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Part 5: Deadshot.

I am Floyd Layton, Deadshot.

I was with the rest of the suicide squad, at Belle Reve, in our cells. At the moment, the team was consisting of King Shark, the unknown soldier, Harley Quinn, Black Spider , and me.

We were under orders, Amanda Waller’s orders. We sat in our cells all the time, until finally a mission was proposed to us. I say “proposed”, but the bomb in our neck was kinda forcing us to agree. But not this time. Whether or not I like the mission, I am getting the damn out. I surveyed the guards and the cameras. I figured there was a 4.5 minute time period where I was not watched. This was more than enough. I began by taking the plastic knife they give along with my dinner and a plastic fork.

To place the bomb without killing me, they had to open my neck, good thing I found the mark while touching the skin. My only hope lies in the resistance of the knife. I am going to open where they did six months ago. I do not have a mirror, I have to play it with my instinct.

The fragile blade is piercing my skin, blood is already pouring out. I hit something hard… there it is! The blade breaks, the knife is useless… I have to enlarge the cut, then place my fingers…. That’s it… slowly… I take the bomb out of my neck, and crush it with my foot. I am bloody as hell.

The signal is set off, a mission…

The guards come in to escort me, I could kill them right here… but I have a better idea.

We enter the reunion room. The whole team is here…but Waller isn’t…damn, here goes my plan, down the toilet…

The briefing begins.

We are told that superhumans are chased by the government. They tell us that we have a target. Deathstroke? They need the whole team to take down an old, useless, mercenary?

They add that Deathstroke took down Hawkman… which I don’t care about.

That’s where I come in. I shoot two of the seven guards in the room. I dodge a shot, shoot back, kick one of the remaining soldiers… and King Shark takes the rest, while Harley finishes the wounded. The unknown soldier does not move, nor does Black Spider.

I start speaking, telling them I can remove the bombs in their necks as I did with mine, but also that I need time, the gunshots must have been already heard and soldiers must be on their way.

They all look at me, Harley looks happy as hell, and sexy too.

- How much time?

That was the Unknown soldier, that’s strange, we both hate each other, but here he agrees to help me…

- 3 to five minutes per guy.

- You’ll have them.

He turns and walks towards the main door, opens it, loads his weapons, and walks further.

- Okay… who starts?

I start with King Shark. The size of the cut makes it easy, I take the bomb off under three minutes. We begin to hear gunshots. Then it’s Harley’s turn, it’s harder because she has a really thin neck, but I have practiced. The number of gunshots increases while I end my run with Black Spider.

We all get ready as a bloody soldier enters the room. Harley takes him to safety while I cover them. I ask Black Spider and King shark to take care of them, while I extract the bomb. I then hear an explosion, and I see the Spider running back at us, heavily burned.

The only members capable of fighting are Harley and I. we decide to gun our way out.

- Soldier? Can you take the Spider with you and follow us?

- Sure thing.

- Good, let’s move.

Harley throws a grenade and blasts the guy with the rocket. We find King Shark with one arm left, unconscious. Harley and I pick up a machine gun, we began to kill everything in sight. After our twentieth victim, we finally emerge in a hangar, where vehicles are parked. We have to wake the Shark up, then take care of his wounds and the spider’s burns. When we offer the Unknown our help, he turns it down and shows us our other two wounded.

We take a truck, an armoured one. We all get in and Harley begins her difficult work: saving a giant shark-man. The Spider refuses all kind of help, as well as the sodier. I pick up the remaining grenades and we throw them in the direction of the door. Loud explosion, we start the engine, and hit the hangar’s door. There is trouble ahead, two jets just took off. We park and unload fast. King Shark then takes the truck with his one remaining hand… and destroys a jet with one throw. The second jet starts shooting. We parked near the forest, a good place to hide from a jet fighter. Black Spider walks painfully behind us, I go back and help him. After a short run, we are behind cover.

I turn to them.

- Alright, now, we have to split up.

- Why is that?

- We make easy targets.

- Is there a place we can all meet?

- No, Waller knows all about our safe places.

- So what?

- We... have to split, and try not to contact each other.

- Can I come with you?

That was Harley… she may like me after all.

- sure, but we can only go by two.

I turn to the muscles of the team.

- Shark… be careful, you are too easy to find, so keep a low profile.

His tortured voice answers me with a “yes” even though I find this thing a monster, it seems I am attached to him.

- Spider…

We nod at each other while Harley bands his arm.

- Soldier…

- It’s been an honour.

This is the most surprising, we became almost friends…. Almost.

Harley gets up, announcing that the spider’s wounds are okay. I take her hand, and we start walking. The soldier and the spider are going east, the Shark goes north, and we go west.

We won't get caught... and they won't see us coming.

I used to be Floyd Layton… but now… there’s only Deadshot.

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