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(All characters owned by DC & Marvel respectively. The story is mine but the places, characters & technology is theirs. Earth #431311822512 is the number code of the word DCMARVEL if A=1 B=2 etc each letter has a number value so this combined Earth's number is, well long.

I am trying this to see if I can get my groove back after the, well in my opinion, HORRIBLE update this site had. So far still so unimpressed. Tried to add some pictures to this, and NOTHING, and then when it did work it is TERRIBLE compared to what we had previously. Ahhh enough of my impotent rage against the CV machine, read my story, tell me what you think)


It happened during the night, I remember that much. It was subtle and quick and in a heartbeat it was done. No fanfare, no gloating, just done and everything I knew was wrong, and right at the same time!

I am the Phantom Stranger, this is the universe…but not the one I knew intimately. Someone or something, altered it, blending a foreign universe into it but where one ends and the other begins, I know not, it is beyond my power. I may have to consult the Celestials abo…that doesn’t seem right? Nor does the Living Tribunal, Eon, the Watchers, The Phoenix Force but I know them and their place in THIS universe. But the Anti-Monitor and the Lords of…

Something is amiss but what and for what purpose, I know not.


JLA Watchtower, Moon

“How many teams are you on?” asked Green Lantern.

“Enough” grunted Wolverine as he took a seat at the conference table “Where’s long ears?”

“Behind you!” growled Batman, making the mutant jump a little.

“I knew you were there” snarled Wolverine as he put a cigar in his mouth. Batman glided past, removed the cigar, crushed it and took his seat beside Wolverine.

“Sorry we’re late,” said Ms Marvel as she strode into the room alongside Wonder Woman “Sauron decided to attack the Natural History Museum”

“Vile thing!” said Diana as she sat beside Wolverine.

The teleporter hummed and Sentry appeared in the room “I still don’t know why you won’t allow me to just fly here Batman” he said.

“Security protocols” replied Batman as he watched the man with the power of one million exploding suns take his seat next to him.

“You will never let us forget that Skrull thing will you Bats?” scoffed Green Lantern “Or that Agamemno incident”

Batman glared at Green Arrow, who promptly shut up.

“Batman was right Kyle.” said Hank Pym who grew from ant-sized to human size at the head of the table “He often is”

“That’s because he’s paranoid” whispered Green Lantern, Ms Marvel clipped him across the head “Hey!”

“Thank you Carol” smiled Hank “We have some pressing issues…”

“We are finally going to deal with that tyrant Doom?” asked Wonder Woman

“Diana…” Batman started

“Do we not stand for justice?” she yelled slamming her fist onto the table “How long do we turn a blind eye?”

“We are not a police force!” stated Batman.

“Batman! Wonder Woman! Please!” said Hank “This has nothing to do with Latveria!”

The Amazon and the Dark Knight locked eyes across the table, neither blinking in their battle of silent wills.

“As I was sa…”


The JLA were on their feet as Nightcrawler stood in the middle of their conference table, his eyes filled with tears. In his arms was a broken and bleeding Zatanna.

“Help!” he whimpered.


“At least twenty of them” panted Nightcrawler as Hank attended him, the rest of the JLA gathered around.

SNIKT SNIKT “Let’s go!” growled Wolverine.

“It’s a trap” stated Batman as he watched over Zatanna through the infirmary glass “They let Nightcrawler escape”

“I barely escaped with my life Herr Batman”

Batman turned back to the furry blue mutant “Name them!”


“Who has taken over the Avengers mansion?” barked Batman “We need names”

“Take it easy Batman” said Sentry placing a hand on his shoulder “Teleporting from the earth to the moon is no easy feat”

“Who did you see Kurt?” asked Wonder Woman as she sat beside him.

“The Wrecker, Amazo, Deathstroke, Black Adam, Rhino, Juggernaut, Metallo, Blockbuster, Tiger Shark, Count Nefaria, the white Frankenstein…”

“Solomon Grundy?” questioned Ms Marvel.

“Yes! Baron Zemo and Lex Luthor were leading them” Kurt coughed “There were several others, Spider-Man villains who I do not know”

“What are we going to do?” asked Green Lantern. The JLA instinctively turned to Batman.


“What?” snapped Wolverine “Are you mental?”

“Possibly” Batman grabbed a taser from his belt and fired it at Nightcrawler, shocking him with fifty-thousand volts. Wonder Woman grabbed the cables and tore them off Nightcrawler’s convulsing body.

“What in Zeus’ name are you doing?” cried Wonder Woman.

“Watch” Batman pointed to Nightcrawler’s head and slowly a small capsule plopped out of his left ear. A transparent tear shaped vehicle containing Mr Mind. Green Lantern encased it in a cube of solid green will. “Kurt wouldn’t of answered what, to a question. It is always vas, same with yes. Even though his English is very good, he retains some Germanic phrasing, something Mr Mind hadn’t thought of”

“Very clever Batman” shrieked the tiny inscet “But you’re too late!”

Wolverine caught a wiff of a familiar scent and the JLA turned to see a veritable sea of villainous faces crowding the corridor to the infirmary.

“We’ve taken out the Avengers,” cackled Mr Mind “Now the JLA shall fall! KILL THEM!”

To be hopefully continued...

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@joshmightbe: Thanks, just trying to get back into the swing

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“How many teams are you on?” asked Green Lantern.

“Enough” grunted Wolverine as he took a seat at the conference table “Where’s long ears?”

“Behind you!” growled Batman, making the mutant jump a little

A slight dig at Wolverine :)

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