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Part 4: kid flash

Hi! My name is Bart Allen, and I am kid flash. I was with the teen titans when it happened, we were in the hideout, talking, watching TV, eating a snack… you get it.

Superboy was watching TV when there was a breaking news flash.

“ Justice league watchtower destroyed, all members killed, war on superhumans declared.”

What followed was a declaration by the vice president, stating that all superhumans had to surrender to the government or be chased and shot on sight.

Robin was sitting on the couch, crying, which was something we didn’t think was possible. Cassie turned to me and whispered “ Batman…”

I immediately understood, and I sat by him trying to comfort him.

We al knew Batman was like a father to him, even though he never showed it.

I thought Superboy would be affected, but he didn’t seem to be.

For Cassie, wonder girl, it was a bit different. She never told us about it, but I think Wonder woman was someone important to her. She held her head high until she was alone, I heard her cry silently it the kitchen.

Robin then stood up, his face still marked by the tears he just shed, he turned to us and told:

“ We have to go, now.”

We all agreed and packed our stuff very fast. That’s my department after all.

We heard engines stopping in front of the house.

- They’re already here, said Robin. Bart, go see what it is and how many they are. Conner, get ready to intervene.

- Sure thing Tim

I dashed down, I found myself in front of a couple of tanks and soldiers ready to enter the house. I tried to take as much of the soldiers weapons as possible, but something, a blast of something, made me slow down… I couldn’t run, I was cut from the speed force. I turned my head around and saw Vibe, I didn’t know him, but I watch TV, and there was a moment where there was a ton of stuff about him. I understood I was in danger when soldiers aimed at me. I cried:


Conner blasted through the walls and took the handful of soldiers down. The tanks aimed, but the noise they made blew their cover. Superboy literally tore them apart.

Robin and Wonder Girl then came down, they took care of the remaining soldiers very fast.

Vibe was the only one still standing, he blasted Cassie through a wall. Robin and superboy went on him while I had to retrieve Cassie. What they said about Vibe was hugely exaggerated, Superboy took him in one punch, and robin picked up his tech, hoping to find a way to link me to the force again.

Superboy’s X-ray vision revealed a nuke about to hit the city.

- a nuke…

- what?

- There’s a nuke coming, it’s going to kill everyone here, and civilians…

- You don’t have to go!

- I have to, I can survive it.

- No you won’t conner, you won’t make it! That was Cassie’s voice.

- Listen guys, if I don’t do this, innocents will die, if we still had Kid Flash, we could make it, but, no offense Bart, but you’re useless.

- None taken.

He prepared to take off.

Cassie was crying again, she looked at Conner, approaching him.

- Conner…

She kissed him, the surprise kiss transformed into something more passionate.

When they stopped, Conner looked at her and said:

“ Thank you Cassie”

He then turned to us

“ Thanks guys, it was great”

We all cried and followed him going up. When he was high enough, I swear I saw him looking back at us, and waving a hand. Cassie fell on her knees, in one day, she had lost her mentor and her lover.

Superboy encountered the bomb head on. The heat delivered by the blast could even be felt here.

Robin was the first to speak. His radar indicated more soldiers.

- We have to go… more are coming…

I started to follow robin, but Cassie was still on her knees.

This is where Robin showed me his power of compassion, he went to her, they spoke a few minutes, then Cassie got up, picked me up, and we ran and flew as far away as possible.

We were heroes, we are now runaways.

I swear to god and to Conner’s memory… that we are going to avenge everyone, I can already feel the speed force coming back.

They are going to pay.

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