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This is a fan-fic in my own universe. It is rated T+ because of intense violence.

They mocked me.

" Just walk away, man." Said a piece of no good, second rate, trash, trying to scare me off.

They just don't know who I am.

"Last chance man," said the same scum.

He wasn't ready for what happened next. No one was ready for what happened next.

" I warned ya." He said with a grin now. He pulled out his knife.

"FSHIINGGG" went his switchblade.

He rushed at me with his knife, he had bad form. I grabbed his wrist and held it up to make sure I couldn't get stabbed. He kicked me in my nuts and it hurt. I doubled over, he kneeded me in my face. I was knocked on my butt. Now a circle of people have gathered and were watching with excitement. He know leaped on me. I was able to punch him is stomach. Then the battled turned to my favor. He was down beside me and I rolled over on top of him, I punched his face repeatedly. It looked like something out of the comics. People probably thought I was a clone. I kept going and soon what people thought was awesome was now terrifying they were running in fear. I looked at his face and he was near death.

Then I did what I have done my whole life: I ran.

Please comment and tell me your thoughts. Go here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/earth-awesome-1/739469/#6

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very interesting start. i will check out more

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@White Assassin said:

very interesting start. i will check out more

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A clone? Interesting...

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Fking awesome.

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@Pyrogram said:

Fking awesome.

Thank you.