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Hey Guys! I am back! Not an official chapter, but it's pretty important for the future... And there are also a few new clues... Please if you have any theories please keep them under spoilers... Just in case. ENJOY!!  This Fan-Fic is rated T, also if you havent checked it out here is    Earth In Chains 17   If this is your first time reading E.I.C. go here>>> 1   


(Tibet – Ruins of Nanda Parbat)

Nanda Parbat had been a hidden, mystical city hidden in the mountains of Tibet. It was home to hundreds of pacifist monks, who practiced focus and concentration of magical forces.

During the invasion, Nanda Parbat had been decimated. Apokolips had laid the city to waste with ease, killing all of its inhabitants. But it was still a place of concentration, a place cloaked with powerful magic.

And it was the only place that Fate, a young girl, could find peace. Fate sat within the ruins of the great temple, in careful mediation. Her powers were nearly impossible to control, but at Nanda Parbat, she found much less difficulty in it.

Fate let out a deep sigh, and looked at the dark, shrouded sky. In her visions, she had seen many images where the sky had been blue, and beautiful. Now it was just evil and depressing. Just like everything under Apokoliptian rule.

Fate stretched her arms tiredly and went out to the gardens to find breakfast. It was probably the only place on Earth where edible vegetation still grew. Apokolips had pretty much chosen to ignore Nanda Parbat after they had exterminated the monks, considering it useless land. So food could still be found in the gardens.

Fate brushed her silky dark hair out of her face, and looked at her refection in the small pond. Her eyes were glowing again. Sometimes they glowed a dark purple, and other times they glowed a bright golden. She didn't understand why. It probably had something to do with how she had been born. Or at least, how she had been created…

Today her eyes were glowing the dark, fluorescent purple. That usually meant that her powers would be harder to control that day. For some reason, purple equaled difficulty with powers.

"Wonderful." She groaned. Fate scanned the area intently. Sometimes she was visited by the spirits of the dead monks, but apparently not today. Today she was alone. Fate touched her hand to one of plants in the garden, wanting to make a chair for herself. She tried to focus, commanding the plant to grow, but instead it burst into flames.

"Darn it!" She pulled her own hair. Fate plopped down on the ground, allowing her wavy dark hair to fall into her face. She began picking grapes off of a vine. "They had to send me here… my stupid parents couldn't just let me die like everybody else. I don't know what they expected me to do." She grumbled to the open air. "Mom always said I would bring peace… but I don't know how I'm supposed to do that if I can't even control my own powers. Hell there isn't much left to bring peace to..." Fate thought.

Suddenly there was a surge through her brain, like a ripple of energy coursing into her body. She saw a bright purple flash, and then the scene changed around her. She saw a boy. He was pretty tall, with black hair that ran half way down the back of his neck, with his bangs cut at eye-level. His eyes glowed a bright green, they were hard and angry, but deep and emotional at the same time. He was wearing a black cut-off and a pair of faded blue jeans, his fist clenched. He stood ready for a fight. He was standing in a dark room, and he looked lost.

"What the hell…" Fate muttered. "Well at least he's hot." She smiled, admiring his muscled arms, his broad shoulders, and his strangely attractive rage.

Suddenly the scene shifted again. This time there was a bright golden flash, and when it faded, there was a different boy. This one was a little bit taller than the first. He had messy brown hair that looked like it had never seen a comb, and his eyes were a bright, watery blue that seemed to glow in the sunlight. He was smiling warmly, and looked like the happiest guy in the world. He had was muscular as well, but not nearly as tensed up as the first boy had been. He stood with his hands in his pockets, wearing jeans and a plain white t-shirt. There was a mark that looked like had been branded on his arm… a large S symbol.

"What is this…?" Fate looked around.

"This is your destiny, child." A strong feminine voice said. The voice sounded as if it were coming from all directions.

"Hello?" Fate called out, confused. The scene changed one last time. Now both of the boys were there, staring each other down hatefully. They both looked like they had been badly beaten up, but they attacked each other violently. Then there was a fire… a powerful blaze that engulfed them both. "W-what is all this?" Fate demanded.

"Only you can bring them together, child. It is your destiny. You are the bridge. You are the one to bring peace to this world, by bringing both sides together."

"I- I don't understand."

"You must bring together Order and Chaos, or they shall destroy each other. And all shall be lost."

Then the vision faded away, and Fate was back in the garden. There was a painful burning on her wrists, and she looked down to see two glowing tattoos, one on each wrist. One was in a dark black ink, while the other was an almost whitish gold. They were ancient symbols of some sort… Fate could read them, but she wasn't sure how. The black one said chaos, and the whitish-gold one said order.

"What's happening…?" Fate suddenly felt very hot, and turned around to see that the entire temple was burning! She sprinted out into the open air, escaping the blaze. She had no idea what was going on, but she was sure of one thing… she had to find these two boys. 


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Nice chapter!

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@The Impersonator:  
Thanks man! 
EDIT: I just noticed I forgot to put in one of the most important parts. I don't want to emphasize it to much... But if your interested it's in one of the visions...
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@Project_Worm: You're welcome! :)

Nice! But I think it's best to keep it as a surprise. =P

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This is pretty amazing.

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Thanks man :D

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Good mystery, keep up the work with this series!

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Glad you liked it! and just so you know part 18 has already been put up.
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@Project_Worm said:

"What the hell…" Fate muttered. "Well at least he's hot." She smiled, admiring his muscled arms, his broad shoulders, and his strangely attractive rage.

Ha ha ha, nice interlude

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@batkevin74: Glad you think so... this is where most people seemed to stop reading...

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Another amazing chapter! Prophecy's are always interesting. I've read over the clues of the first boy twice but I'm not sure who he is yet. I kinda hope Fate becomes Doctor Fate.