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'Author's note: Within this universe, Kryptonians have discovered the ability to utilize their full potential, AKA their powers, in any sunlight. You'll find out how later.'



He could barely take a step without crushing one of the precious tablets, as they were made of an incredibly fragile stone mined from the caves on Krypton's former moon Wegthor. Before the moon was destroyed by the council, of course, in their feeble attempt at halting the genius Jax-Ur's important research. So, to find his way around his quarters and the mess of old Kryptonian tablets, Kal had to levitate, focusing twice as hard as he usually would; to keep afloat, and to focus on the stones.

It had been a recent obsession of his, reading the tomes. They were written by his father; not the great Zod, but his birth father, who the monstrous council members had executed when he tried to bring up evidence of their tyranny. Why though, he'd never known. The great Zod had always refused to tell him why they did so, saying that Kal wasn't old enough to comprehend their meaning. And when he pushed, hoping to try and coax his adoptive father into telling him, he'd be berated.

So, as Kal grew older, and he was allowed acess to Kypton's vast archives, he took it upon himself to study the works of Jor-El, his father, with the intentions of recognizing why the council what they did.

So far though, he come up with naught.

It didn't slow him any though. He still lay out a different volume everyday, reading them start to finish, sometimes more than once, clinging to the notion that his father's death wasn't just an act of tyranny.


The calm voice took his attention from his work. Kar-El, his cousin and only living relative; apart from the great Zod, stood within the portal that was his doorway. "How are your studies coming along?" She left the floor and gently glided towards him, the military cape that draped her slender shoulders trailing beneath her feet.

"Another day wasted, Kar-El. Another day of nothing."

"Don't say that Kal," The blonde placed her hand on Kal's shoulder. "I think you're another day closer to a breakthrough." her attempt at comforting him did little to ease his frustration, but Kal appreciated it all the same. Zor-El, Kar-El's father, was one of the many civilians who had needlessly died in the council's massacre, so Kal's research meant something to her as well.

"What brings you here, cousin?," he asked, his eyes falling back to the stone tablets that littered his floor.

"The Emperor desires your presence. He wishes to ask a favour of you."

Kal sighed. He wanted greatly to continue his research, but the Emperor always came first. It was his duty as the General of Krypton's armies to see to his Emperor's every whim. "What is it, he wishes to ask of me?"

"It is not my place to know, cousin. I was only ordered to retrieve you." Kar-El took her hand from Kal's shoulder as he lowered himself to the floor and took to picking up his father's tablets, crossing her arms behind her back as she did so. She began hovering around Kal's quarters, eyeing the many trinketts and war trophies he'd acquired in his conquests.

"Your credentials always amaze me, cousin," she smiled, poking a soft Czarnian cactus Kal had allowed to grow over his wall. "I hope one day my own life will be revered as yours is now."

Kal smiled back at her, something he rarely did. "One day, the name Kar-El shall be etched into time itself, I'm sure of it."

Kar-El blushed, and Kal knew he'd appealed to her desire for greatness. He finished collecting his father's works, and lay them on his table.

"Come cousin," he said, gesturing for the younger Kryptonian to lead him from his quarters. "The Great Zod shan't be pleased we've taken so long."

Emperor Zod's throne room stood five stories tall at the very top. It was filled top to bottom with those who laid claim to Krypton's best and brightest minds, both military and scientific, fluttering about on the silver floor and in the air. Zod himself sat upon the great throne of Kandor, fifteen feet high and forged of the metals of a thousand planets. As Kal and Kar-El came in, the Emperor beckoned them towards him with a wave and the sound of his deep greeting.

"General Kal-El!," he bellowed, his voice echoing off the walls and distant roof.

"Father," Kal said, taking a knee at his adopted father's feet. "I was told that you required me?"

The Emperor stood up from his throne. Every other Kryptonian in the throne room stopped dead in their tracks and dropped to their knees, those

floating around the room lowered to the floor to do so. "No need to kneel. It's only our greatest general." The Kryptonians went back to their buisness.

Kal and Kar-El stood as well, as Emperor Zod put his arm on Kal's shoulder and lead him from the throne towards the east balcony and it's view of Kandor. "Tell me Kal, have you ever heard of Oa?"

He hadn't. "I'm afraid not, father. Is it of importance?"

"It is. You see, Oa is the home of an army known as the Green Lanterns. They possess an immense power, or so I've heard. One that they may pose a threat to Krypton if they decide to make a move against us."

"We cannot let that happen...The losses due to the council's massacre is already far to many, and..."

"I know, General. That is why you are here," The two stopped at the balcony, and the Emperor turned to Kal. "I wish for you to go to Oa, with a thousand of our best men and women, and convince the Oan's to join us."

"And if they don't?"

"Then show them that the might of Krypton is not one to be trifled with. If they will not join us, eliminate them and take this power from them, so that Krypton may better protect itself."

Kal eyed his adoptive father, then nodded. "As you wish, Father."

"Good General. You shall leave within the week."

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Great job! Really interesting having Zod be Kal-El's adoptive father. Also, you have a very unique narrative style. Really good.

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I love it its really cool! Your a great writer!

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@calvalier I like it, but I have to ask you the classic question I give to dbz fans "If you have so many planet busters on one planet what keeps the planet from being busted?"

Besides that this is a very interesting story. I also like the Oa tag in since they seem like a logical threat to Zod's rule.

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Gotta be honest: I get tired of seeing evil-Superman/ Superman-conqueror stories, but I'm curious to see where this one goes.

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@cbishop said:

Gotta be honest: I get tired of seeing evil-Superman/ Superman-conqueror stories, but I'm curious to see where this one goes.

I think Superman is more morally conflicted in this story than the average evil-superman/superman-conqueror stories you've grown tired of. He kind of seems kind of like Damian Wayne, raised to despise weakness but can't help but feel some things are wrong.

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@dngn4774: Yep, that's why I'm curious to see where this one goes. It's starting off like any good Elseworlds, where he starts out different, but eventually becomes something resembling the Supes we know and love.

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Yep, I can't wait to see how it all unfolds....Show us why Superman is the shiznit compared to these weak perpetrators we see in comics today.