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Place: The Superman Museum Metropolis, Earth Two

Time: 11:47 am.


Date: June

''Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!''

Clifford Kent Olson read the nearly 80 year old headline encased in glass and gave a grin. Now THIS was history. More importantly it was his history. Taking out his tablet, Clifford began to finish the rest of his blog this was gonna make a big impact for the Star on Superman Day. The Superman Museum had opened up sometime in the 90s, along with the flash museum in Keystone City. Not too long after the crisis that had threatened the only two realities in existence. At least, that's how everyone saw it. There seemed to be a gap in history, as no two people remembered what happened the same way. Allot of people had been lost in that horrible war. Green Arrow on this earth, Supergirl on Earth One, and sadly Barry Allen of earth one as well. Not to mention all the other losses. Hero and civilian alike, lost by the evil ''Anti-Monitor'' who had threatened to wipe out all existence from itself. The heroes of the two earth's had branded together in a desperate bid to stop this hideous celestial being from doing his wicked deed. Ever since then. Life had gone on as usual. The people of metropolis had decided to open this Museum dedicated to Superman, THEIR Superman, as a way of saying thanks for saving existence itself n' all. Over the following 24 years, Life had gone on as usual on earth Two. Old heroes from the old WWII dying off of old age and their successors and newer heroes taking their place. Power Girl herself had met & eventually settled down with the son of Jimmy Olson, James Olson Jr. Now Editor of the Daily Star. The Jimmy Olson of this Earth had grown up with Superman as the head Honcho of hero kind during the old days and he had passed the tales onto his son. You can imagine his surprise when his girlfriend turned out to be The Man of Tomorrow's cousin/adopted niece.

A mere two years after the crisis, the two were married and Kara was soon blessed with a Baby boy. Despite the jubilation, both knew that someday, this boy would inherit the Kryptonian physiology, that under Earth's gravity would give him the same incredible powers as Superman and his Mother.

This boy now stood, 22 years later, taking photos for the Daily Star as a blogger for it's website. Clifford shared two names. One of his great uncle Clark, the other of his father. But he insisted on being called ''Clifford Kent'' as a tribute the ex editor of the star. He even had a kryptonian name he had made for himself. Kub-L. He looked up to Superman and his ideals but all the same, he had very Socialist ideals himself and admired the early adventures of his great uncle more than anything, when he fought crime on a social & political level, most of them anyway. He often felt the need to do it himself. As a result, the police and rich men and woman of the city were wary of him. Then again, so were the wife beaters and corrupt politicians. Both classes of people who had had the misfortune to tangle with the new heir to the Superman legacy who right now was thinking of a title for his blog.

''72 years of Tomorrow. That should buy Dad off for a while. Not too mention gimmie a raise in my ''allowance.'' No freebies for me from him. At least I can't be accused of being ''entitled.'' ''

Suddenly, there was a heavy explosion outside. The windows of the Museum shattered, people within ducked and headed for cover and outside, the unmistakable sound of screaming could be heard in the streets of new troy. Clifford scuttled outside unnoticed by everyone else.. From behind the Superman statue at the entrance he saw the reason for all the devastation outside. Upon looking at it, his blood ran cold He knew that laugh, it was one that had haunted the Superman family since 1939. A laugh that would haunt them forever, as long as it found a way to survive. That laugh could belong to only one person....

The Ultra-Humanite.

For nearly as long as there had been Superman, there had been The Humanite. Next to the late Alexei Luthor, ''Ultra'' had been superman's greatest foe. A scientific genius, everything in brains that superman was in strength. Once an elderly scientist, he had transferred his brain into the body of a young actress, Delores Winters. But in time her body had too aged and died as the Humanite ate up her life in his own sick, twisted way. His new body was something he commissioned before the Dolores body had been used up. A robotic body, comprised of steel and raw electricity, the size of two men. Ultra had outdone himself this time, thought Clifford. Then, suddenly, it dawned on him why the metallic brute was here. What better way to destroy the superman legacy than to destroy the memories of the great hero. This wasn't on, and Cliff knew it. There was no way in hell he was going to let this slide, ESPECIALLY not when it came to the Ultra-Humanite. Clifford peeked out from behind the statue, just for a brief second. Good, no one had noticed him. Now all that was needed was a quick transformation. Maybe it was genetics or just out of tradition that made Ciff think what he did next but whatever the reason was, it felt good. DAMN good.

''This looks like a job for...''

There was a bit of a mental pause before Clifford parted his shirt to reveal the red spandex and white star symbol under it. Then, he finished.


Quick as a flash, Clifford had changed out of his civilian clothes and was now resplendent in his superhero outfit. A red full body jumpsuit with a white star symbol on his chest. There was also a cape. a large blue one that clipped onto his left side via a golden broach. The other end with attached to his arm. To some it would have looked impractical, but Clifford had somehow made it work. It was just ''Samaritan''. His name. Not The or man or Mr. Just Samaritan. Many heroes these days seemed to use one word names, and it had just stuck from there. Besides, it meant something to Cliff. Even though he never used the name in the religious sense. As far as he cared, ANYONE could be a Samaritan if they chose. Sizing up the robotic Humanite, Samaritan jumped into the air and made a dash towards the metal goliath. Like all earth two Kryptonians, Samaritans unique physiology and genetics gave him all the powers of Kal-L. Unlike the superman of Earth-One, He didn't need sun rays to fuel his powers.

There was an almighty crash as the Humanite toppled over onto the paving. He let out a growl of frustration and lifted himself off the ground. Just as Samaritan landed a few inches away from him.

''Ok, Ultra. I'm only going to ask this once. Stand down and MAYBE we can prevent each other from adding to this damage.''

At first, there was no reply, then the veteran Supervillainraised himself to full height and looked down at the figure of the red hero below him. Suddenly, a sly grin came over the mechanical face, it was unnatural and frightening. Like something out of an old Claymation short from the 80s. Samaritan was admittedly scared of this hideous visage at 1st, but never the less stood his ground as the Humanite spoke in a semi robotic, nearly but not quite human voice...

''So you are the one they call ''Samaritan''? In truth I expected nothing short of this from the heir of superman. Glad to know that Power Girl installed some level of fear into you. You seem to posses Superman's commanding presence not to mention the Demanding tone.''

The robotic body lifted itself to full height and thrust it's left arm ahead of itself.

''Now let us see whether or not you possess his agility.

In a quick motion, The hand had flipped up, revealing a series of missiles in the wrist. Before Samaritan could do anything, one of the smaller missiles issued forth from the wrist leaving a trail of smoke behind it. It was aimed straight at the block next to the museum. Samaritan acted quickly. he flew into the path of the torpedo and grabbed onto it tightly. Then, he zoomed into the air and threw the missile over the top of the Daily Star building. A second later, the windows in several buildings cracked and shattered. as the bomb went off over the city. People in the streets looked up and shouted. Some covered their eyes while others ran into their homes for shelter. Samaritan meanwhile landed right next to the Humanite and gave a glare as he started walking towards the giant figure.

''Does that answer your question?''

There was no reply. The Ultra-Humanite's metallic mouth twisted into an ungodly scowl. People by now had flocked in front of the museum to see their new defender show his stuff. Army troops and cops had been deployed around the area to keep them back. One slip up could mean death for hundreds of innocent people. Samaritan was hoping that no one would actually be stupid enough to jump the Line of police until the Humanite was down. Indeed, most were wisely keeping their distance. Samaritan and the Humanite were now locked in an intense stare down. Both men looking for an opening. It was Ultra that spoke 1st.

''You shouldn't feel too down about this, you know. You're descendent had a very low respect for human life when he 1st began his little ''crusade''. Or maybe he just didn't bother to tell you about the fact that he was responsible for the destruction of my original body?''

Samaritan's eyes glared with rage! But deep down he knew that the Ultra-Humanite had a point. Superman hadn't always been the Big Blue Boy scout everyone knew him as. When he had 1st started out his ideology had been more or less ''Strong Socialist-Anarchist''. That had all changed with the coming of the second world war to America's doorstep. The realisation of this memory must have caused something to ignite in Clifford's heart. With a quick burst of energy he dashed at The Humanite with his arm outstretched, his hand curled into a fist. The Robotic madman attempted to retaliate with a barrage of electrical shocks. Samaritan managed to dodge most of them with one just managing to put a hole through his cape. No matter. He had more like that one at HQ. There was a loud metallic thud as fist met with metal and The Humanite was floored instantly. Sparks leap and metallic joints began to grind as the body heaved itself to a sitting position. All the while Kub-L's eyes blazed above him.

''That was then, Ultra. THIS is now! And now, I'm willing to let you live another day.''

Despite this, the Ultra-Humanite kept on smiling, as though he thoroughly believed that the anger of the young hero would consume him enough to cross that line. To his shock however, that never came to be. With a reddening of his eyes, Samaritan's heat vision shot forth melting through the armour, hitting one of the main circuits and shutting off the robotic suit. The Humanite's cries of rage were cut off as the voice transistor in the headpiece shut down. The brain inside remained undamaged, due to the special fluid within that preserved it, but everything but the life support was now dead, leaving the brain alone with it's angry thoughts.

Meanwhile in the streets, the people were cheering on Samaritan, who now stood on the fallen Ultra-Humanite's chest plate as the sun shone down on him. They didn't know that Cliff had the desire to rough Ultra up just a teeny bit more. Unfortunately for him, the cops weren't 100% happy with his presence. There was still the matter of him roughing up the Mayor the other day for attempting to pass a law that would have put a tax of snacks and fast food. They called out to the young hero to stay where he was and not to move, but Samaritan was having none of it. Somme of these corrupt pigs actually had the balls to say that he was a disgrace to the superman legacy. Obviously they'd never passed a history exam on metahuman studies in their lives. As they came forward, Samaritan decided it was time to get out of the area.

''Sorry folks. No autographs today I'm afraid. Maybe when i'm less...hounded.''

However, like most show boaters, Samaritan always gave the people what they wanted. And while the people on earth one may have found the following line cheesy, it never failed to get a response from the folks on Earth Two.

''Up! Up! And away!''

The crowd below roared with delight as the red clad hero took off into the sky. The police below radioed something to HQ as the army took the remains of the Ultra-Humanite away, back to the max security prison where he'd escaped. The museum's contents where thankfully undamaged, leaving the Ultra-Humanite's plan a failure. Despite this, the entrance had taken a beating and the museum would remain closed for 2 days. Meanwhile in present time, Clifford was flying back over the tall buildings and apartments that littler the skyline of Metropolis. He had not started out his career as Superman had done, with the limited power range. he had waited till his powers were built up. There were still a few blank spots, but they'd be filled in good time as Kal's had. Just as he made his way towards the Star, a strange bleeping came from his wrist. On Samaritan's wrist was a two way radio watch that allowed him to communicate with his folks as well as his Great Uncle. It was the latter that was calling. Obviously he'd seen the news reports and wanted to have a word about what just happened. Samaritan sighed, he was going to get an ear full and he knew it was gonna sting like hell. Against his better judgement, Cliff made his way towards the mountains overlooking the city, towards the secret HQ of the superman dynasty.

(This is the 1st issue of a bunch of on-going stories I'm making for a fanfic group I'm in. please leave feedback and tell me what I did right and what I did wrong. Samaritan is from Dc's vertigo and the Ultra-Humanite depicted above is from Earth-9.)

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@2099man: This has pretty much everything I look for in a good opener, a solid plot, legible grammar, useful information about the character, some action, and believable dialogue. The thing I am most impressed with is your utilization of characters from the less mainstream universes; most writers just tackle the standard interpretation of characters but I think this is better. Also, the use of descriptive writing was impeccable in this chapter. I would have liked to see more dialogue but it's understandable since there isn't much of need to socialize during a fight scene.

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@dngn4774 said:

@2099man: This has pretty much everything I look for in a good opener, a solid plot, legible grammar, useful information about the character, some action, and believable dialogue. The thing I am most impressed with is your utilization of characters from the less mainstream universes; most writers just tackle the standard interpretation of characters but I think this is better. Also, the use of descriptive writing was impeccable in this chapter. I would have liked to see more dialogue but it's understandable since there isn't much of need to socialize during a fight scene.

Thanks. You'll be seeing allot more of that during the next chapter of Samaritan. Especially since it will revolve round Clifford's Relationship with Clark as well as Clark's thoughts on the changing nature of everything hero wise. Right now I'm focussing on the earth two world's finest and trinity before launching into the JS and Infinity INC titles. There will also be a flash and GL series to look out for.

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Really cool and interesting! Kind of reminds me of my Future Shock group which is pretty much dead.

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Really cool and interesting! Kind of reminds me of my Future Shock group which is pretty much dead.

thanks tommy. expect a cameo by the man of tomorrow himself in issue two. ^^