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Part II

"Batman, I'll go ahead and you can follow. I must hurry, Diana may need my - our help" lately, Superman was trying to make sure he knew that the responsibility of saving others was not only his, that he was not the only hope. He had and many times needed support, and will need it more than ever now.

"Don't worry Clark, I have your back. I'll bring Cyborg and call in Hal. Flash is on his way already, he may beat you there."

With a smile on his face Clark's said "50 bucks he won't" as he zoomed off in a flash of red into the distance.

"That's nothing for me really, but I'll do it." Batman was now thinking out loud "now what was I doing... Cyborg get ready to ride the hyper jet!"


Superman had arrived five seconds before flash, who had been in Egypt, near the Nile river.

"Darn, you beat me Clark, i bet bruce id beat you! Where'd you come from? I was way back in Egypt searching for clues. Have you gotten any news? Why are we here?

"Flash, slow down. I was just at the earth League base with Batman. Diana was in battle with Teth here and we rushed here as soon as possible. Bruce, Hal, and Cyborg should be here any moment. Now we should activate our water suits to investigate"

With the click of a button the two were changed into fashionable water suits so durable they could survive 500 pounds of dynamite and direct shots from tanks. They were able to maneuver almost normally in these gravity manipulating suits.

"Wow, when did we get these, I'm still pretty fast down here!" Barry was zooming around, catching fish with his bare hands easily. They soon stopped their fun when they saw a sudden flash of purple. The screams of Diana filled the surroundings. Bizzaro had Wonder Woman by her neck, choking her.

"What is strange thing on Wonder Girls head? Why she no drown? Bizarro special, me no drown because Adam man give me magic air! I no have to breath!" Bizzaro was flinging a limp Diana around like a wet towel. He soon noticed Flash and Superman from behind him.

" why Soupman and Fastman here? I need stop you!" Bizzaro zoomed toward superman, grappling him and flying into the darkest crater he could find. Shooting fire breath so hot it burned through water, creating sparks of light within the crevices. Flash soon heard Superman shout "Get Diana, and get her on land, she is on no condition to fight!"


Flash was near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean when Diana woke up. Despite being badly beaten during her last battle, she acted as if she were only scratched.

"Stop! Barry, I need to return to battle. He blind sided me, Hera gve me a gift and I will use it!"

Too weak to fight the opinions of Flash, Wonder Woman was left on the shore of Myrtle Beach. Helplessly watching Flash walk away. "Sorry Diana, I followed orders, and you can't go back their. Gotta go, it'll be a Flash!" Barry ran off, a dash of red and yellow, Into the sunset.

Diana got up in a painful groan, only to fall back down. "My adrenaline has depleted. The pain is kicking in." Diana limped slowly to the nearest shelter, and waited their for the Flash "Why you little. I need to help them. I feel so useless like this. If only I were stronge-"

Diana was complaining for minutes until she was interrupted by a familiar voice. "You may want to get to where the league is, they could be in big trouble. And you'd want to be their in the Battle Royale wouldn't you."

"Slade, you know nothing. That freak show Bizzaro has the odds against him! What are you even doing here? You're out of your league trying to fight me!"

"Fight you? Diana, I wouldn't, I'm just following orders!"

"Orders? From who?"

"Bye Diana"

Within a blink of an eye Slade had disappeared. "That one eyed son of - Why did he - how could he! I must warn the other members."

Feeling panicked, Diana rushed to Atlantis, only to see the League fighting Bizarro, bloody and beaten, but still fighting. Aquaman was gone, went to who knows where.

"Diana why are you here we have this handled, Hal is going to imprison him within a globe construct with his ring, cool, right?! Superman could hold him off fine."

Bizarro was still ravenous for battle, slamming Green Lantern through the sea floor. "You no understand, me win, you lose! You all lose, one eye told Wonder Girl already! Hahaha."

"Diana what is he talking about? Is he talking of Slade, I thought I dealt with him!" Batman was thinking hard. "How could this happen? What is Going on?"

"Bruce, this is why I'm here. I came to warn you about-"

A vibrant flash interrupted Wonder Woman with a crash. "Me! And you came just on time!" Black Adam was under water, a fierce look on his eye. No one expected anything that happened next.

"What are you planning, Adam! Why are you here. We outnumber you, you stand no chance!" Superman was taking the simple approach. A conversation that could clear the whole matter was underway, but was soon interrupted by a furious Diana. " What have you done with that poor boy!? Ku'ul was innocent!"

"Innocent he was not! He broke a law not meant to be broken, and that is above your understanding. You do whatever you want to 'save the world' if you want to know what happens come with me!" With the snap of his fingers, and a strike of lightning, Adam had transported them to the edge of the Sahara. There was a large obelisk, nearly 600 feet tall. It was all black except for the head of a yellow Jackal. "Follow these towers to the center of the desert, and you will find me. No technology though, only yourself. Batman, your belt, off! I'll see you there, hopefully!" In a crash of thunder Adam and Bizarro were gone.

Batman had taken off his belt. "This is a new and strange situation. Be strong, be observant, be cautious. We need to stick together, and a plan. Now let move toward the destination!" The team started off, using the obelisks immense shadow as cover. They planned, thought, and observed their surroundings. "I hope we make it through." Batman was whispering to himself. Not knowing what lied ahead, know their is only one way to find out.

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Interesting end. How did Black Adam bring them to the Sahara? Anyway, good job. I really got into it.

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@awesam: magic, and being a boss. Did u notice I had trouble wording some things, was this one better? Ah suggestions/ideas

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@18hunt: Your narrative style is different than mine. It actually really got me into the story. I'll just say practice makes perfect. Read some other stories and check out how everyone writes. Most of us do things differently, usually. As far as I can tell, it's fine. Aside from some grammar errors, keep writing and your work will improve. Again, not saying it's bad. Everyone can use improvement to some degree.

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Nicee. Keep up the good work!

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@18hunt: It's okay. There are some spots where the dialogue seems a little forced. I would suggest reading some parts over and distingushing which details should be mentioned through the narrator as opposed to with details should literally be spoken out loud. For example, Bizarro doesn't need to tell WonderWoman why he can breath underwater, and it seems out of character for Deathstroke to call WonderWoman by her first name. Still, this was a good chapter.

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@dngn4774: thnx for the input, I was told the opposite last time by someone else. lol