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Hey guys I’m back, with a new issue. This issue has more action, and Todd answers. I am shooting put a new one out every week. This is an original fic, I own the characters. Please comment it helps me and it helps you. Here are the links, last issue: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/earth-awesome-3-1485724/#2 , first issue: http://www.stage.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/earth-awesome-prelude-739459/#1.

At the prison, in “The Boss’s” office our hero is enjoying a chat.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” I ask The Boss

“You want answers Todd,” He replies. “I have …”

“We aren’t going to play this game. We’re going to do this dance. I’m not going to be your pawn. Tell me what you have or I leave.” I tell The Boss, as I start walking out of his cell.

“I can get you out of prison,” The Boss tells me. I expected that. “I just need you too…”

“There it is! I told you this isn’t going to happen!” I exclaim.

“I didn’t want to have to play this card Todd,” The Boss says. “Pete is dead, and I know who did it and where he is.”

This catches my attention. “How do I know you aren’t lying?” I ask.

The Boss throws me a manila envelope. I open it and inside are pictures of Pete’s dead body. I’m not sure if this is photo shopped, but I can’t take this risk.

“Here’s what you’re going to do. Tomorrow there will be a riot. You stay inside your cell, until two nice guards escort to the Helipad. There a helicopter will be waiting to take you to your new headquarters; there you will become Awesome McFury. I have trainers there; the most ruthless hit men and assassins will prepare you mentally, physically, and spiritually to defeat your enemy.” The Boss instructs me.

“I was taught not to look a gift whore in the mouth, but why are you doing this to me?” I ask. I know I should be wandering if this a moral thing to do, but all I can think of is Pete. I'll do anything for Pete.

“The person who did this to your friend Pete is an enemy of mine, he’s about to destroy Train City by leading a revolution for the zombies and clones. My guess is he found out your secret tried to kill you, and framed you for a crime so that you either die or come here. Your company was the biggest funder for the T.C.R.T. with their stocks dropping because of the leader of the board’s death; the T.C.R.T. would be greatly disadvantaged when he struck.” He replies.

“Why do you care about Train City you’re a criminal?” I ask.

“You’re so naive kid. I was like you once young, impetuous, and impulsive.” He tells me.

The next day came and while anarchy erupts across the prison our hero stays in his cell, waiting for the guards.

“Hey. McAwesome.” A guard barks.

“Yeah, that’s me.” I state.

“You’re coming with us.” He says, the guard then proceeds to grab my arm and lead through the corridor. The verbal one stays on my right and the one on my left is tight-lipped.

At the end of the corridor I see a door, it sings of freedom. The “Whup-Whup” of the chopper is a steady chant serenading me with a ballad of freedom. When we open the door, I see the blinding light and step on to my chariot of emancipation. As we fly away I see that hell hole grow smaller knowing that one day I’ll come back for all of them.

Our hero’s trip to prison wasn’t wasted time he gained valuable knowledge over what has been happening and now has a better chance to destroy the plauge this city has.

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Good job

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This still needs punctuation/word use/some spelling work, and the chapter still feels a bit short, but I am really enjoying the build up for this story. You were going for once-a-week postings. Have you lost interest, or are you just sidetracked?

P.S. I have added Earth Awesome to my FF Long Box. :)