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Part nine: Amanda Waller.

I am Amanda Waller, I work for the Defense department of the United States, A.R.G.U.S.

Yesterday, the colonel Tervor received an order from the president, the order consisted in the launch of a nuclear missile on the watchtower, home of the Justice League.

He refused and resigned from his job. I took over A.R.G.U.S and launched the missile.

According to my sources, Superman, Wonder woman, Black Lightning and Flash have been killed. We do not have news on Batman nor Element Woman, though we know they were in the tower. The nature of Element Woman makes it hard to determine her status.

We currently know that Atom and Firestorm were not in the tower.

Trevor managed to split his Justice League of America, which I counted upon to give us the advantage. We still have three good members: Vibe, whose loyalty to us is complete, green arrow, who is less certain, and Hawkman, who is the wild card.

I was about to get a hold on Cyborg, but someone appeared and took him, reports say it was Aquaman.

We have no idea about the lantern’s locations, although we managed to kill Simon Baz when he tried to escape the building.

We are tracking Deathstroke, his army of safe houses should come to an end one day.

I lost control of the suicide squad, it seems Deadshot helped them get rid of their bombs, but in their state… they shouldn’t go far.

The hero known as Captain marvel was easily taken down, with one shot of a nuclear missile.

When we found out about the identity of Batman, we immediately sent a troop in Gotham. The reports indicate the batcave was invaded, but the young man known as Red Hood and Batman’s butler managed to flee from it and destroy the cave. We deducted Red Hood was non other than Jason Todd, one of Bruce Wayne’s young adoptions, that had died. We also deducted the identities of all the Red Robins and all.

We tracked down the team known as the teen Titans, Vibe was sent there too, to take down Kid Flash. The reports show that Vibe did cut Flash from his speed, but the one known as Superboy took him down. We found the body of Superboy later, he was the sole victim of the missile sent to finish off the work. This means there still is three Titans left.

We have tried tracking the Red Hood, but he showed up by himself. He rescued Nightwing, who was believed away, and they took down our forces led by Green Arrow.

We have a serious problem there, if these three keep doing this, they are going to gather quite a team.

We did not find the occult team known as the Justice League Dark. These magical creatures are extremely dangerous, which is why most of our efforts are put into this.

All these failures listed above show one thing: our soldiers are weak, they can’t fight superhumans.

With only three superhumans on our side, we can’t win…

Which is why I am on my way to talk to the president about a protocol I created, that is supposed to make us get the advantage.

The major problem in all this, though, is Atlantis. If Aquaman saved Cyborg, it won’t be long before the whole atlantean army gets to war… against us. The last time Atlantis waged war on us… well we lost… I mean, we’d HAVE lost if the Justice league didn’t stop them…. And they almost got killed.

I am in the white house now, walking towards the Oval office. I do not feel comfortable. It may be because the man sitting here is not the one I have voted for… from what I know about him (and I know a lot of things), he will be reluctant. A good thing is, that I am quite good at persuading people.

I am pushing the door…

“mister president? I have something for you…”

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