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Part three: Steve Trevor.

My name is Steve Trevor, commander of A.R.G.U.S, and today, I resigned.

The president decided to wage a war on the superheroes to end the villain madness and the damage they do. He asked me to bring in the Justice League with my league of heroes. I refused, he nuked the watchtower… Diana… was there…

I told my league the news, and told them they had two choices:

- the first is to stay here, and help the capture of the villains and the heroes.

They asked what the second choice was.

I told them.

“- you can go, flee as far away from here as possible, and get chased.”

None of them spoke for a couple of minutes. The coldest of them all, the Martian, spoke first.

- I will not collaborate with this, I am going.

- I will buy you some time, I answered.

He nodded at me, and phased through the ground.

I turned to the rest of them. They were surprised.

Stargirl then spoke:

- I am going as well, don’t you think of holding me here.

- I am not staying either, this is going too far

That was catwoman, it’s he first time I hear her that angry, it’s probably due to the announcement of the JL’s death, Batman…

- You do not answer arrow?

- I am staying.

Everyone looked at him, shocked

- They know all about me, who I care about, what I own… they can hurt these people… and I can’t let that happen.

- I am staying too. Said hawkman.

- Anyone else? Simon?

- I am not staying, I am going back to the corps.

After saying this, he took off, blowing the roof off. He probably has faced air fighters and got nuked… I would have told him if he wasn’t that fast…

The remaining members who did not chose were vibe and katana:

- I am going, they have no way to catch me, they don’t know anything about me.

That was katana, she turned to stargirl and catwoman and asked:

- Can we go now?

- How about vibe?

Everyone turned to him, he fell on the floor, on his knees. He was crying.

- I can’t come… they know all about me… they…

He stopped and started to cry even more. Hawkaman then spoke.

- Trevor, I recommend you to go, I can hear footsteps.

- Me too, I turned to the girls, you follow me, I know safe places, even A.R.G.U.S does not know them.

- Let’s go then.

I turned to the ones who stayed.

- It’s been an honor, Vibe, arrow, Hawkman.

- If I am ordered to take you down, be sure I won’t.

- Thank you Katar.

We smiled at each other.

The footsteps were approaching faster. I opened a hidden door, the girls went through, and when the door closed, all I could tell the three men was:

- I am sorry.

The door opened on a dark corridor, Stargirl used her powers to light the way.

We ended up in a room where a jet was parked.

- Even if it’s smaller, it’s faster than the one you know, I told them.

We boarded, and took off, when looking back, I cold see Amanda Waller and a team of soldiers which just entered the hidden hangar.

I flew fast, but low, to avoid being detected. When we were over Gotham City, we saw Wayne Manor burning. Catwoman took her head in her hands, she probably guessed, although never knowing who he was.

The location we currently are in is secret to everyone, Stargirl, Katana and Catwoman agreed with me that we had to get the remaining heroes, then counter attack.

I will never stop, for the Justice league… for the situation in which Vibe and the others are… for Diana….

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