is it…?" Allie's startled voice came through.

"Tommy. Let me in."

"Hold on!" Quinton's voice broke in. "How do we know it's really you?"

"Quinton let me in or I'll bust the door and shove my foot so far up your a** it'll come out your mouth." Tommy threatened.

"Yup, it's Tommy." Quinton concluded.

"Alright, I'll let you in, hold on." Allie's voice said, and then the speaker turned off.

Tommy shot the Jesse a glance and said, "Hey Jesse, do me a favor will you?"

"What do you need?" Jesse raised an eyebrow.

"Just step right in front of me here."

"Uh, ok, sure." Jesse shrugged and stepped in front of Tommy.

The door opened, and immediately Allie's fist flew out, meeting Jesse's face! Jesse screamed and fell the ground.

"Thanks Jesse." Tommy grinned. In response, Jesse flipped him off.

"Oh, uh… sorry." Allie said apologetically to the speedster. "That punch was met for Tommy."

"God… feels like I got hit by a damn truck. This chick hits harder than you do Tommy." Jesse got to his feet, and when he saw Allie, his eyes widened. "Whoa."

"You'll have to excuse my acquaintance here, he's an a****le. He'll be staying with us for the night." Tommy said, pushing passed Allie.

"What were you thinking running off like that Tommy?" She yelled.

"Sorry mother."

"I'm serious Tommy! Do you have any idea how pissed my mom is?"

Tommy ignored her and walked off toward his room, behind sure to elbow Quinton along the way.

"Huh… so you're Tommy's stray a****le?" Allie grinned, helping Jesse to his feet.

"Yup. That's me." Jesse laughed. "I brought him home safely, like any good Samaritan would."

"You ok? I hit you pretty hard?" She sighed.

"It's alright. I've never been hit by an angel, until today." Jesse said smoothly.

"Dude, keep that up, and the next punch will be for you." Allie smiled and walked off.

"Message received." Jesse muttered. Then he looked to Quinton, who was standing there with his hands in his pockets, staring at him blankly. Quinton wore a pair of orange-tinted Aviators that made his eyes impossible to locate. "What the hell are you supposed to be?" Jesse raised an eyebrow.

"Just a watching eye." Quinton said vaguely, showing no sign of any emotion at all.

"Ok… so you mind showing me around here? Looks like a big place and-" Jesse looked back and saw that Quinton was already gone. "Whoa, that's creepy."

Tommy headed for his room; he used the Martian Manhunter's old room because there wasn't much of anything in it. But as he opened up his door, he was stopped by Dinah/

"Tommy! Hold it!" She demanded.

"What do you want?"

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Dinah grabbed him by the shoulder and whipped him around. "You should know better! How could you be so stupid?"

"Look, can we talk about this later please? I'm tired."

"Drop the attitude and listen to me! You're lucky to be alive!"

"Actually, in the time I was gone… it was the first time I've really been alive, Dinah. I wouldn't expect you to understand, but I do expect to just stay out of my business, ok?"

"You will show me respect." Dinah demanded.

"You've done nothing to earn it." Tommy's eyes narrowed. "All you've ever done is hide me, and I'm supposed to respect you for it?"

"I did it for you own good Tommy."

"Well maybe you should stop trying to decide what's bet for me, because you don't have a damn clue!"

"Tommy I promise that in this case, I know better than you do." Dinah tried to keep calm, not wanting to feed Tommy an argument, like he wanted her to. "There are things that you don't understand, that you can't understand, and-"

"And that's not for you to decide!" Tommy interrupted. "You're not my mother ok? So quit pretending to be!" He stormed into his room and slammed the door behind him.

Dinah let out a deep sigh and pressed her head against the wall. Jesse walked in behind her, and grinned. "Holy crap… like mother, like daughter I guess." He said quietly, walking toward her.

"You must be Jesse." Dinah turned around and did her best to put on a happy face.

"That I am. How'd you know about me?"

"Quinton told me."

"Is he the freaky dude with the orange shades?"


"He's not going to like, kill me in my sleep, is he?"

"No, probably not." Dinah laughed. "So, you're Wally's kid?"

"Wally? Um… I'm pretty sure that was his name. I don't remember my dad all that much. I just remember that suit… the bright red suit, he called it his 'jogging clothes.'" Jesse recalled.

"That's all you remember though?" Dinah asked.

"Well, yes and no. I remember both my parents, but I don't really remember details." A dark shadow crossed over his face and for a moment, Jesse looked a hundred years old. But he quickly reverted back to his young cocksure self. "What'd you know my dad or something?"

"Yeah." Dinah grinned, already suspecting that Jesse was hiding some sort of secret, but she said nothing about it. "Allie! Come here!"

"What?" Allie walked in with her hands in her pockets, wearing a loose white t-shirt and blue jeans. She brushed a strand of her golden blonde hair out of her face and popped her gum.

"Hello beautiful." Jesse said loudly, and was completely ignored.

"Can you give Jesse here a tour of the place?" Dinah asked.

"I don't plan on staying here more than a night or so." Jesse pointed out. "Although, there are certain things here I could definitely get used to." He glanced at Allie, and she rolled her eyes.

"Well regardless, I think that as a League kid, you have the right to a tour." Dinah acknowledged. "Allie, you should get going."

"Alright mom." Allie wasn't really interested in playing tour guide, but she was excited for something to do. "Come on Jesse."

"Sure thing sweetheart." Jesse followed after her, already on the lookout for things he could steal.


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Here is Earth In Chains - Part 11

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I love the interactions with all the characters. And a big fight with Deathstroke is coming up. This is a great series, and I really hope you keep going. Well done!

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I appreciate the kind words Vmon. Don't worry this story come EXTREMELY easy to me, even when i have nothing planned...... Which is often (REALLY often...).
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@Project_Worm: No problem dude. It was a joy to read.

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So wonderful... I am in deeply in love with this series <3

Is that pitiful? No, I think it's just about right.


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Good work! Loving your series. You may want to clean up the swearing to @$$ho!e or something in case someone complains coz you drop it in...twice! Seven chapter to go, plus Tibet and something else I think :)

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@batkevin74: Thanks man, yeah I'll go ahead and censor that. You actually have 12 chapters to go counting Tibet... Also I'm JUST about to make it 13.

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The interactions between Jesse and Allie made this chapter. I'm looking forward to reading more.

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@dngn4774: Gracias! Really glad you're enjoying it!